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Jan. 9th, 2015


Bruce W

[Locked to Bruce W]

I haven't heard any of Eddie's crappy music in the Watchtower lately.



[Unintentionally wide open, handwritten and framed by charred marks on the page.]

this whole thing where I keep losing siblings, it can stop anytime.

[ETA: After this. Locked individually to Harry O and Peter P.]

Hi. I don't think you know me, but I know Gwen.

Dec. 12th, 2014


Eddie N, Sara L

[Eddie N]

Should I send a card? Is this send a card time?

[Sara L]


Nov. 7th, 2014


public, dc heroes, dick grayson

[As Anon]

I was wearing something incredibly small and tight, we decided to say to hell with it in a booth, and rudely interrupted by the hotel.

[As Donna T]

[Locked to DC Heroes/Batfam/JLA (everyone, okay)]

Everyone get out okay?

[Locked to Dick Grayson]

Well that was fun.


Sara L, JL+

[Comm to Sara L]

Ding, ding.


So we're looking a little light.


Public, Steph N, Bats+JLA-types + Green Arrow kids

[Not anon: who gives a crap about anon? Public]

Looking for Red. Find anything better on the menu eventually?

Blazer, hope it worked out in the end.

[Steph N]

So getting a load of someone else's shit, not exactly my idea of a party. You get on okay?

[Bats + JLA-types + Green Arrow kids]

Headcount of who's still in the land of the living?

Sep. 29th, 2014


eddie is 2spoopy

[Private to Stephanie N.]
[His journal is suddenly paper. Writing is very inky, almost like he's using a spooky, old pen.]

I'm going to be out of Gotham for a few weeks. Mac's dead and I think I'm a necromancer now? and I'm being trained. For. Things.

[Private to Muerte]

Do robots have- could you feel her spirit leave?

[bats, hal, sara, donna, supes seperately]

Hey, my mother box died. I won't be in the door for a while. I know it's been quiet, so hopefully Cthulhu won't rise while I'm gone.

Sep. 23rd, 2014


Gym: Hal J/Sara L

[Fight training was the first thing any Green Lantern learned when using their ring. Well, after the Oath. And how to charge their ring. And how to get to Oa. Okay so maybe it was number four, but it was the first thing any of them learned on purpose. The only thing was all of them had rings, and Sara didn't. Most of the fighting Hal did without his ring revolved around bar fights and the occasional dog fight - neither of which was going to help him here.

Not that he was worried. Hal didn't worry. He didn't brood and scowl or look stern. Right now, he looked like a regular guy, dressed in faded green sweatpants (clean) and a white UA t-shirt (new and fitted), duffel bag (with another set of clothes) knocking against the side of his calf. If they were going to go out to eat after - which was what he was hoping for - he needed that extra set. Manners, he had them lurking somewhere, even if he didn't have a giant mansion with a private gym to call his own.

They were missing though when it came to arriving anywhere on time. There were no clocks in space, only now and not right now, and if it wasn't for his phone telling him that he was five minutes late, he wouldn't have known at all. Groaning to himself, he jogged up to the gym and inside.

Maybe he'd be lucky and she'd be late too. Maybe.]

Sep. 18th, 2014


How are you in this fine day?

So this move to Gotham at least part of the time is happening, yes? Setting up shop? You'll notice I'm including myself in your plans. So don't design any new awesome Arrow Caves without me.

Sep. 15th, 2014



[Tess M.]
[A green, blinking question mark pops up in response to the knock, knock on the Watchtower's digital door. A black text box opens and in bright green blocky text:]


[Private to Bats, Supes, Lanternbro]

The Watchtower just got a friendly message from Tess Mercer. I think she's an ally and worth getting to know since she's apparently taken over LexCorp. And, yes, I talked my way into a tour. [He links to one of his copypasta'd profiles for Tess that he got whilst researching.]


damian has priorities

[Private to Batfam/JL and Holly R.]

I'm blowing up the zoo this weekend.

Sep. 6th, 2014


Public + Sarah

[Public to DC]

So was the front page splash intended or a lovely side effect of being amazing?

[Locked to Sara L.]

Are you okay?

Sep. 4th, 2014


batfam+/JL+, selina k., steve r.


Ra's is in custody. I know we're all busy with clean up, but a long-term solution is needed. A normal prison is out of the question.

[locked to selina k.]


[locked to steve r.]

Ra's Al Ghul has been apprehended. Water and power are back on. You can let your people know.

Sep. 2nd, 2014


Sara L

[Isolated comm to Sara L]
[While he's doing a very flashy patrol.]

Beep, beep.

Aug. 29th, 2014



[In short, flicked-pencil lack of cursive:]

You take off one night and they switch out the lights. Anyone want to tell a girl what the hell happened to our city?

Aug. 28th, 2014


batfam/JL/+, supes, barbara g., lois l.

[batfam/JL/+ lock.]

Eddie is going underground to look for water and electricity. Anyone who'd like to go with him, let him know. In the meantime, Gordon and about thirty of his men are trapped in the GCPD building. Superman, I want you and Oliver to get them out and bring them somewhere more secure. One of the safe houses, or even Wayne Enterprises-- I have it secured. We can work on coordinating with the police then. Oliver, Ms. Lance is welcome to join you.

We still need to get into City Hall. That seems to be a base of operations, or at least one of them. As for the rest of you, where are your locations? We need people on the ground as well, in neighbourhoods. Any supplies you can find, anything at all, will help. People are going to need it.

[locked to superman.]

I want you to keep an eye on Oliver and Ms. Lance.

[locked to barbara gordon.]

We're sending people in to get your father and the others out. Can you patch the GCPD in to our frequency? We need open lines of communication.

[locked to lois lane.]

[As Batman.]

Hello, Ms. Lane.


Sara L, ETA: JL+ & Dick G

[Comm to Sara L]
[Before he goes to get them from Babs, just in case she already has one.]


[Locked to JL+ and Dick G]

So, Sara. Sara is going to meet us at Wayne Tower because was trained by Ra's. Not this Ra's.



[Everything is crossed out once all the power/water go out.]

Stephanie and I are going to take back our neighborhood and secure it the best we can. Luckily, ninjas aren't exactly crazy about drag queen shows, so they'll likely have less of a focus there. I'm going to set up generators, safe houses and emergency supplies and then fan out block by block. [A few GPS locations and passcodes for each.] These are four of my underground bunkers throughout the city. They have supplies, they're ninja proof and it's a safe place to stay at night if you need it. I'm also going to be working on sending out drones into the tunnels for quick surveillance.

How are we coordinating with the police? Superman? Can we get you in front of a camera somewhere? Everywhere? Ra's is trying to squash hope in this town and I fucking refuse.

fucking Ra's I've got a meeting tonight with some mob leaders to see if we can get some peace for a few nights and then me and the drones are going to look for some electricity and water. My safehouses [He reposts the information] have their own generators and I have a few around the city. If anyone would like to join me in the dark depths of Gotham, I'd be delighted.

[Private to Jason T.]

I need a favor.

Aug. 27th, 2014


batfam+, selina k., jim g.

[batfam+/dc heroes/etc.]

I've seen the news, I know what Ra's has been up to. Is Eddie What's being done? I'm afraid I'm out of the loop there.

[selina kyle.]

I'm sor [...] I'm fine.

[jim gordon.]


Aug. 24th, 2014


[Batfam+ And Justice League (sans eddie and bruce just in case again)]


How are our search parties?

Babs, is there a single neighborhood secure or close to it? We're going to need to take this bit by bit and in a concentrated effort with more than just our fists.

Is Superman here? Or did I imagine that?


How are you holding up? How is Eddie holding up? Would it help if I tried to talk to him, or make matters worse?

[Bruce W (just in case)]


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