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Jan. 6th, 2016


[Mathias L. and Claire J.]

Who: Mathias Lockwood and Claire Johnson
Where: fifty yards from the music store
When: afternoon, post-train
What: doesn't like a no go zone
Warnings: tbc

If there was one thing in life that Mathias hated, it was being given boundaries. Just knowing they existed made him want to push against them, whatever they were. Mathias didn't like to live by other people's rules. So, once Dorian had told him that the area around the music store seemed to have some kind of holy ground shit going on, of course that was the first place that he headed.

Just as naturally, his scholastically minded little brother was perfectly correct in his assessment. Now Mathias sat on a bench, just a couple of yards back from the invisible spot on the sidewalk beyond which his skin would start to crawl, like some type of attack of invisible fire ants.

As much as Math's pose on the bench was all relaxation, arms stretched along the back, pulling the material of his thin white t-shirt tight across his chest, jacketless despite the winter weather - he had never been one to feel the cold and as a result, he didn't actually own much in the way of winter wear - he was glaring toward the store and its exclusion zone. Even more so at the people who carelessly walked across that area where his kind was so clearly unwelcome, not only without ill effect, but also seemingly happier for being there, though Mathias doubted that many of them even appreciated that fact.

Clearly something had been done. Clearly someone in town knew something, and enough with that to be subtle. That not knowing who or what ate at Math almost as much as the boundary itself, making him half tempted to swallow the pain and force his way through to the centre. For now, though, he merely sat and watched, waiting for something, though as of yet he knew not what.


[Locked to Mathias, Ward, and Kayos]

[Locked to Mathias]

Not to judge, but the lights going out wasn't you was it?

[Locked to Ward]

So. How was your night?

[Locked to Kayos]

Trains with Christmas themes and the lights going out. I'm assuming you had a great time?

Dec. 28th, 2015


[Mathias and Dorian Lockwood]

Who: Mathias L. and Dorian L.
Where: The Cat
When: Around five-ish
Rating: PG

Guess who's back in town... )