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June 28th, 2015

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A narrative and a delivery

Who: Alexander
What: Writing a letter
Where: Penny Dreadful -> Passages
When: Current
Warnings/Rating: Nah

Memories )

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Locked on the journals, also texts etc - Batfam+, and Hal

[Batfam +]

How about a little Perry Como?

[And then sent to autoplay on any electronic communication devices that are owned, and working at the time.... And also playing through the speakers in Wayne Manor. Dickie's back. In case anyone was wondering. There is also a rogue eight year old running around like she owns the place if you desire to find her and/or run into her for you Wayne Manor people who might be around.]

Spread joy up to the maximum

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Cris M, Louis D

[Locked to Cris M & Louis D, separately]

[After receiving this during one of her rare trips to the hotel.]

He's here.

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Penny Dreadful: news

[When the news comes, it is an inch of closely-crammed print reporting an Incident that took place the prior day. A gentleman (of Estimable Fortune) was strolling the back-streets of Seven Dials [EN: neither the editor of the publication nor the reporter question why so eminent a gentleman was frequenting the backstreets of an area notable for its proliferation of gaming hells, opium dens and prostitutes, a sad state of English journalism in the view of one woman] when he was set upon.

The ruffians, they were many, and they made away with his wallet and his watch - notable for the tooled silver back, and the initials engraved on the inside of the back-catch. A pretty piece, mother-of-pearl. That the gentleman was untouched save a minor headwound but indignant goes unquestioned also. A brief mention is made of his dalliance at an Establishment, but much to the ambivalence of the proprietor, no mention is made of where exactly he was. (All publicity, and that) That the watch turns up in a little shop off Covent Garden, notable for its casual approach to the provenance of the objects it sells, shortly thereafter, goes unreported.]

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Wanda M

[After not hearing from her.]

[Locked to Wanda M]

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Journal Entry as Song Mingmei

I have to say, so far, the Marvel world is much more my fit than Gotham and Metropolis ever were. Donna is amazing too!!

I'm offering Mandarin or Cantonese lessons to anyone who wants to learn too.