January 2019






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Jan. 10th, 2019


[Public, anon]

[When this begins. Anonymously.]

How enchanting.

Dec. 30th, 2018


Log: Mercy/Jamie

Who: Mercy Hunt & Jamie Mayer
What: Introductions
Where: The Mean-Eyed Cat
When: Hand-waved to before Secret Santas went out
Warnings/Rating: Nada

That was one thing he had to hand to wolves. At least when they wanted to rip your throat out, they let you know it until there was no doubt. )

Dec. 28th, 2018


[Secret Santa to Mercy H]

[Sure enough, the mortgage is paid off on Mercy H's shop. It just takes the proper number of business days after Christmas to acknowledge it. There's a card with something hand written on the inside. Merry Christmas punk.]

Dec. 9th, 2018


Mercy H

I do best with a clear set of directions, so don't make me fucking guess what it is you want for Christmas.

Dec. 4th, 2018



Before I hit google, does anyone know anything about humane trap and release for coyotes?

Dec. 3rd, 2018


[News: Repose]

[Reports of a medium-sized coyote running east along Main Street start filtering in around 10 pm. He retreats and disappears back under the cover of the woods off the side of the pavement when a couple of cars slow down and pull over in a misguided attempt to get a closer look, then reappears about a couple of blocks north as soon as the sounds of engines fade into the distance. He lopes along at a good pace, and the only man who manages to get close enough reports that he thinks the animal might have been hit with buckshot at one time due to a smattering of smallish bald patches along the coyote’s left haunch.

Residents of the B&B who were paying attention to the reported animal notice that he makes a wide, deliberate berth of their chosen residence - and when he’s just past the property, someone manages to record a snippet of his solitary song on their phone.

A particularly territorial Malamute mix who was let outside to free-roam in her unfenced backyard returns home with her tail between her legs, and an outdoor tabby cat shows up ninety minutes late for dinner with the fur on the top of her head looking wet and sticking up the wrong way, with a thoroughly disgusted expression on her face.]

Nov. 30th, 2018



Heard I missed a party. But was it that crazy, or is the supernatural bullshit just living up to its name?