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January 13th, 2010


Another way to advertise your game!

Advertising a game is always the thing - how do you get your game to stand out from the crowd more? As some of you are probably aware, Hollow Art, as well as being a great place for people to go and get icons, bases and layout from, also offers a free game advertising service here, where you end up with an ad that looks something like this, but which also has a preview image (something like this) which desplays in two places. Firstly, the two latest ads to display are always shown on the front page (the length of time those ads stay on the front page depends on how many new ads are submitted) and also every ad on the site rotates through being displayed on the side bar - so every time someone reloads the page, or goes to a new page, then a new game pops up!

What's more, for those people willing to give Hollow Art some time, they're currently looking to do indepth interviews with game mods. This really gives mods a chance to talk about their game and is a great advert for their game and why people should look at them, rather than the other games out there. They publish the interviews on the front page and they automatically go out to anyone who has an RSS feed following the Hollow Art site - meaning that your game is guaranteed to reach people, even if they don't happen to be looking at the site! Sure, it takes a bit of time, but the interviewer has a soft touch and a sense of humour and it's an approach that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. You can sign up to be interviewed here (though you need to be a Hollow Art member before you can sign up).

EDIT: We have just received feedback from our first hollow_art interview from the mods of the subject game. Aparently they received several new players from th exposure, plus their existing players were thrilled to see their game highlighted that way and it's really given the entire game a boost!