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12/14/17 07:45 am - [info]stratusyoga

Home or PSL please.

12/13/17 08:55 pm - [info]evanatalie

Something for her?

12/12/17 09:47 pm - [info]_blissful_

Looking for lines with a few certain faces... anyone feel like throwing Triple H, Asuka, The Iconic Duo, Kairi Sane, Roman Reigns, or Paige at Little Miss Bliss here?

12/12/17 12:50 am - [info]2899 - Unconventional to say the least

Any chance for a Mickie James out there? He’s unconventional to say the least, but thought there could be some fun there between this country boy and Ms. Hardcore Country to have fun with, and not just the smutty kinda fun tooz

12/10/17 12:39 pm - [info]moxish

Looking for something to do, preferably someone that will be around UK-ish hours, either a chilled out Renee for this guy solo or I do have a weird little idea where I play all three of The Shield and we make some girls life.. interesting. Haha. Suggestions welcome.

12/5/17 09:45 pm - [info]newhorror

haven't played this guy in a really, really long time and haven't kept up with whatever it is he's doing, but still miss playing him anyway. not looking for a home, but just something quick and fun psl-wise. i don't need or want anything super intricate either. obviously probably more interested in an ambrose, and people who won't flake on me. what say you all?

12/4/17 11:17 pm - [info]stay_down

still getting it set up but after the seductive manner this one looks at the camera with, i felt compelled. psl's? journals only, may be hours between replies but not days and would like the same courtesy unless there's a good reason, looking for something long term.

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12/3/17 05:40 pm - [info]sacsmandy

home or psl?

12/2/17 03:28 pm - [info]catherinekelley

a possible love interest for cathy @[info]ropeshoot please!

11/29/17 12:31 pm - [info]petedunne

would anyone play xia li?

11/27/17 11:10 pm - [info]animalbautista

Randy Orton for a line?

11/26/17 09:04 pm - [info]beastamongmen

Someone for Brock Lesnar to play around with before a match-up or to use to be satiated after the fact.

Would adore a Stephanie McMahon or a former Diva kept on a leash behind closed doors but I'm very open to the current crop too.

Comment here or in the screened post in my journal.

11/26/17 07:44 pm - [info]gojo

i'm too tired to beg so this is me asking nicely for colby to report to [info]ropeshoot

11/26/17 07:34 pm - [info]mercds

[info]ropeshoot heeeeey we want some bayley! seriously where's my bestie at, one horsewoman away from collecting the whole set.

11/26/17 09:15 am - [info]ambrosemoxley

Pulling this guy out of the vault. Looking for short term/long term PSL. Or maybe even a home if they still exist.

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11/25/17 08:11 pm - [info]evanatalie

Psl? Het or femme

11/25/17 09:37 am - [info]devittfergal


11/24/17 09:18 pm - [info]johnena

psl? home?

11/24/17 11:42 am - [info]g1

something for pete dunne or aleister black?

11/23/17 12:40 pm - [info]msacs

maybe something for her? het or femme. will consider homes.
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