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September 24th, 2014

[info]upintheclouds in [info]rooms

Phone Call: Dick G/Damian W

[phone call to Damian Wayne]


[info]riddlethem in [info]rooms

steph, selina

[Stephanie N.]
[Eddie leaves this and this on her desk. No note, just a question mark drawn on a post-it nearby.

[Private to Selina K.]

I haven't seen any cat ears around town in a long while.

[info]chovahani in [info]rooms

Steve R, Lady Avengers, selected BB mutants

[Locked to Steve R]

Charles and I spoke regarding the abductions of the pulse mutants. He has some information, but his people are moving quietly before Erik does anything rash.

Also, I have something personal I need to take care of. I don't know how long it will be, but I'll be in contact if there is any trouble.

[Locked to Lady Avengers]

I have something that's going to take me out of town, but when I get back, we should go on a cruise. All in favor, pack your bathing suits.

[Locked to BB Mutants: Billy K, Talia W, Kevin S.]

I'm going to be out of town for a few days. Everything is fine I hope and I will be reachable in an emergency.

[info]atrophy in [info]rooms

Call: Charles X, Preston R, Sharon C, Carol D, Avengers+/-, Bruce W

[After this.]

[Call to Charles X]

[Locked to Preston R]
Sorry about before. It [...] I had to [...] tend to things on short notice.

[Locked to Sharon C]
Home, Agent?

[Locked to Carol D]

[Locked to Avengers+: Banner, Stark, Thor, Romanoff, Barton, Drew, Danvers, Parker, Maximoff, Barnes, Carter, Torunn, & James]
I've been notified that Ms. Lyons, Crane's [...] accomplice, has gone [...] missing from federal custody. There is no footage or evidence of how she escaped, leading me to believe she didn't. That the hotel [...] was the cause. I'm working with the FBI, but there's no way to explain it to them. We may be expected to participate in or promote a manhunt.

[Locked to Bruce W]
Ms. Lyons is gone.

[info]labcoats in [info]rooms

public, the doctor

[Filtered to the Doctor]
I met Nikola Tesla.

Anyone have good tips for navigating the hotel doors?

[info]andjury in [info]rooms

Who: Jonathan Crane & Becky Lyons
What: A meeting in a dream
Where: Dreamland
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: TBD

He wasn't the same as he once was. )

[info]heir in [info]rooms

Sirius B

[After all the odd posts about the Harry Potter door.]

[Locked to Sirius B]
Oi, Black. Where are you?

[info]artisticthorne in [info]rooms

Shane A

[Text message to Shane Alexander]

My brother's back.

[info]roomsanon in [info]rooms

News: Gotham City Gossip Rags - and also legit publications

The tabloid papers are all a flutter when the Wayne Boys go out to play.

Club after club, bar after bar, the gents are well dressed and polite to the photography vultures at the start of the evening. Just a few shots here and there of Dick Grayson, Former Acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and now unemployed lay about (once again) looking much healthier and mobile than he has in the past - all that physical therapy he's been talking about must be paying off - accompanied by his little brother, and noted troublemaker Damian Wayne - in a clean shirt - enjoying a night out at a nice restaurant. To start.

After the restaurant the pictures become more and more amusing. No fights, no brawls, just a lot of clubbing, bar hopping, drinking, and at one point Damian informed the crowd of photographers that he got "fifteen numbers in there." Its a busy night for the Wayne heirs.

They're both chatty, even with the photographers, with the ladies, with people in general - especially the drunker they get. They wrap up with a cab out of the city around dawn after coming out of the back entrance of a VIP room at a nightclub, both looking a little worse for wear, somehow having lost their jackets and ties. And trying to come up with new words for the word "legendary."

[info]foretold in [info]rooms

SHIELD: Max, Sharon Luke, Thomas

Who: Max, Luke, Sharon, Thomas (+ Amanda)
What: Collecting a child, finding an ex
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: I have no idea

The last time Max saw Amanda, the little girl was wearing a tiara, playing with her timeturner, and bragging about the fireman boots that Brandon had somehow gotten requisitioned in her size. Max had left the child safe in her room, with every toy money could buy, and with no concerns about her safety. Even ending up back here hadn't altered that, because Amanda had always lived with her father. Max went from place to place, killing people for the government, and she was the nice parent that came home and crashed with Brandon every few months and ruined all the good parenting he spent a fortune on. Pizza instead of veggies, soda instead of organic juice, horror movies instead of bedtime. She'd never been a full-time parent. She had no idea how to be a full-time parent. That was Brandon's role, and she was illogically annoyed at him for not being here to do it.

Sure, she was worried, but that wasn't at the forefront right now. No, at the forefront was the fact that she'd never wanted this messed up fucking world for her kid, and yet Luke said Amanda was here.

The subway ride helped Max sober up from the drinks she'd been having when Luke messaged, and she swiped her way through all of SHIELD's security checkpoints in denim and a grey ARMY tee that had seen better days. At least Amanda was with Luke. Amanda was spoiled and sarcastic wit, and she never kept her mouth shut about anything. This wasn't a loving, sweet child, and she was even more difficult when she was scared, but Luke knew her well enough not to be offended; Max fully expected Amanda to have criticized everything in Luke's office by this point. But Luke was one of the few people the kid liked, so at least there was that.