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    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
    6:49 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: omg ooc
    (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. SORRY THIS KEEPS HAPPENING GUYS but I'm not going to be on IRC tonight to plot unless it's pretty late. I'll be here to post on the boards and in yesterday's post, but I doubt any new RP post is going up here until late tomorrow at the earliest since announcements on here take so long to type up and life just got busy for me. PM me on RC2 or here if you need to ask me about anything regarding my characters.)

    EDIT: HAHA WOW AND BAD SHIT MAY BE HAPPENING TO MY COMPUTER IF THERE'S NO UPDATE FOR A COUPLE DAYS THEN WOW I AM SO SORRY the current day is going to have a no-exploding grace period unless someone detonates a character's collar on purpose until I can figure this all out
    Monday, January 11th, 2010
    1:04 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Like cavemen fear thunder.
    There were people at his tower. Tobias felt a shiver of excitement. There were people at his tower and one had completed his first task. Oh, what Jamie did with the first aid kit would be most interesting to observe- whether he ran with it or helped that Abe fellow or was killed for it- but for some reason the simple though that they had found him gave him a thrill. They were close, very close, but not close enough to touch him. If he went downstairs, right now, he could be on the other side of the wall listening and they would never know he had been there. They could kill Jamie, leave his blood splattered on Tobias' tower, and he would never have to see or touch it to be close to it. There was some appeal in the idea.

    But no, not now. Now, Tobias had an obligation to his new friends to update them. He flicked the switch, the microphone and speakers whining to life. And some of them were so close to hear them. Tobias allowed himself to shiver again before speaking.

    "Good morning, friends. We didn't have a very productive day again, did we? We had only two deaths- Lotus bashed Amber Hughes in the head and left her bleeding to death, and then did terrible things in the blood. Didn't you, Lotus? Raped that boy Lucas Bishop, right in the blood of the girl he loved, mere days after he had lost his whole family? He took it very hard, didn't he? Taking Amber to the beach to put both of them out of their misery. How sad, isn't it?"

    "The first aid kit has been found. You can all thank Jamie Drake for taking it and leaving you without one. Ah, but he isn't out of the woods quite yet, is he? He still needs to run with it. You all wish him the best of luck, don't you? I'm certain you'll tell him once you see him."

    "I think it's time for another race. We can't let this contest get boring, can we? I think for a change of pace we'll make add the jungle back to our list of dead zones. In fact, I believe the beach will remain one. How fast can all of you run? Oh, but this is a good thing, isn't it? After all, this is taking so long. I won't be able to keep you all here indefinitely. We need a winner before all of you begin starving to death or I feel the need to cheat the rules and thin the herds by detonating your collars. And if you need an extra incentive...I've left a surprise in the boat somewhere. Good or bad...well, that's for you to find out, isn't it? Sometimes life is about risk, after all. Good luck, friends."

    Tobias clicked the microphone off and leaned back in his chair. After a moment, he decided to stand and walk downstairs to listen after all. One brief indulgence wouldn't hurt. He had earned it.
    Saturday, January 9th, 2010
    3:26 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Decisions
    Tobias looked over the list of the dead, making a decision. The Contest was getting interesting now. Some seemed to be playing an interesting game of their own. Oh, certain players were standing out to him already- Samantha was working so hard to keep her kills secret, and he was certain that others were merely playing those they were with to gain allies in a vain attempt to keep themselves alive- but now he had a choice. Oh, it would be easy enough to unravel their games with a quick announcement, and it would be fair...but it would make things far, far less interesting to watch.

    This was, after all, a study in human nature in all its brutality. In the end, he was merely an observer. Perhaps keeping certain secrets would prove much, much more interesting in the long run than being overly...honest.

    And seeing as this was such a study in human nature, he silently reminded himself of the human tendency to sabotage themselves. To become victims of their own natures.

    Leaning forward, Tobias flicked the microphone to life and began the morning announcement. "Good morning, friends. I see that no one has come to claim the supplies I left for them today...how tragic. It will remain until someone comes to claim it. You remember the clue, yes? Follow the sound of my voice. Perhaps you need some motivation- I am declaring the beach a dead zone. Perhaps that will get some of you to stop hiding. Ah, but it would be cruel to leave you with no options, yes? So I will be kind. The jungle is no longer a dead zone."

    "Yesterday was hardly a productive day. Joelle was killed early in the morning. Strangulation is such a nasty way to go, isn't it? And here I gave you so many options to avoid such brutal methods of execution. But it I suppose there is something to be said for it being...clean." Tobias shuddered a bit at the thought, at the lack of blood, "Light would probably agree. Oh, being shoved to the ground and smothered with a plush child's toy by Dark must have felt so undignified, but...we can't argue with the results, now can we?"

    "I'll speak with you again tomorrow, friends. I hope that we'll see some more progress before then. If we don't..." His voice lowered menacingly, "I may get impatient and try to speed things up a bit."

    The loudspeakers on the tower clicked off.
    Friday, January 8th, 2010
    1:03 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: ttly ooc

    (Today's announcement post will probably go up kinda late. Sorry for any inconvenience. =OO)
    Thursday, January 7th, 2010
    12:55 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Red sun at morning, sailors take warning.
    The morning announcement crackled to life, Tobias' now-familiar voice oddly triumphant and disgusted in turns, "Good morning, friends. Yesterday was quite productive, wasn't it? You are beginning to see your true natures and the natures of those around you now, aren't you? After all, yesterday was very productive at showing what kind of people you all are deep down, wasn't it?" He paused, tapping his finger on the list of deaths. He scrolled down it as he spoke, reading names off.

    "The day's activities began when Lennon Weste shot and killed his brother Luke Weste. Isn't that just terrible? Brother against brother? Of course, they never liked each other very much, did they...? But Len must have felt just terrible for shooting before asking who was running at him. Len died by his own hand after, of course. And Casey O'Hara just took it so hard- mowing down Elijah and Leeland Bishop until they were unrecognizable. Of course, his friend Alastar Weste couldn't have that, could he? He shot and killed Casey with Len's own gun after. How poetic. But Abe didn't find it so, did he? After all, he simply decided to steal Casey's weapon and murder Leeland's son, Claus Bishop, with it. He seemed very happy, too, until Amber Hughes took it a little personally. How tragic it all is, isn't it?"

    "There are twenty three contestants remaining. I wonder, will all the days after be as productive as this? After all, there can be only one judged to be fit to leave, only one who will leave here with a valuable lesson about human nature- who will it be?"

    Tobias paused for a moment, allowing the announcement to sink in before he continued, "I think today we will have a special experiment. I've hidden a special treat on the island, for whoever can find it...a first aid kit. Valuable, isn't it? Something you can use to prolong your own life in hopes of survival? I wonder, how many of you would kill for that kit? Unfortunately, I don't plan on telling you all where it is. You'll have to find out, remembering that the jungle remains a dead zone- you can't enter it, unless you've decided you want to forfeit your life. Oh, but I'll give you one...clue...to finding it...otherwise things wouldn't be fair. The only clue to its location is to follow the sound of my voice. Happy hunting, friends."

    Tobias clicked the small button on the microphone, and the loudspeaker went dead.
    Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
    6:08 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand New Day.
    A new morning crept over the island. Tobias leaned forward, clicking the microphone on. His voice rang out over the island, waking its inhabitants from their sleep.

    "Good morning, friends. How was your first night? Surprisingly bloodless for most? We have one casualty, far fewer than I expected for people like you." He nearly spat the words, a hint of disgust slipping into his voice. "I'm certain you all expected more, though some of you discovered the use of the collars, yes? Jimmy Drake decided he wanted to take my dare. I expected no less from him. I suppose he got to leave...ah, but in more pieces than he would have liked. But we live...or don't...by our choices, don't we?"

    "I have an announcement for you all. We have a new dead zone. Enter it, and your collars will detonate the way poor Jimmy's did. The jungle is no longer safe. It's much better to be social, isn't it? To all see each other, out in the open? It's just so unfair of so many of you to hide. Wouldn't you agree that you should all become better acquainted? It would be best to decide who can leave soon, after all. I'm certain your families miss you. Have a wonderful day, friends."

    Tobias flicked the switch, turning the microphone off and leaned back in his chair. The speakers clicked, going silent. Turning to the monitors on his right, Tobias began to watch again.
    Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
    11:39 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: The beginning.
    It was a beautiful morning. The sun poured over the island, shining behind the Tower- the scenery was almost picturesque. The loudspeakers roared to life, causing the island's new inhabitants to look towards the source of the noise.

    "Hello. I trust you all rested well? The sleep of the just?" The man's voice was low and calm, with a slight hint of malice. Tobias adjusted the microphone, "I suppose I need no introduction. Many of you will recognize the sound of my voice after all, won't you? Let's play a game, everyone."

    "Each of you will notice that you have been given a weapon. Only one of you will survive. The lovely collars I've given you all are our insurance- try to leave, enter an area I've forbidden, and they will detonate. If you choose not to believe me, you are welcome to test the theory...or ask me to do so."

    "My only promise is that I will set the last man or woman standing free. They will be judged, if you will, to be worthy. And I'm just...so...eager...to meet them. Understood? Let the games begin."
    11:35 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Assigned Weapons
    (OOC: Here's the list.

    1. Casey - weed whacker Weapon taken by Amber, then Abe.
    2. Amber - spiky dildo Weapon dropped by Amber in jungle. Weapon taken from Luke (switchblade) taken by Oleander. Stapler left on beach.
    3. Sam - syringe w/ posion
    4. Merryn - scythe
    5. Jamie - piano wire
    6. Jimmy - Beretta 92 Weapon taken by Jamie.
    7. Elijah - .44 Revolver Weapon taken by Rowan.
    8. Jahan - hedge clippers
    9. Rowan - stapler Weapon dropped by Rowan and taken by Amber.
    10. Abe - wrench
    11. Joelle - crossbow Weapon taken by Samantha.
    12. Alastar - club
    13. Len - H&K VP70 Weapon taken by Alastar.
    14. Loch - blowgun w/ poison darts
    15. Akako - razor blade
    16. Luke - switchblade Weapon taken by Amber.
    17. Natsu - cyanide pills
    18. Sprita - whip
    19. Lucas - butterfly knife Weapon dropped on beach.
    20. Claus - crosscut saw Weapon taken by Lucas.
    21. Felix - vial of sulfuric acid
    22. Droite - axe
    23. Lee - slinky Weapon mangled and dropped in jungle.
    24. Vivi - hunting knife
    25. Dantil - chain
    26. Hope - box cutter
    27. Oleander - matches
    28. Lotus - mace
    29. Dark - teddy bear
    30. Light - vial of strychnine poison) Weapon poured on Dark's.

    Dead: 11
    Remaining: 19
    10:01 pm
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Pre-Game Post
    (OOC: So, as per the rules, post the names/number of characters you plan to play here so we can get plotting so you can be assigned numbers and weapons!

    I'll be playing Casey, Amber, Sam, Merryn, Jamie and Jimmy. Tobias is around too, but he's the one who set up the Contest so he isn't eligible for this. \o3o/)

    MMKAY GUYS closing registration now b-because the weapons list I made is nearly depleted. XD
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