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8/17/18 12:54 am - [info]barbarablankj

psls? wrestling only.

8/14/18 08:55 am - [info]mvar

Elias, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, No Way Jose, Kalisto, Sonya Deville, TJP. EVERYONE not taken. Basically more people for me to annoy over at [info]indiepromotion.

8/13/18 03:48 pm - [info]janoa

Ignore the journal but who is needed in [info]indiepromotion?

8/13/18 03:28 am - [info]mcahren

still looking for the usual suspects previously lobbied for, even after a somewhat successful usa tour. broken rings and broken bones. come join us and be a part of the save a wolf fund. [info]indiepromotion

8/12/18 10:36 pm - [info]snicole

i'd really love to revive her. psls?

8/12/18 07:19 pm - [info]obam

Anything het for him? Up for whatever pairings as long as it's het, up for playing against a celeb or pb. Hit up my screened post!

8/9/18 09:03 am - [info]martinezp

Friends, I guess? [info]indiepromotion

8/8/18 11:27 pm - [info]milliemckenzie

bruiserm8 where are you?

8/8/18 10:52 am - [info]kayjess

serious het psls for billie?

8/7/18 07:28 pm - [info]kidlykos

[info]indiepromotion Flash Morgan Webster, just so I can sit by with my injury and watch you actually do this tweet. Also want to see anyone else on the tour we're doing or in britwres.

8/6/18 09:33 pm - [info]evanatalie

Drew McIntyre for a possible long term psl?

8/3/18 08:45 pm - [info]demib

flash morgan webster because i just want to steal your jacket even when florida is 500 degrees. it's so cool. and drew gulak because we all really need lessons in power point. [info]indiepromotion

8/1/18 11:11 am - [info]mcahren

progress does the states in a coast-to-coast tour starting this upcoming week. would love to see some of my mates around for this. tk cooper, flash morgan webster, vicky and mark haskins, travis banks (yes, despite your injury), jinny, british strong style, and probably the lot more of you. we've already got a small handful of us going, would be great to get the rest. [info]indiepromotion

i was told by the shiny wizard to edit this with a scathing plea for one charles mambo. she wants to have a very lengthy word with you, you schmuck.

7/30/18 08:48 pm - [info]nikkibee

Nicole has wire


7/28/18 11:03 am - [info]nikkibee

Is Nicole needed anywhere?

7/26/18 06:50 am - [info]kidlykos

One (1) shit wolf in search of this guy because a conversation needs to happen before I drive Chris up a wall. [info]indiepromotion.

This is an edit, with a major PLEASE added. The shit wolf is sad, and this might make him happy.

All hope was lost. :( Still would gladly like to see anyone from the britwres scene there anyway.

7/25/18 06:50 am - [info]martinezp

Mercedes. Dana. Elias. Others? Please report to [info]indiepromotion

7/24/18 08:22 pm - [info]zayns

could i get a becky for a psl? would love someone who wants to use a messenger that isn't wire and would trade music all day every day.

7/24/18 01:02 am - [info]newells

Hey ho, Chuck Mambo. I have a really important mission for you over at [info]indiepromotion. I promise diplomatic immunity meaning Jimmy won't stab you, and this won't happen again. PS: Must like wolves. Please accept.

7/22/18 05:18 pm - [info]msacs

psls would be cool. graves, where you at?
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