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October 22nd, 2011



[No Subject]

I'm new to this community, I have come over from Myspace/Roleplayer.me where it seems as if things are done differently- completely. I have a few questions as a new member here. I have browsed pages and the like but, these are just to be sure I've got the right idea of things.

What is a PSL? How does it work?

A celeb community- do you play in character of the celebrity? I've seen others talk to other celeb roleplayers who, not to my knowledge, the real celebrities have no association with. How does that work?

For examples, what should you have? Where I come from we use the terms 'para', 'multi-para' and 'novella' when it comes to our writing and the length of it/the type of samples we have.

What should a first post be like exactly?

I see in some comms. it's necessary you have AIM- for in character purposes, correct?

What does it mean to intro?

What is it to thread?

What is faux-celeb?

I'm sorry if these are a lot of questions/pretty obvious. Half of these terms I've never even heard of before. Any help would be so very much appreciated and, thank you to whoever responds in advance.



Random Image Grabber


Refresh this page and this image will change to a random pick of nine images.

The first thing you need to do is rename all of your files of the same file type to be a file prefix (optional) followed by a incrementing number. Then, upload them to a directory online the preserves the file name (Photobucket, FileDen, etc.) Finally, use the following code to fetch the random image script which will return the URL of a random image.

The Code

YOUR_DIRECTORY → the directory where you've uploaded your image files
YOUR_FILE_PREFIX → the prefix you've put on each file (optional)
YOUR_BEGINNING_NUMBER → the lowest/highest number in your series of images
YOUR_ENDING_NUMBER → the highest/lowest number in your series of images
YOUR_FILE_EXTENSION → the file extension on your files

What can you do with this? Well, my purpose for it was to make a header on a journal that changes every time you refresh. You can see an example here, but I'm sure you can find oodles of other uses for the trick. Have fun! If anyone wants the actual PHP script file, let me know in the comments.

Questions/Feedback? Leave a comment to this post.