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July 4th, 2015

[info]detached in [info]rooms

Flash T, Peter P, Tony S

[Voice to text, all from Hels. During this.]

[Flash T]

Hey there cowboy.

[Peter P]

Are you the same Peter with the spiderbots?

[Tony S]

I know you have her, where is she?

[info]competent in [info]rooms

[Dispatch: police radio] - Marvel NY

[The voice is steady] I need SVU and Homicide at a scene ASAP. Stone, Martín-Argüelles, you're showing up free.

[info]derelict in [info]rooms

Public - Ross, Martín-Argüelles, and S Alexander

[Public: Minus Graham and Penny Ross, Cris Martín-Argüelles and Shane Alexander. Some back and forth, but ultimately Clem left on.]

[It's not pen and paper. The page in the journal (which has become, helpfully, thicker and more like sugar paper than notebook paper) is layered over with paint, slowly. Acrylic, slow so as not to soak through and blur the lines. It's careful but not-careful. Blocks of color, primary and secondary, and it tilts from the perspective of being very small on the bottom of a street. Vegas, this time - through a door, where the Strip still exists and the lights spark. It's more like street art pinned down on paper than fine-work, untutored and messy. Pay-day has hit, and there's enough of his own money for paint and brushes.]

[info]brother in [info]rooms


Isn't this a charming little get-together.

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Narrative: Penny Ross

Who: Penny Ross
Where: Washington, DC, in a big white tent near the Federal Courthouse
When: The 4th of July, Ass Early in the Morning (Eastern Standard Time)
What: Debriefing

It wasn't natural for a place to be so God Damn Hot So God Damn Early in God Damn Morning )

[info]earhat in [info]rooms

Irene A.

Really, Madame, I can't think what would drive you to ground like a fox.

[info]head in [info]rooms

Ra's narrative

Who: Ra's with a little TJ
What: Confirmation and plans
Where: DC door, French countryside
When: Currentish
Warnings/Rating: Elusive bad things.

The computer printed it out in the language of relentlessly uncompromising statistical analysis. )

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Jules B )

Aubrey R )

Mingmei S )

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Irene & Sherlock

Who: Irene A and Sherlock H
What: Chess
When: Recently
Where: Penny Dreadful

More than this visible resurrection, Sherlock Holmes did not often enter society in years previous. He was welcome, welcome in the way performers and entertainments were welcome, but Society bored him, and he made that clear on multiple occasions )

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[locked to steve r]

[Someone has figured out how alerts work on the tablet.]

It's your [...] birthday today. On Independence Day. Happy birthday ?.

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Locked: Wren H/Evie S

[Wren H]

I got a job! A real one, with papers! And forms! And an ID card! At the Fire Department!

[info]chovahani in [info]rooms

Quicklog X Mansion: Something's wrong with Wanda

Who: Bucky B, Jean G, Wanda M and Billy K
What: Checking out the 'door'
Where: The X Mansion
When: Currentish
Warnings/Rating: Possibly violence, will update

Cut for length )