December 2015





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June 2nd, 2015

[info]muchworse in [info]rooms

[Bucky B, Sharon C, Tony and Selina (sort of, not really)]

[After a week without contact. He's stolen clothing and some food from a campsite he ran across several days earlier. Somehow, amazingly, his journal has remained in his pocket, even through size changes. Maybe a little worse for wear, but functional. And thankfully untraceable.]

[Bucky B (addressed to James B)]
I figure you're my best bet for honesty in how much damage I did. Property and people.

[Sharon C]
[He maybe also wants to pretend things are normal.]
Are you aware there are some places you can't get a decent burger?

[Tony and Selina]
I'm sorry for [...]
[Nothing posted. Yet.]

[Additions likely to come.]

[info]onerule in [info]rooms

jason t.

[After this.]

[locked to jason t.]


[info]roomsdreams in [info]rooms

Reveal - Revel


[info]hornsandhooves in [info]rooms

Who: Jack the Ripper Aron & Mina.
What: A meeting as planned for the relic he left behind.
Where: Penny dreadful door - Vauxhall Gardens.
When: At the agreed upon time. With much more to talk about, now.
Warnings/Rating: Mentions of gore.

i haunt the naked walls of this sad place )

[info]hornsandhooves in [info]rooms

Locked to Victor F.

Olde frend, I see you here.
Pardon me poore gramer, be I not a scholar as thee.
I had in mind to pay a visite, anon.
What say you?

Aron K.

[info]skinned in [info]rooms

Barbara G


Still up for some dancing?

[info]diamondring in [info]rooms

Locks: Flash, Clint, Steve

[Flash T]

I'm sorry to bother you boo, but your debrief paperwork is literally four lines long, three of which are redacted, and that can't be all of it. Can you tell me who actually talked to you so I can follow a real paper trail around here? Preferably the smelly one.

[Clint B]

It's my second day back and I'm down two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I know it isn't you, did you have an apprentice I need to put in a chokehold?

[Steve R]

I'm back on the clock. I'll let you know what I find out.

[info]deployed in [info]rooms

Narrative: Penny Ross/Phone Call: Penny R/Cris M

Who: Penny Ross (followed by a phone call to Cris M)
What: Narrative/Phone Call
When: The Day After This
Where: Penny's house!

There was a lousy connection )