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October 27th, 2015

[info]theblondebat in [info]rooms

destiny ; batfam+

[She returns home, blinking right back into her apartment where her pets have been fed and looked after, and that postcard is still waiting for her. Gotham, she can tell even now, is in shreds. To the journals she goes.]

[locked to destiny]

[Assuming:] Thanks for looking after them.

[locked to batfam+]

[A long cursor blink, and then:] Hi. I'm guessing I missed a lot.

[info]willpower in [info]rooms


I got someones shoe box full of junk. The chick is cute though if you like nerdy girls.

[info]detached in [info]rooms


[Anonymously.] Someone missing a bo stick?

[info]handlewithcare in [info]rooms

Public, locked: Wren H


I have someone's baby blanket and a stuffed animal, I'd like to give it back to where it belongs. Does anyone have

[Wren H]

Did you find your rings?

[info]sintokill in [info]rooms


It's really unfortunate when important things go missing and get sent all over the place to the wrong people. I've got something that doesn't belong to me, and am hoping that its as easy as tradsies to get something I'm missing back. But I'm guessing not.

Found: Lovely locket with pictures of lovely people.

Lost: Cheap gold band on an even cheaper chain, its a little scuffed and nicked, and the chain is something one might hang dog tags from. I'm super classy. If you try and hock it you'll get laughed at, word of warning.

[info]ex_perspecti86 in [info]rooms

Locked to Cris M

[After finding someone to help describe it to her.]

I've a necklace. A sun. It's very delicate and feels very nice. I'd like to give it back to whomever this belongs to.

[The public post disappears shortly after her conversation with Cris, locked down instead to only him.]

[info]heir in [info]rooms


[Posted anonymously.]

I have a book of love letters.

[info]ropes in [info]rooms


[After having dropped Zoe off at Cris', but before setting out for her meeting with Ian's demon spawn.]

A pickure allbum showed up in my male
Sumbody missing?

[info]bailarin in [info]rooms



Somebody's some kinda artist? I got a bunch of drawings show up in my apartment. Who's missing em?

[info]itshawkguy in [info]rooms

Marvel Update

[Hawkeye is seen around town doing crime fighting things as he does. This is not a big surprise. What's surprising are his sweet new pair of boots. They are cool and he is keeping them.]

[info]strikethose in [info]rooms


I believe I am in possession of someone's dog?