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Jan. 14th, 2019


WHO: Ren Solitaire & Hannah Smith
WHEN: Nowish.
WHERE: Ren's apartment.
SUMMARY: Drinks and who knows, Hannah might get something real out of him instead of him avoiding it for all these years.
WARNINGS: Drinking, and Ren's negative self-talk, but nothing else currently.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the last month? )

Jan. 13th, 2019


WHO: Ren Solitaire & Jamie Mayer
WHEN: Early December, following this.
WHERE: Ren's apartment.
SUMMARY: Jamie offered to help Ren pick out a musical. They neither of them really know musicals, but they can talk art anyway.
WARNINGS: None apply.

Man, this town does creepy really well. )


Have you ever wondered the real reason for a house "settling"? Want to learn the truth about an urban legend? Maybe you've experienced the horror of sleep paralysis and want to confront the hag on your chest. Well now you can!

I'm Pippin. I have extensive experience in paranormal investigation including having started a PI club. Repose is the perfect place to hone those investigative skills, and learn new ones! There's already a small group started and now I'm extending the invitation to anyone interested to join us! Hit me up here for more info!

[Ren & Archie]
SO, masquerade planning meeting! Ren said we can use the cafe so we just need the when.

Hey! Fire pit? I was thinking tonight if that's ok.

Jan. 12th, 2019


public, louis d.

If there's anyone who really, really, really likes campy mysteries, we pretty much just got in a box full of used pulpy covers, mystery paperbacks. So. Come. Take them off our hands.

[Louis D.]
You don't have to answer this, but I just feel like I was kind of a dick the last time we talked, and I didn't want that to be the last thing you remembered me being or for me to be awkward the next time I run into you around town cause I remembered that the last thing I was - was that.

So. I'm sorry about that.

And I hope you had a good holiday.

Jan. 5th, 2019


Ren S

OMG I totally forgot to thank you for the New Years Eve party! I had a blast! And I never have fun at parties. Usually I live in a corner and watch while imagining everyone is laughing at me because I have toilet paper stuck to the back or my jeans or something equally humiliating. Anyway, thanks! You're the best!

Dec. 31st, 2018


Ren's New Year's Eve's Party )

Dec. 29th, 2018


Various, Adrian M.

[Group: Adrian M, Hannah S., Claire J., Pippin P., Charlie P., Dietre A., Noah N, Patrick G, Bea H., Jamie M., Tandy B., Ronan X., Archie W.]
I'm guessing most of you have plans for New Years already, but if you don't, I've got a new festive apartment, and I'm gonna have beer, and music, and probably really terrible appetizers, and if any of that sounds better than your current plans, come, bring a friend, I won't turn anyone away until we don't fit in the apartment anymore.

[Adrian M.]
Your poster has a place of honor over my sofa, cause damn if that didn't make me laugh.



Ren S & Archie W : Rain Check

WHO: Archie W and Ren S
WHEN: Monday (17th) evening, and following this
WHERE: Archie’s room at the BnB
SUMMARY: A rain check and confidence boosting
WARNINGS: Manhandling, suggestive language
STATUS: Complete

It's okay to enjoy someone's presence without having to label it. )

Dec. 24th, 2018


Secret Santa: Ren Solitaire

[At the stroke of midnight because Santa has a flair for the dramatic. It looks like an interior designer with a clear brief took over. In the living room is a seriously expensive sound-system. There's even finger-bowls on the center table. Santa leaves a blank card on the kitchen counter just because. Merry Christmas, Ren.

Dec. 18th, 2018




Who runs the music and book stores these days? Used to have an account, think the owners changed. Account's stopped.

Coffee place too. Do ground coffee?

Dec. 14th, 2018


leo and various

[Charlie P]

We need to hang out and not have any crazy shit happen.

[Ren S]

Please ask Santa for a unicorn.

[Claire J]

How's the holiday season going?


Who's asking Santa for something weird?

Dec. 12th, 2018


Cast & Crew, Claire J. Adrian M., Hannah S.

[Cast & Crew of Glass Menagerie]
I just wanted to say thanks to each and everyone of you for putting in all the work, and your enthusiasm with the show and all. I've had this crazy live theatre in Repose dream since I got here, and you all helped make it a thing. So. Thanks.

[Claire Johnson]
I had this realization the other day I don't know if I've been the best friend this year, so I'm sorry, and I have a couch now, so we could watch Christmas movies on a real couch, sometime, if you want.

[Adrian March]
I'm pretty certain I could work on improving my everything right now, so maybe let's start with thanks for the costumes, and sorry I've been kinda incommunicado the past few weeks, but it seems like you're looking good. Are things good?

[Hannah Smith]
So, my shitty realization of the week was that I basically have the same want I had last Christmas, and it's probably in everyone's best interest if I don't ask for it.

How's your week been?

Dec. 10th, 2018


BnB family - are any of you around for Christmas? Should we have dinner together? I'll cook! Or help cook! I haven't had Christmas for a long time and I'm so excited for this one.

Oh, and anyone else that's around with nowhere to go, you should come over, too! I'll be here at the very least.

Happy Christmas time!

Dec. 6th, 2018


Ren S

This is what's known as a cold open.

Dec. 2nd, 2018



This weekend Repose had the option of seeing live theatre without traveling any further afield than the community center. Performances were Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon.

With a small cast and simple set, there is nothing flashy about this particular performance, but it is clear that effort has been put in by all of the cast and crew to tell this story.

After each performance, the cast will be available in the upper lobby to talk to attendees. Following Friday evening's performance, Ren will treat the entire cast and crew to food at the Diner. You are welcome to have anything you wish, and he will pay for it - enjoy.

Dec. 1st, 2018




If anyone tells me Father Christmas is real I won't believe you. Even if he comes with teeth or something. Vampires, werewolves, fucking necromancers. But not Father Christmas. I put that beyond the reach of this town.

Nov. 30th, 2018


Who: Pippin and Ren
What: Coffee? Yes have some.
Where: Coffee/book shop
When: Morning after her post
Warning: TBD

Just give me the pot. )

Nov. 27th, 2018



I'm starting to see all these holiday decorations. How bad is it that I totally forgot Christmas was coming? My mom would smack me in the back of the head. And having just got here I don't have any decorations. So I think I'll wander around the shopping district to see what I can get.

Points of interest?
Number of coffee shops and the distance between them?

Nov. 26th, 2018



Hi, I need help decorating the B&B. Tall people or short people with long arms.

Nov. 23rd, 2018


WHO: The cast and crew of The Glass Menagerie
WHEN: During the last few weeks of rehearsals.
WHAT: Rehearsals & stuffs.

The plays the thing )

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