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2/16/18 06:28 pm - [info]barbarablankj

something for her?

2/13/18 09:41 pm - [info]straightfire

This icon has the faces of two girls who'd love to see their favorite third wheel road dad ALLEN JONES, THIS MEANS YOOOOU over at [info]indiepromotion. They might not want none, but we do.... Sorta.

2/11/18 10:42 am - [info]gohomeshow

Lots of roles available [info]indiepromotion

2/9/18 01:04 pm - [info]cenaafj

het PSLs for him?

2/6/18 09:43 pm - [info]straightfire

Sami, I know that you're busy and all, but I need ya, buddy!

2/6/18 07:07 pm - [info]stphmcmahon

Het psl for her?

2/6/18 01:55 pm - [info]cmpbrooks

Something het psl wise would be fine. I do like to keep a toe, or other body part in the wrestling business.

2/3/18 10:54 pm - [info]2899

What’s out there for this big guy(ignore the journals)? Mickie James? Mandy Rose? Paige? Nikki Cross? Anything het, we can work on something long term or a one-off.

Also have other guys that can be worked with depending on what you’re looking for

2/1/18 10:03 pm - [info]msacs

okay, so i would love a corey graves. any takers?

2/1/18 03:58 pm - [info]ecc

does anyone play the miz? i would love a psl with him and i have a few ideas but i'm open to anyone. het/slash.

comments are screened.

1/30/18 06:45 pm - [info]_blissful_

So, I've been loving the adorable chemistry between Alexa and Braun for the Mixed Match Challenge. Anyone want to give me a line with the other half of Team Little Big?

1/29/18 07:15 pm - [info]_blissful_

So, real life kinda kicked my ass and resulted in me flaking out on a few lines. Anyone care to help me get back on the RP wagon here?

Any wrestlers will be considered, but I admit my big picks are Braun, Roman, Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, Xavier, or Peyton Royce.

1/29/18 01:08 pm - [info]secretwars

would anyone do ronda/asuke as a psl? i'm open to playing either one

1/29/18 01:12 pm - [info]ashleyelizabeth

bobby, call me. xo

the phone lines are open for others too.

1/28/18 07:14 am - [info]straightfire


Report to [info]indiepromotion because I would like to climb you like a tree. No, not like that... Maybe. PIGGY BACK RIDES GALORE. Riiiight. Seriously, you're the bomb.

1/27/18 06:51 pm - [info]huttertrouble

Trouble. Just. Walked. In. Who wants to welcome me first?

1/22/18 05:45 am - [info]straightfire

Not to flood, but just apped for [info]indiepromotion since I'm looking to give a good old wrestling community a shot. Haven't really been infiltrated into one since eeeearly, early GreatestJournal.

Anyway, would love to see others give it whirl as well. Come aboard, friends. Especially that Mixed Match Challenge partner of hers. They can both take a treasuremap to find the good Sami or the best Becky he knows she can be!

1/21/18 04:23 pm - [info]gohomeshow

After much consideration and debating a group of us opted to open up this game. We wanted something new and fresh but something that reminded us of games of previous years.

We figured why not do it. If it works it works, if not then we gave it our best shot.

Currently no one is taken, we wanted to give people who are actually looking for homes the chance to pick up the characters that they are looking for. Once we have a few players we will come in with our characters, but until then we need you to make that happen.

Take a minute, Give us a look. Request your holds and lets get this game started.

Thanks in advance.

Indie Promotion Staff.

1/20/18 11:08 pm - [info]moxish

Would really like to find a long term, sane/adult Renee writer to just do life and his injury time out with. Following reality with some leeway. I like to mix it up between messenger chat and scenes also in IM or in journals. If youre out there...

1/17/18 09:21 am - [info]pmle

After taking a long break away from gaming I think it is time for me to get back into the swing of it. I have been itching to play this guy here. I am looking for the cliche Stephanie/Hunter PSL but I am also looking for a home. I tend to miss the late night gaming sessions when AIM still existed and games were running rapidly active around here. Where you didn't have a problem finding games where updates filled the pages every day. It might be a long shot but I am hopeful.
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