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[01 Jul 2020|10:53am]


July AC )
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Animes watched [23 Jun 2020|06:56pm]

[ mood | bored ]

gleipnir #12:

In a hidden place, elena and other old friend from same cram school were discussing about an old friend from same cream school who was guarding a lot of coins. Flashback in the past, a few months back. The three of them with two girls and shuichi were close friends in a cram school. One girl Aki committed suicide and other girl honoka asked the alien to let her take over aki's look and identity. One friend mistook honoka of killing aki and killed her. Upon knowing the truth as well as of the alien presence with shuichi and others, he was devastated. Present day, Clair was checking the old cram school when shuichi shot the only surviving enemy elsewhere.

hozuki no gekokujou shisho ni naru tame ni wa shudan s2 #12 (finale):

The head priest punished the bully knight into showing myne how to purify the land. Myne demonstrated her strong mana. Later head priest synchronised with myne's memory and learned her life before becoming myne. He told the senior knight to adopt myne.

shironeko project zero chronicle #12 (finale):

Dark prince learned that the dark king plotted to destroy the both kingdoms. By the time he defeated his opponent and rushed to iris, she had maximise power of rune to destroy everything and was falling. Dark prince defeated the dark king but the world was destroyed.

[21 Jun 2020|07:54pm]

Yesterday [info]nybynight became officially open for its first month/4 weeks. And I just super pleased with how everything is going. Everyone has been great in not only being active and great writers but being willing to jump in and help with plot and the game in general.

Also, I'm back to having multiple scenes/logs to tag and I'm just the happiest little rper ever.

So if you're looking for an OC game with active players who actually write and that has an active plot then come check the game out. Also, you know, it's vampires so why wouldn't you want to? While it is a VtM game, you don't need to be familiar to play. After all, all the information you need to play is provided. And players are always happy to give connections/lines!
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