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April 2019



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Apr. 6th, 2019



💕 Rules

Tagging Posts Please use the tags! We know ad comms usually don't utilize tags, but we really want to make it as easy as possible for you guys to find the kinds of romance lines you're looking for! You can find information on our tags here!

Post Security Please do not lock your posts. This is an open community. You may disable commenting on your post to the community if you'd prefer responses be on your journal, but please be courteous and make sure you have a post available to comment on and leave a link to it if you decide to disable commenting on the community post.

Etiquette Be civil towards one another. If you see something that you find problematic, please contact us with a link to the post or comment thread and we'll look into it.

Content We allow ads for all types of romance lines and pairings. Hate speech and ads for communities that are created with the intent to marginalize groups are not allowed on this community, and will be removed. Additionally, content created with the intention of sexualizing minors is also disallowed and will be removed. Regardless of sexual content, this is an 18+ community.

Kink We are a kink-friendly community; please do not post content intended to shame kinks that you don't want. There are nicer ways to say what you are and are not looking for than making someone else feel bad in the process. We are also asexual and fade-to-black friendly, so please put potentially explicit line info behind a cut.