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Warm and Fuzzy Box [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:45 am]
Wanna leave a bit of encouragement? Here's the place to do it! Comments are not screened and are very much appreciated.
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Suggestion Box [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:44 am]
Suggestions for improvement? Leave it here. Comments are not screened.
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Question Box [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:43 am]
Leave your questions here! Please check the F.A.Q. before you comment, though. Comments are screened.
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Staff [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:41 am]
I am presently looking for staff!

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F.A.Q. [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:28 am]
Frequently Asked Questions.

I don't see anything but mod-posts about rules and things? What's going on?
All the mixes are friends-locked. You will not be able to see them until you join the community. Joining the community is easy-peasy. Merely go to [info]rpfanmix's profile page and select 'join'.

May I join to lurk the community?
Yes, of course you may. I would, of course, love for you to contribute - but if you want to hang out and see how things are done first before you start working on a mix or ten, then that's cool too. Whatever makes you happy, so long as we get more members. The bigger the numbers, the cooler our community gets, right? Right.

Do you have an example mix?
Yes, I do. It has all the basic requirements following the posting format right here. (Remember, you must be logged in and a member of the community to see it.)

I have loads of free time and I like moderating communities - can I help?
Fill out the brief application form over at the Staff post and the maintainer will get back to you.

Where can I find music for my fanmixes?
Try your CD collection! If that fails, there are other less than legal means.

Where can I upload music?

How do I convert my music files into mp3?
I know you can do it through itunes, which is how I do mine. As for other programs, you might have to try the good old fashioned google search.

Do the music files HAVE to be mp3?
No. You may upload m4a or wma, but please remember that not everyone will be able to download these files. Please do not upload m4p. Why? It's a waste of time. That's the file extension for protected music files downloaded through the iTunes store.

I can't choose between songs, can I post for help?
No. This is a mix-only community. You may only post finished fanmixes here.

I have a really awesome fanmix all about Wolverine - but it's not based on a game, can I post it anyway?

I have a really awesome fanmix that's not about one character or game specifically, but a tribute to a number of games/characters. Can I post it?

How on earth do your subject lines work?
I'm in the process of figuring that out. Follow the rule of:
Fandom - Subject - Title of the Mix

and if it's an EP, tack [EP] onto the end of that.

If you're really lost? Post over at the Question Box and someone will get back to you.

If you get it wrong, we'll either reject and tell you why - or allow you to post but comment to ask you to fix it up, in which case - fix it up immediately!

What about tags?
Don't worry about tagging. A moderator will come along and sort that all out for you. If, however, you've figured out how the system works, you may tag. If in doubt - it's fine if you don't.

I have a community similar to this one. YOU STOLE MY IDEA!
As far as I'm concerned, to me, this community is a spin-off from what I love over at fanmix. I didn't see anything like this anywhere I looked across insanejournal.

I have a community similar to this one. CAN WE AFFILIATE?!
Yes!!! Post over at the Question Box and I'll add you to the community profile.

I recieved an invite to join. Are you STALKING ME?
No, I am not. I sent out invitations based on the usernames that came up when I searched via mutual interests. I don't know who you are and you are free to reject the invitations are you please. If you happen to recieve more invitations even though you keep rejecting them, I'm really, really sorry! Let me know and I'll remember not to put in your username again!
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Posting Format [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:27 am]
A failure to follow the posting format will result in a rejection from the moderation queue.

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