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December 4th, 2011

RP: Beaches, Witches and Werewolves

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Title: Beaches, Witches and Werewolves / Scene 1
Who: Alessandra 'Les' Morgan (25/26) & Cade
Where: Outside of San Francisco, CA - the beach!
Date: Friday; June 24th, 2011 -- 2:35 p.m.
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Or rather - werewolf meets witch and witch meets werewolf. Ah, true love.
Rating: IDK

Les absolutely loved her job.

Taking on freelance design jobs allowed her to keep her Friday's free to what she wanted or for some research. Going to the beach had been one of the best research jobs she'd had. So while she was relaxing, she was also working and taking in what the beach was saying to her, what the people were wearing, what they were saying and maybe more importantly, how they were saying it.

Of course the guys were at work and would be for another three to four hours but at least she'd have some time to herself before the races tonight.

Les sat up on the beach towel and smoothed some lotion onto her skin.

June 24th, 2009


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Date: Wednesday; June 23rd, 2004

Ah summer...

A time where we can barbeque outside, swim, race, play sports and do all sorts of outside activities.

Only this summer i've been working at the shop with the guys, swimming, eating and then sleeping and repeating the process. Except on Fridays when we do races and course girls night when Abby and I try to have a girls night where we watch movies, eat junk food and just get to hang out together. I also have the times when I get to just hang out with Scott by myself which I really like. I have yet to bring up my question to him but soon I will. Maybe on the 4th of July I can do that. Abby keeps pushing me to do it soon so maybe the 4th is when I'll do it.

Hopefully he doesn't freak out or turn me down.

Nothing knocks down a girls ego more than her best friend turning her down.

That'll be a fun one.

I want to go play on the swing sets now - too bad I couldn't cut out early but lucky me, i'm on phone and desk duty this week.

Alright I'm done now. I should be working.

Lucky for me, while I get desk duty I also get to choose the music that plays in the front office. Ah I'm sure people just love the music I choose.

people like us
know how to survive
there's no point in living
if you can't feel alive

we know when to kiss
and we know when to kill
if we can't have it all
then nobody will

June 14th, 2009

Update on our lives

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Yes, yes, I know, it's been a long time, but I've been so busy! We took a break from traveling so I could finish all the details for the wedding. Yep, I'm finally getting married! Who would've thought *teases*. No, but Adonis and Jason proposed on Valentine's Day in Paris *sigh* It was beautiful and we'll leave it at that *wink*.

But we were back in Cali so the guys can do some racing, I can plan, Piper and her mates can do their thing, and yea, all that *grin*. Also, Max and Mars are loving us being home even though we had them at the London house while we were traveling. I'm happy to be back home too, I forget sometimes how tiring traveling can be, though it was a LOT of fun to show the guys places we've been. Especially for Piper when she showed them some of the haunted places. She of course did get a kick out of them being scared *grin*, but they got her back for it.

I don't think we'll be back traveling until after the summer. After my wedding, my mates and I will be on our honeymoon (mm now if only they'd tell me! But I've got some yummy stuff planned that they don't know about) for a month or so, and Piper and her mates will be taking their honeymoon. I think it's a month as well but two months is sticking in my head. It'll probably be that long too with the way Dom is *grins*, not that Piper will ever complain about that. I think the guys will probably open their businesses back up, do summer racing, and all that. Piper and I still plan to check on them at least once a week while we're gone.

Hum, what else? *thinks* I could tell you what I have planned for my wedding. Well some of it *grin*. It's a beach wedding and we'll do it here at the Cali house. Much easier. We'll have the reception here as well. My mates will look hot *sighs dreamily* Mm ahem *clears her throat* Where was I? Oh yes, the wedding, what it looked like, not how the mates look *wink*. I'll just leave it at a beach wedding and I think that pretty much explains it *grins*.

My mates are waking up and I'm pretty sure I'm suppose to be in bed with them *grin* See ya!

Ah Friday nights...

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Okay, so no updates last night, I know.

I was doing so well on this whole posting thing but my Friday's are usually busy anyway so I'd expect no updates from me until Saturdays.

What keeps me busy, you ask? Good question.

See, my friends and I run some races outside of town. They're hugely popular and one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. I've always loved the feel of adrenaline running through my body as the speedometer climbs higher while maneuvering my car around to where I want it go go.

Also, I get some good money by racing against some of the guys so that's a plus. It helps when there's something I want to pay for myself and not bother the guys with. :) I like being able to pay for some things by myself.

I plan on buying season 1 of House when it comes out. God that show makes me laugh...

Alright, this was a whole bunch of nothing but guess that's how it goes sometimes, yeah?

I do truly wonder how long it'll be before any of the guys wind up finding this journal.

Ah well, worse things could happen.


Drivin' down the street one night, just the girls and me.
We've cruised this town so many times it's the hottest place to be.
A car pulls up beside us as the redlight turns to green.
He's revin' up his engine lord it sounds like a mean machine.
But i took him by surprise with my good old chevrolet,
And when the race was over he didn't have too much to say.
But by the look that he was wearing, he'd changed his attitude.

June 9th, 2009

Just a girl

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I have a journal already that I write in when I'm upset so we'll see how long this lasts but I figured, why not? You want to know a little about me? I guess I could tell you.

∞ My name is Alessandra Les Morgan. If anyone calls me by my full name, it's because they're mad at me typically. Totally not a trouble maker though - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

∞ I'm seventeen years old and going to be eighteen in October so I can't wait! It's not twenty one and I won't be allowed to drink legally yet but that's alright, it's still a big point in life and I drink anyway. Ah yes good times.

∞ I don't live with my parents. I live with my best friends who mean more to me than my parents did. Maybe one day I'll tell the story but for now, that's all I feel like saying. My best friends are my family - they're my big brothers and my sisters. We protect each other to the end.

I guess the biggest thing on my mind currently is what am I going to do once I graduate. I mean, yeah I could work at either the tattoo shop that Austin and Blake run. I could work with Don and Ricky and the guys at the auto shop, they need someone around them to keep things organized or help with cars and I'm pretty handy with a wrench. But a part of me just wants to branch out and do something else. Least I know I can change my own oil, I can fix a flat, I can change a radiator out and install a new fan on any of my cars should things go out - and if I do need help, I know just who to call - those are lessons I'll forever take with me but I just want to do something else now. I want to find something I enjoy and see if I can make that into something I can do for a living. You know? Maybe you don't know, hell sometimes I don't know.

There are times when I am not at all confident in where I'm going or what I'm doing.

I can't help but feel as if I'm going to always be stuck in this moment of time, not knowing what I'm doing, where i'm going or what I feel.

Alright, I'll end this teen!angst entry now.

Maybe I'll write back and maybe I won't.

I'll leave you with this...

Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?

June 7th, 2009

It only took six months...

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So, it only took more than six months but I finally managed to get ONE closet cleaned and sorted through. I took all the clothing and shoes and accessories that I stopped wearing and were just laying around collecting dust to the shelter that I had brought other items to in the past (Dom, do you remember that?). I also took Jordan's as well since she's been a bit busy with her mates and her wedding coming up. The people at the place were very welcoming and grateful to have the donations and I'm just happy that they can go to people who need them and want them.

I've started thinking about it lately, more often than not, that I want to start helping out charities and people who help kids - especially kids from homes that were like Jordan, Jason, Scott and my homes as we were growing up. We were lucky to have Don and Ricky and the rest of the guys around to make sure we were becoming the men and women we could be. Most kids however, don't have the same privilege that we had and I want to help out as much as I can. I know I don't have the time to really devote to it but I hope that by using the means that I have available in my disposal, I can at least help in some way - mostly anonymously.

This is just a small update to let everyone know that yes, we are still alive and kicking (and screaming and pulling hair in some cases), and we'll be back before you know it.

Good things are to come in the future.

October 24th, 2008

RP: A boring Saturday (or Friday as the case may be for me...)

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Who: Piper, Jordan, any of the muses
Where: Hm...a park or someplace fun!
When: Afternoon-ish
Status: Incomplete / OPEN
Summary: Just interaction on a boring Friday (don't think that should be allowed. Fridays are about FUN and FUNNESS)
Rating: ...depends on the couples and the people involved.

Piper watched the guys play basketball at the court and grinned. It was nice when they had times like these. They were back in the states for a little while which meant races on the weekends and hanging out with friends as much as they could. While she loved traveling - she also enjoyed being at home and being in their own bed(s). She looked around the park before relaxing on the bench, it had been a nice idea to come out and enjoy the weather.

October 17th, 2008

Private: New Business

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I finally did it.

I bit the bullet and did it.

I know Scott said that I could have an office in the back of the house as my office for my new company but, and call me insane, I managed to find myself a cute little office building close to the house. It has enough room as it stands for my office and a meeting room and a conference room...and whatever else I will need.

I got a good deal too since the guys knew someone.

It's something I've been needing to do for myself and I did. I did it all myself and all they did was supply me with the number...and probably knowing them, supplied a bit of the money or deals.

I'm not sure, but I have a scratch the whole 'doing it myself' thing.

The point of this is to tell you that I now have my very own office building.

I'm putting in my two weeks notice at Sony - although they did offer me a raise and a promotion considering the circumstances in which happened weeks ago.

Am I happy? I'm as happy as I can be right now.

I've emailed Vindictive, Moral Simplicity and the other bands I've been in contact with to tell them of my decision (although both main bands know already) and gave them my contact information if they should like to be changed over to my small business. It's going to be a long and hard road, but I can do it.

I will do it - even with a baby on the way.

Private: A Late Night Dream

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Who: Logan (and Les)
Where: Logan's Bed
When: Morning...ish
Status: Complete/Private
Summary: Logan has a naughty dream about his favorite ex-girlfriend. Good times...
Rating: R/NC-17

Late night dream - NC17 )

July 25th, 2008

Who are you?

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Who am I?

You should know this, I'm only the most awesome person ever. Geez...

No seriously, I am.

Okay so maybe not ever but I am pretty damn awesome.

In all honesty, I'm Jason Cummings - a resident of the state of California and now an explorer and keeper of memories.

I'm also a witch? Wizard? What do you call male witches? I have the power of fire and ice, which I suppose is contradictory but that's me.

I'm also a mate to Adonis Counts and Jordan (or as I call her, Abby) Davings.

Hm, that's really about it.

I am who I am and I wouldn't change it for the world.

July 22nd, 2008

RP: A time for contemplation...

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Who: Les, Pancakes, Scott and wittle-baby inside her
Where: Scott's Scott and her House (The Awesome House or so she has deemed it)
When: 10:20 a.m
Summary: Too much thinking leads to headaches
Status: Complete-ish / Private
Rating: Safe

Les relaxed back on the couch with Pancakes on her chest. It had been a few days since Scott had given her the bunny and she decided that she would start to pet him and give him as much attention as she could at least.

She had gotten up early once again to morning sickness and it was needless to say that she couldn't wait till that part of the pregnancy would be over. She didn't like being sick at different parts of the day. She already was craving various different foods that she normally wouldn't eat, ie: BBQ and lemon mirangue pie, it was only a wonder what she would crave next.

She closed her eyes some and thought about how much had changed in the past year as her hand slid over Pancakes' head. Just this time last year, Scott and her had their "relationship", she was working, he was working, she was living at home, he was living wherever the road and jobs took him, she would see him a few times out of the year and most of the time he was gone - that part, she was happy had changed. They had went from being 'lovers' to 'boyfriend/girlfriend' to being fiance's in a matter of months. They had also went from living apart to living together in a matter of a couple of months as well.

Les was happy with all the changes, even if a part of her was a little scared at how rapidly everything had seemed to changed. She knew there would be more changes in store - body, mind and spirit - in the next eight to seven months especially but she could handle them. She was strong, and if she wasn't she probably wouldn't be here right now. If she hadn't grown stronger from her past dealings with whatever the Logan thing was, she probably wouldn't have been able to deal with the relationship Scott and her had previously.

She had everything she had wished for when she was growing up. She had a good job she loved doing and was in the process of building up her own business, she had family and friends who supported her and loved her, she was independent and knew even if things got hard, she could make it through anything and that's what she's always wanted.

Les smiled, yes she was very content with everything in her life. She knew things would be different as the pregnancy went on and after the baby was born but she was ready. She knew Scott and her would try to take out time for themselves, or at least hoping they would while also giving their child the support and love that he/she needed.

There was so much to be done, doctors appointments, wedding details, baby details, business details, Scott's business much to think about and do - she wasn't sure how it was all going to be done. She knew they would though, everything always managed to get done. It would take time and nothing had to be done right now, so there was a bright side of that. She just needed to relax and not let herself get too stressed out. She heard stress was bad for the baby and she didn't want anything to harm him/her.

Les cleared her mind and focused on her breathing while petting the soft bunny who was shifting on her chest. She opened her eyes some and watched him with a soft smile. "Do you want to be put down, little one?" she asked softly while rubbing his ears. His nose twitched as he looked around then settled on her chest again. She smiled and rest her head back on the arm of the couch again.

Les wondered when Scott would be back from his appointment and hoped it would be soon.

July 20th, 2008

Guess it's about time to start using this, yeah?

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For years we've heard about this wonder that is "blogging" and now Danielle and myself have finally started to use it.

Not honestly sure how much it'll be updated considering what our days usually tend to end up being but you never know I suppose.

Let's see, we're both really old (that's all you'll get from us), strong willed (runs in the family), strong magic users (some of the strongest), and we're pretty hot if we do say so ourselves, for our age anyway.

We're not pretty popular around here anymore so we don't expect anything in the form of comments or messages. Can't be popular everywhere, I suppose.

Anyway, Danny and I will probably take turns posting so next time you'll hear from her. Until then, I'm signing off. There's work to do.

-Courtney (and Danny!)

Guess it's time to give into temptation...

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So I finally decided after a few months of debating, to get myself one of this journal things.

The upside? I'll get to bug Jordan and Adonis as well as Les, Scott and Dom.

The downside? Not sure how much I'll really use this thing.


Let's see, a little about me...

My name is Jason (J-A-S-O-N, and I'm a meth addict sorry intervention time) and I am nearly immortal thanks to my wonderful mates and Piper (or Les as most of us still like to call her).

Let's see...I love racing (awesome at it if I do say so myself), working on cars, getting the traveling bug so i'm starting to love traveling I like hanging out with our friends, playing sports and video games.

Guess that's all I really have to say right now. I'll post again probably when I get the hang of this thing better. We'll see.

July 19th, 2008

My future according to this...

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Ha, so once I saw Piper do this, I really couldn't resist *grins*

So here it is, and awww I don't mind this future *teases with a grin*

Click! *grins* It's interesting )

RP: Her muse had left her for greener pastures

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Who: Piper, Jordan, Dom, Adonis...others maybe?
Where: Majestic, then wherever...
When: 12:01 p.m.
Summary: the mun is bored Who knows really, what was a girl to do when she was just a little bit bored?
Status: Complete
Rating: PG

Piper stared at the blinking cursor then blinked before she sighed reluctantly.


Absolutely nothing.

Everything she had tried didn't seem to work. Music didn't work. Just typing anything that came to mind didn't work. It seemed that her muse had left her for greener pastures or at least a sandy beach with fruity drinks that had umbrellas. That sounded good actually. She shook her head from the thought and closed down the document before shutting her laptop.

It was quiet at Majestic today, least so far it was. She was sure it was only a matter of hours before the guys would start waking up and moving about. She had gotten up early to see if she could possibly write at all but after a few hours of staring at the screen, checking her email, drinking coffee, staring at the screen, going out for a jog and then staring at the screen again - she had started to realize she should have just stayed asleep.

Piper shook her head and stretched her legs out. "I shouldn't have bothered waking up so early," she muttered to herself.

Piper's "Future" According to MASH

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Looks like we're living in the wrong country, loves )

Prompt 12: Cooking

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I like cooking. It’s fun when you get to try new recipes out or just try something new all together. I’ve learned a lot from my mate, Adonis; course, he does more cooking than I do which some of his new recipes for the restaurants are sooo good *sigh*.

I’m pretty good at cooking, love baking the most or making Italian dishes.

A really great thing about cooking is when you do it with someone else. It’s always so much fun and it’s a way to bond as well. I love cooking with any of the guys, my mates, and Piper. Course, sometimes those end up in food fights *grins* but those are fun to do.

Prompt: What do I want?

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Originally, I was going to write that I have everything that I could want right now.

I have...
A) A fantastic fiance who is everything I've ever wanted in a man; strong, loving, caring, protecting but who understands my stubborn, independent needs, creative, handsome, a great lover...I could go on and on but you get the picture.

B) A beautiful baby on the way.

C) A beautiful new bunny named Pancakes who said fiance gave me last night as a surprise and that I've been looking at every time I go by the pet store. I love him already; so cute and soft...

D) Fantastic friends who have been through a lot with me and who stick by me.

E) A great job that I like to do

The only thing that I want and I know I can't have is for a certain someone to leave me alone. He knows who I'm talking about.

That's all I currently want. I know in another year I'll probably want a couple of nights alone with Scott but for now I'm content with what I have.

July 18th, 2008

RP: Surprise at home

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For who: S and Les
Where: Home; Orlando
When: 3:50 p.m.
Summary: He couldn't wait to give her her surprise. It was something she had been wanting every time they passed the shop.
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13

He checked on the baby rabbit in the cage and smiled, seeing it was asleep. After Les and him had ate, he had went back to the pet shop and bought the white bunny with the gray on top of its head. He'd then bought the necessary supplies for the bunny, like bowls, food, and such. Then he had splurged on toys, a carrier, a leash, a bed thing, treats, some fun places, grooming stuff, and more. The man at the pet shop had even said the rabbits were liter trained which he was so glad for, so he had gotten a liter box as well. He didn't really care that he had spent quite some money because to see the look of surprise and hopefully happiness was all worth it.

Glancing over at the clock, he checked the time. She should be home soon. Dinner was going, her favorite, and dessert was in the fridge, ready to go.

Prompt #43: Reasons you do the job you do.

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Which job shall we talk about?

Being Queen of Hell?
I do that job because it's just a part of who I am. It's helped shape me to who I have become in the past couple of years. It's brought me closer to Dom and a little bit closer to Adonis (though he and I aren't likely to admit it). Plus, what girl doesn't always dream of being a princess and someday queen?

My job as a future CEO/Owner of Nano?
I've enjoyed my job as an international relations rep and consultant for the past five or more years, and slowly built a professional relationship with my boss. I'm glad that once he retires he trusts me enough to take over his company. I do it because I really honestly enjoy it...well...minus the stupid people that I come across and who don't know how to do their jobs.

I typically do my jobs because I do honestly like them - least most of the time. Yes, both of them require a lot of time, but I've started to get ahold of this time management thing.

I always did enjoy being busy...
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