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10/18/19 10:48 pm - [info]mojo

psls for mojo? slash preferred. tyler breeze would be ideal.

10/17/19 06:52 pm - [info]deathlock

would anyone play taeler hendrix against darby allin?

10/10/19 04:49 pm - [info]ekoski - ignore the journal

anyone interested in a femme psl against rhea ripley?

10/9/19 07:48 pm - [info]kingtaven

Pretty much jack-shit of a welcome at one place I’ve tried. Any homes out there where newcomers are welcome? Doesn’t even have to be wrestling-exclusive.

10/9/19 03:17 pm - [info]mcahren

if you're a part of that rookie league that doesn't stand a chance against the big time, [info]indiepromotion would love you. i won't, but i don't love anybody. except my wife, mox, and beer.

10/7/19 12:32 pm - [info]crung

het psls? charlotte would especially be great.

10/6/19 03:11 pm - [info]pford

Thinking about letting this girl out to play. Any takers? Considering PSLs or possible home. Comments are screened, so shoot your shot.

10/2/19 07:18 pm - [info]kingtaven

Give me a Kingdom to rule over and I’ll make all of your wildest dreams come true...even the naughty ones

9/28/19 11:21 pm - [info]dibiase_jr

So I blame watching Legacy matches on YouTube, but Cody or Randy for a line against Ted? Either set back in the day or the present. Open to other pairings too. Slash only. Screened.

9/23/19 09:29 pm - [info]sashakv

Looking for something detailed and fun for Mercedes

9/22/19 08:32 pm - [info]lefrenchkiss

Any homes about? Just be warned, I will talk about my girls Monroe and Madison a whole bunch.

9/21/19 09:15 pm - [info]huttertrouble

Long shot incoming but any chance for a Mrs. Renee Maverick? The angst of 1% being her Mr.’s best friend and her sneaking attraction for him?

9/16/19 12:11 am - [info]brisparrey

Joey Janela. [info]indiepromotion

9/13/19 07:22 pm - [info]obam

something, anything het please for him? Open to playing against a celeb or a pb! Open to wire, discord or even journals! Feel free to hit up my screened post, I’d love to get writing something. Serious inquiries and no flakes please. Just really badly want to write something!

9/12/19 04:41 pm - [info]beclynch

Long term psls?

9/12/19 03:22 pm - [info]livingdeadbabe

Anyone game for a psl?

9/11/19 06:24 pm - [info]sacsmandy

home or psls for the golden goddess?

9/11/19 10:23 am - [info]cgable

Slash lines for Chad Gable?

9/10/19 05:20 pm - [info]4postsandcanvas

Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, or Mandy Rose as a music video starlet for an aging rockstar mesmerized by her at first sight? pbs welcome

9/5/19 05:36 pm - [info]nikgar

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