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11/14/18 06:08 pm - [info]shawnhick

Would anyone like to go back in time and play a late 90s or early 2000s line against Shawn Michaels?

11/10/18 05:50 pm - [info]aleisterblack

johnny gargano... did everything wrong. [info]indiepromotion

11/10/18 10:59 am - [info]mscurll

Any of you fucking numpties have a home or something else to offer?

11/4/18 06:31 pm - [info]nicolegcolace

Can I get Nick for a PSL????

11/1/18 01:12 pm - [info]brbarablank


10/31/18 06:25 pm - [info]petedunne

[info]indiepromotion xia li

10/30/18 01:50 pm - [info]ladnar


10/26/18 08:51 pm - [info]g1

looking for a femme psl for my shayna baszler journal. ronda, asuka and stephanie are some of my top picks, but i'm very open.

10/25/18 04:43 pm - [info]zelinav

a long shot but austin aries or el idolo to [info]indiepromotion

10/23/18 10:31 am - [info]shawnhick

Someone to welcome Shawn back?

10/22/18 12:07 am - [info]luckykid

[info]indiepromotion get ready, I'm coming!

10/21/18 01:07 am - [info]batetyler

fairy godfather trent seven, [info]indiepromotion i'd say peter is waiting but he probably doesn't care.

10/20/18 10:21 am - [info]3rdgenrko

Lines for Randy Orton?

10/19/18 11:32 am - [info]mandrewsjunior


10/18/18 01:04 am - [info]batetyler

[info]indiepromotion: y/n? applied.

10/17/18 02:54 pm - [info]nikgar


10/15/18 10:35 pm - [info]komania

hello, i am here on behalf of [info]indiepromotion during my injury time to try and be a magnet for all of you beautiful people out there that some of these beautiful people want to see. this should be considered a comprehensive list of sorts to bring people up to speed.

[info]kidlykos, a very sweet and poorly wolf boy who has seen his share of hard knocks over the last year has requested many people who seem to not want to show up. do it. please. for the sake of this endangered boy. i think [info]mcahren may murder him one day. people who are on his wish list, whether they have heart eyes next to them or not in past and recent days have been flash morgan webster, travis banks, lucky kid, chuck mambo, and probably anyone associated with the british wrestling scene. added incentives are the beautiful and charming faces of [info]mcahren, [info]rossall, [info]newells, and [info]christofarr, who have all been in that area and some still are.

[info]xiab, a cotton candy unicorn and pocket full of sunshine has simply requested some of the likes of the nxt uk roster, which echoes the last request field, but more specifically i have seen activity in [info]demib teasing her over a potential oohlala crush on mark andrews, but you did not hear that from me, the gossip guru. optionally, she's also been seen asking for eddie dennis. don't you boys rip one another's heads off like i've seen you try to do. you're gentleman, act like it and report here immediately to make the day of many.

[info]omegak and [info]blueeyedbaybay, my two precious babes, whom of which i would throw myself on the ground and die for, have been seen requesting their bullet club brethren such as the young bucks, and marty scurll, and probably anyone who has been around the block with the bullet club name. i guess [info]cgrhodes and [info]brandirho want you all around too.

[info]pranged, crazier than a fox, not nearly as gothy as our smackdown live general manager or [info]mcahren, but pretty close, has requested like minded and like tattooed people such a corey graves and baron corbin, which i am sure some of us would love to have around as well. she has also requested the likes of sarah logan to complete the set of strange girls along with [info]gjdaddio, who also would love to see her.

[info]fbalor and his fifty no carb devouring abs has recently requested his evil twin, jordan devlin, and some of his good brothers in karl anderson and luke gallows. too sweet him, bros. he's also asked for zack sabre jr. who i am sure others aforementioned would love to see, and sonya deville, who [info]rayajb and [info]msac would enjoy having around as well.

[info]pmle and [info]ortonrkeith have banded together to get evolution back. we somehow wound up with the nature boy. yes, ric flair is not only styling and profiling on twitter, but he is journal stalking his friends and daughter too. join them and [info]16xchamp if you are a part of the golden age of wrestling (see: shawn michaels, kane, undertaker) or if you've been around the block with the wwe recently (see: stephanie mcmahon, shinsuke nakamura, bray wyatt)

there are also an array of random names, but you can scroll through this page if you so desire to view those.

thank you for coming to my ted talk.

10/13/18 03:14 pm - [info]demib

all of you wild and crazy uk nxt kids. [info]indiepromotion

10/9/18 06:20 pm - [info]fbalor

Zack Sabre Jr., Sonya Deville, Jordan Devlin, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson. [info]indiepromotion

10/9/18 02:42 pm - [info]kidlykos

Anyone, I guess. :\ [info]indiepromotion
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