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Sep. 14th, 2019



[After hearing from his lawyers, the same firm as in 1999, actually, about the B&B, which he's authorized them to reacquire.]

Looking to hire a few people for the B&B. Manager. Assistant. That sort of thing. Place is haunted. Can't mind that.

Sep. 8th, 2019


various locks.

[Locked to Chris F., Theodore C., Hannah S., Noah NW., Billy K., Harlow J., Atticus M.]
Because I have not entertained nearly enough this year, and because I have completed successfully two shows this summer, and because summer is nearly gone and we should enjoy it a little while longer, you're all invited to come over this weekend.

I'm going to do barbecue on the back patio, play music (if you want to dance there's space for it), pull out artsy beer, and maybe make a cocktail for the evening because why the fuck not?

Anyway, you're welcome to bring a friend, or friends, just let me know numbers so I can plan food appropriately.

Sep. 4th, 2019


The Good Diner: Alex, Noah, Holly

Who: Alex W, Holly NW, Noah NW
What: More story time
Where: The good diner
When: A recent Sunday, already gone or yet to come (a little time-fuzzy)
Warnings/Rating: Probably low but some mentions of death

He was done hiding. When you had people, you didn't have to hide. )

Aug. 29th, 2019


Patrick G, ETA: Destiny S

[Locked to Patrick G]
[During this.]

Hey Gunster lol you still got the hookup w your ex?

ETA: [Locked to Destiny S]
Hey I'm Noah

Aug. 27th, 2019


public, various filters.

There will be no pumpkin anything at the coffeeshop until after labor day, just fyi. Apple cider is available now. And we just restocked all those cheesy paperback mysteries everyone gets in the mood for over Halloween.

[jamie m]
I think i'm actually missing spamalot, help.

[hannah s]

[newt p]

Aug. 26th, 2019


Dietre A, Tandy B, Marta F, Mal R, Billy K, Alex W

[Locked separately: Dietre A, Tandy B, Marta F, Mal R, Billy K, Alex W]
[Still time-fuzzed. Not long after the play plot. A week or so.]
Hey dude




Would like to find someone who cleans. [Pause.] For money.

Aug. 5th, 2019


public, various filters.

Thanks to all who came out and supported community theatre last week.

[Crew & cast]
I can't really thank any of you enough for the work you put in to make the show a success, so thanks, and come try out again for the next one. There will be less dancing and singing probably, but it's still gonna be a good time.

[Adrian M.]
Do How was your week?

[Claire J.]
Do you have time for a movie night?

Jul. 25th, 2019


WHO: Ren Solitaire, Cast, Crew, and Attendees of Spamalot!
WHEN: Friday, July 26, 8PM
WHERE: Repose Recreation Center
SUMMARY: Spamalot! performances & after the show
WARNINGS: None likely?

Just think Herbert. In a thousand years time this will still be controversial. )

Jul. 23rd, 2019


This is your reminder to come see a play this weekend. There's dancing and singing and ridiculousness.

[Hannah S.]
A) You are doing kind of amazing on the play and B) we haven't talked for a while.

[Cast & Crew of Spamalot]
Last week here - Let's do this.

Jul. 20th, 2019



[Public: as anon]

[At three am.]

A person will die of starvation slower than lack of sleep. Starvation takes weeks.

Jul. 12th, 2019



so the boss gave me permission to do something new here at the shop:

Repose Community Recs

i'm setting up a display at work with recommendations from people in town. you can comment here or come in and pick something out and fill in a card with your name and something about the comic you want to recommend.

everyone who submits a recommendation by the end of the month will get entered in a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to the shop. if it goes well we'll change them ever couple months and do another drawing.

my rec is mouse guard.

also, not at all related but, Elmore or Crunch, the Shy Dinosaur?

Jul. 11th, 2019




[As anon.] That military place. How easy is it to find out if they worked out what trouble went down a while back?

Jul. 6th, 2019




If I were an adventure in Repose, what would I be?

Jul. 2nd, 2019


Delivery: Noah N

[sent in a plain shipping envelope with the comic shop as the return address, is a hardcover copy of this

Inside the front cover is the envelope from Bea, as well as a handwritten note on a torn scrap of notebook paper. In the sort of handwriting that says the owner knows it's bad, but he's really, really, trying, reads:]

hope you like it

Jul. 1st, 2019


Call: Holly W

[After this, as Holly is convalescing. Ring!]


So, guys say lots of weird stuff during sex. Sometimes they can get real mean but it's usually so generic that you don't really take it to heart, sometimes they even apologise for it after

But 'not cute enough to do porn'? That one hurt.

Jun. 27th, 2019



The electronics repair shop off 314 is now open for business. We repair and buy used electronics, accept all forms of payment, and any electronic items you care to offer up as tribute will be repaired for nominal fee or purchased outright. Used items are likely not worth as much as you think they are, apologies in advance, but know that your addition to this digital graveyard is, in a way, a donation to prevent planned obsolescence from swallowing the planet in junk, and isn't that reward enough?

[Here the address and operating hours: Mon-Fri, 11 AM - 9 PM]

Jun. 26th, 2019


Claire J, Dietre A, Destiny S, Newt P, Billy K, Damian W, Atticus M, Noah N

[Group lock to Claire J, Dietre A, Destiny S, Newt P, Damian W, Billy K, Atticus M, Noah N]

Hi, ya'll. I'm just commenting to tell folks that Daniel's off working on being able to go out and get round better. He's safe and there ain't a thing wrong with him. You can write him letters, and he'll receive them. He'd like hearing from folks, and hopefully he'll be back real soon and better off for it. He just didn't want y'all worrying, and so he asked me to say this on his behalf.


Ren S, Dietre A, Tandy B, Delivery: Adrian M c/o [the Facility]

[Circa two days post-facility-go-boom.]

[Locked to Ren S]
Hey man

[Locked to Dietre A]
Dietre you ok?

[Locked to Tandy B]
Sorry for freaking on you

[Delivery: Adrian M]
[In an Amazon delivery box, addressed to Adrian March via the facility, is just a blanket. It's nothing dope af or expensive, but Noah remembers feeling cold and, well, maybe it'll Adrian feel less alone or something. It comes with one of those included notes, but Noah gets that everything probably gets looked through, so it's just: From Noah]

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