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5/24/18 09:07 pm - [info]mcdavin

[info]tucs bring me some other wrestler pbs. but really, a patch for a specific line if anyone is interested.

5/22/18 11:05 pm - [info]animalbautista

Home options for this guy?

5/20/18 08:21 am - [info]briegeecole

Aj Styles for a psl please?
pretty pretty please?!

5/19/18 07:54 pm - [info]komania

still searching for the golden child, roderick strong. kassius ohno would make candice very happy. drew mcintyre would make ziggler happy and if ziggler aint happy, no one can be happy. fandango, too, just because our easy breezy beautiful fashion popo is lost without him. karl anderson, luke gallows, come too sweet your bros here. daniel bryan just to put miz over the top since we got big match john recently. sarah logan to round out the nutty trio on raw. uk tourney guys since that's coming up, nxt kids because they're a growing bunch, independent wrestlers to keep cabana the happy guy he ought to be.

everyone who isn't taken, please come to [info]indiepromotion.

5/16/18 05:25 pm - [info]kotakai

roderick strong. since i'm probably gonna have to babysit both you and kyle on this upcoming road trip.


5/16/18 11:06 am - [info]ntnemeth

[info]indiepromotion drew mcintyre, come on down!

also roddy strong, kassius ohno, fandango, and really anyone who isn't on the taken list, you come on down too.

5/14/18 08:50 pm - [info]bdaria

[info]ropeshoot paige, dbry, shane, kurt, everyone that isn't already partying it up with us.

5/14/18 10:08 am - [info]reneejanep

[info]ropeshoot I need the Joan Jet to my Blondie. Also Bobby Roode, Corey Graves, Daniel Bryan, the rest of the Riott Squad, and whoever else wants to come be our friends!

5/14/18 09:30 am - [info]demib

nxt people to do fun stuff with. [info]indiepromotion

5/13/18 06:21 pm - [info]ropeshoot

Bring us all your characters!

5/12/18 08:31 pm - [info]tremann

[info]indiepromotion i mean...c'mon now

5/12/18 04:31 pm - [info]fbalor

[info]indiepromotion could really use a couple good brudders if yanno whatimean.

5/12/18 03:51 pm - [info]toughcupcake

still on the kassius ohno hunt. roddy strong would be nice too just to make others happy. [info]indiepromotion

5/11/18 08:49 pm - [info]ucantcme

So lonely being single. Someone should help raise my spirits.

5/10/18 11:14 pm - [info]miz

does anyone still play miz? looking to put this journal to good use.

hoping for a slash line. willing to help with icons and... literally everything.

5/10/18 01:33 pm - [info]kotakai

this guy. [info]indiepromotion. should've been here already, still slower than a stroll through the old folks home. come on, roddy.

5/9/18 09:38 pm - [info]mattias

you can keep holding out on me man, but i'll keep pressing. just call me wikipedia, because i'm making my appeal.

fandango! please please come over to [info]indiepromotion. we got work to do, you glorious dancing bastard.

5/9/18 10:39 pm - [info]catherinekelley


5/9/18 03:36 pm - [info]gjdaddio

SARAH LOGAN! RODDY STRONG! and anyone who isn't taken, come to [info]indiepromotion asap!

5/8/18 08:23 am - [info]dorip

bringing ruby over to [info]ropeshoot, you should come.
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