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30th October 2017

distressedlace3:29am: Name: Lee
Age (OVER 18): Somewhere between 35 and 30.
Fandoms or themes you enjoy writing: I love playing Black Butler, SNK, Fight Club, Death Note, Sherlock and other characters. All the themes are dark or anachronistic... a lot to do with gaslighting, partners in crime, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, older/younger, setting is loosely based on Lolita, the 1970's through the 1980's. I like writing about gay and dark morality. I'm not a big fan of happy endings!
Characters you play (a short description of original characters, if original characters): I've played Tyler Durden, House MD, Patrick Bateman, Brian Slade, other bandom people for a while (no more), obscure faces. My original characters are Victor Song, a trans, gay Korean pop star hiring a punky, harsh girl to write his lyrics. I also play him as a nervous, closeted, shy bartender in a community having to do with supernatural elements and a circus.
Gender and Sexual Orientation: Male and possibly grey-ace, demisexual or ace. Gay for the most part, but honestly, a top is a top and I feel more... homosexual but panromantic these days. Trans men are very welcome, as are non-transphobic LGBTQ men. I'm even considering transmasculine people or non-binary tops.
Pictures (OPTIONAL):

And one more. )
Things you'd like your date to role play (ie. het, slash, canon, noncanonical, fandoms, themes, kinks, plots):I love ABO dynamics, BDSM, dub-con, pet play, gender queer, trans or gay characters, dark lines (kidnap, torture, sociopathy, violence, love under fire, so to speak, addictions, hospitals, supernatural).
Contact information: Please PM me or reach me on my contact post or discord 'smolandsavage#5261'. Thank you!
Are you open to a long-distance relationship? I could be if their goal was to move to Los Angeles or the West Coast. I prefer relationships with partners close to me, but I'm not ruling it out.

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Anything else you'd like to tell potential partners? I really would rather not date anyone under 26, I'd rather date older and would like to date tops, strictly. Which does not mean I'm a pillow princess.
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