RPG List: Game & Character Ads for all.

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RPG List: Game & Character Ads for all.

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The world is changing, will you?
Schisms is on OC-only mature superpower game friendly towards a wide variety of interests set in New York City, New York in the year 2021. There's a fresh, new face leading the country, moving it toward a place of acceptance for mutants among mankind. Federal mandatory registration for mutants has recently been overturned, instead leaving it as a state issue. New York and California have removed mandatory registration, labeling themselves "Sanctuary States." There is a school being built in The Bronx that will be specifically for the education and training of mutants, better allowing them the ability to mix with society. There's even a small area nearby, labeled Shangri-La, which has steadily become known for it's prevalent mutant population.

Of course, nothing is truly that simple. With rumblings of two groups on opposing sides coming to light, a governmental black ops group of mutants, shady businesses trying to cure mutants, people just trying to live their lives, and political groups fighting on both sides, even Sanctuary States aren't entirely safe. It's only a matter of time before things come to a head. So, let us ask you...

On which side will you fall?

Game opens February 1
Writing meme’s/exercises posted oocly before game start!
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