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1/25/21 11:05 pm - [info]kauflex

random request, noam dar or randy orton for a psl?

1/22/21 06:57 am - [info]brisparrey

I'm pretty lousy at games but wouldn't mind a nice PSL for this one since I can set it in different time frames or AU it all together. Something light, fun, enjoyable, romantic~ and all of that. Would really love to play her against Adam Page, Sami Callihan, or even Kenny Omega.

1/21/21 05:58 pm - [info]dberenato

Femme psl?

1/20/21 11:48 am - [info]ladnar

off the wall pairing, but does anyone play asuka?

1/17/21 11:35 am - [info]gohomeshow

If people are still looking for a game to play at here [info]indiepromotion is still around.

We have been around for almost three years and in play time that is a long time. We have many character available and have a short application process.

If anyone is interested give us a look. You can locate our availability for characters here

1/12/21 02:25 pm - [info]barbietingz

randy orton for my birthday?

1/11/21 12:32 pm - [info]d_mcintyre

This is going to sound crazy probably. But does anyone game as sheamus?
If someone does would they be willing to bring him to a game?

1/9/21 06:11 pm - [info]whitejay

a xia li for me?

1/9/21 08:52 am - [info]syol

would anyone be interested in a rhea/raquel psl?

1/1/21 11:57 pm - [info]steen

looking for shotzi blackheart or scarlett bordeaux. open to others as well!

12/10/20 10:45 am - [info]aooj

Something a bit different, but would anymore here be into writing a dd/lb, ageplay line? Looking to write the big dog here in either role. Open on pairing. Open to other kinks. Screened both here and in the journal.

12/8/20 03:59 am - [info]prestonarmy

As Insanejournal may be a sort of dying medium, I know of an excellent gaming home on Tumblr. Kayfabe/character focused, interaction heavy. See If interested

Best of luck all! See you on the internets.

12/7/20 07:19 pm - [info]mmstephanie

something for steph?

12/6/20 07:33 pm - [info]kairopractor

now that i have more time for this again, rhea ripley, pete dunne, i wanna do bad things with you. 😈😈 (same goes for any member of undisputed era, thx)

12/5/20 09:35 am - [info]g1

Does anyone still play Mickie James?

11/29/20 12:33 pm - [info]shanemac

Looking for someone to play opposite shane.

11/24/20 12:29 am - [info]zayns

wanted: becky lynch

must love customs, must want to write threads and be super detailed, must not give me the heebie jeebies upon first contact, and must love cats.

will also consider: billie kay, amy dumas, toni storm, or hikaru shida.

11/10/20 04:02 pm - [info]colone

would anyone be up for a slash psl? open to pairings.

11/8/20 08:44 am - [info]petedunne


11/6/20 10:05 pm - [info]brieg

currently seeking a psl (or two). comments are screened.
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