June 2020






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Feb. 6th, 2016


Nora J

[As soon as she hears about this, and just after security in the science facility becomes completely locked down as a result.]

[Locked to Nora J]

Jan. 24th, 2016


Escape Attempt

Who: Jason and Nora
When: Several Days after this
Where: Mess Hall, then employee exit
Warnings: TBD

Get Me Out Of Here )

Jan. 22nd, 2016



Hello townsfolk,

It's time to play a fun little game that I like to call "two truths and a lie." It's where you get to come here and tell me three things about yourself, two true things and one lie, and then I (and the studio audience) get to guess which one is the lie.

Why? Well because I'm nosy and my place is too small to throw a mixer so this is my ice breaker game for the day. Humor me.

I'll start.

1. I watched 120 episodes of Pretty Little Liars in 12 days
2. I'm related to Martha Washington's first husband
3. I believed in Santa Claus for way too long.

Jan. 20th, 2016


The Empowered and The Powerless

Who: Nora and Zach
When: Early Afternoon
Where: Zach's lab, then Nora's room
Warnings: Extreme, non-con medical experimentation resulting in serious pain.

You are either one or the other, but never both. )

Jan. 13th, 2016


[Private to Grant and Jason]

[Private to Grant]
You don't know me, but I heard you might be helping a new friend of mine. I want in. Or, out, I guess is a better term. Can you help me too?

[Private to Jason]
I hear you might be willing to help someone gain some freedom and keep it... Is this true?

Jan. 10th, 2016


[Private to Melody]

Yo, I could really use a guardian Angel right about now...

Jan. 8th, 2016


[Private to Gwen]

Wanna come over? Today really sucked and I could use the company.

Jan. 7th, 2016


Routine Experimentation

Who:Zach and Nora
When: The day after the winter plot
Where: Zach's lab in Area 52
Warnings: Medical experimentation that results in high levels of pain

Until We Believe You Can Be Trusted. )