December 2015





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October 7th, 2015

[info]heir in [info]rooms

Barbara G

[After this; fighting hard against the poison, with just enough in him to lock—]

[Locked to Barbara G]
[He gives his location, that abandoned science building.]

quickly I cant

[Nothing more. He destroys his phone.]

[info]saltedand in [info]rooms

Quicklog: Faol, Penny, Bruce, Selina, Bucky (+Tony)

[Once the plans had been made, the cars came. Each was unobtrusive, sleek and gleaming and the interior smelled like upholstery shampoo and money. The ride to the facility was two hours from the center of Manhattan: long enough to be out of the way of tabloid journalists and scandal, beyond the Hudson and the decimation of the laboratory that lay beneath the iron-grey water. From the outside, the building looked like a home. Modern by design but unobtrusive in a landscape mostly scattered.

The door refused to open other than to an iris-scan, the familiar holographic blue of Stark technology and it would admit only one at a time.

Upon entry to the building, it became rapidly apparent that this was not a home. To the right, what had once been the living room had been stripped out and replaced with a bed: the kind found in discreet and eye-wateringly expensive clinics in Switzerland. Tech surrounded the bed: screens that monitored for signs of life, the majority of which were quietly humming with no apparent significance. A drip hung above the bed, and a ventilator stood by.

The presence of medical staff - the kind who ran the equipment and attended to the man in the bed - was undeniably obtrusive. White coats, and they were within the place. Not by the bedside currently, but Pepper was. There was no press-release to explain absence, but the press were now used to Tony disappearing frequently for unexplained periods and Pepper could run whatever was required from whatever location was required. It was easier than she had thought it would be.

She wasn't business-meeting appropriate now. She was black on black and she sat in the sort of low chair drawn up to hospital bedsides all over the world, except this looked as if enough money had been spent to make it comfortable.]

[info]pyrrhicvictory in [info]rooms

You know when you love someone but you also kinda wanna choke the stupid out of them?

But they're so fucking stubborn they'd probably die before giving it up?

[info]sybarite in [info]rooms

locked to peggy c.

[Locked to Peggy C]
You don't know me, but I'm supposed to give you something.

[And after this.]
[Locked to Gwen S]
Tell me you got out of there.

[info]sybarite in [info]rooms

narrative: marvel, harry osborn

Who: Harry Osborn
What: A return to 20 and return of memory.
When: Fuzzy timeline is fuzzy.
Warnings: Nada.

He remembered everything. )

[info]strikethose in [info]rooms

[lock to sam a, cris m]

[After this.]

[...] Hello.