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Nov. 18th, 2018




To the man in the tent with the red eye: Would you have killed him?

Nov. 14th, 2018


Wrap up: Spin me right round/Rocking

Who: Spin me right round / Rocking
What: Wrap-up
Warnings: Probably none.

A book )




Football player, are you alright?



I'm looking for an Irishman who chatted with an orchid. He knows who he is, I imagine.

Nov. 13th, 2018


Wrap GI Jane/Carnie

Who: Carnie/GI Jane
What: Wrap-up
Warnings: Probably none.

No big deal. )


Public&Wren I


To the gentleman I met in the ghost town who was [...] looking to relieve himself of his burdens- I'm still willing to listen. If there's anything else you want to talk about. Otherwise, I still have an excess of glow sticks, if you would like some of those.

[Wren I]

Are you okay? Did you stay safe at Halloween?



[After consideration.]

Father. Are you still going to set aside a day for my sins?

Nov. 12th, 2018


Wrap up: Consumed/Board to death

Who: Consumed / Board to death
What: Wrap-up
Warnings: Themes, etc

Dazzle, dazzle shine. )



Who: empty rooms
What: sort of a reveal
Where: Orchard --> House
When: the morning after the night before
Warnings/Rating: Tame, but talk of injuries

an almost merciful morning )

Nov. 11th, 2018


[Plot: Halloween]

[As the sun rises on Repose's annual Halloween bash, things change. For those closest to the source during the event, injuries persist and carry over into morning light. For those lucky enough to be far removed from the boy causing the Thinning, injuries are but memories of the night before. All guests remember the lives that belong to them in other places like this one, and those thoughts weigh heavily as guests begin their journeys home. Talk in the diner that morning is all about potential versions of the diners, and the churches are filled with those praying for forgiveness and asking for new lives here, similar to the ones from the evening before. The line at the gas stations stretch forever as residents stop to chat, and the entire town is alive with gossip.

It takes the entire day to clear out the woods and orchards, and, in some cases, it takes even longer for Repose's citizens to feel like themselves again. But, eventually, everything returns to normal, and, barring injuries and residual effects, only memories of other lives remain. When Town Hall swears they have no idea what caused the evening's changes, they are telling the truth. Even the Facility's promises to look into matters are in earnest. Media outlets across the world report their own strange evenings, unrelated to Repose's oddities, and it seems the oddness of the world is becoming more apparent in the morning light.

And, as always, life in Repose goes on.]

Oct. 23rd, 2018


[News: Halloween]

[Workers arrive late Tuesday. Their trucks file into town and head out north, toward the orchards and surrounding woods, and they begin setting up what looks like a facade for a town and some vendor stands. Later that day, fliers appear in various windows throughout downtown Repose. They announce a Halloween carnival, complete with haunted hayrides, bonfires, and a ghost town to walk through. The carnival is being run by local volunteers and the town's small businesses, there's no price for admission, and various vendors and craft enthusiasts will have booths featuring their wares. Costumes are encouraged, and the event will open to the public at dusk on Halloween.]

Oct. 9th, 2017


News: Repose

[Several days after the party, a man in his 30s is found unconscious on the side of the road. Upon admittance to the hospital and regaining consciousness, the man appears to have no memory of his identity nor how he got to where he was found. While uninjured save for a puncture wound to his palm, the John Doe has been going through withdrawal. The hospital continues to treat him until his identity is found or John Doe recovers any of his memories.]

Oct. 8th, 2017


Louis D, Public (Anon)

[Locked to Louis D]
Hello, Louis.

[Posted anonymously.]
I'm looking for two men who made a deal at the party. One of you had a deck of cards. The others was a ghost.

Oct. 7th, 2017


Who: The ghost
What: What came next
When: Immediately post-party

A crisis of existential and metaphysical proportions )

Oct. 6th, 2017



You were a doll on a carousel. Do you still have the music?

Oct. 5th, 2017



You got hurt on the stage when the curtains fell. I'm just trying to make sure you're okay out there.


Post Party: Crisp & Sick of Time

Who: crisp & sick of time
What: Waking up.
Where: Shoreline of the lake.
When: Morning after the party
Warnings/Rating: Not yet? Will update if/when needed.

'You matter,' he whispered to her as he drifted off, lulled by the sense of another next to him. )



Tuxedo Mask? Thank you for the nice night.



Cigarette and whiskey?



Tux? Did you get home okay?

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