June 2020






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May. 24th, 2020


[Forum: Public // Texts: Hector/Georgia/Ivy/Diego/Hugh]

[Forum: Public]
What weekend is Pride in The Capital and who's heading out that way? Should we arrange a group thing? Carpooling? Party bus? I'm sure we can make the trip just as fun as the party out there.

Texts to: Hector, Georgia, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Leena )

May. 21st, 2020


Encrypted Text: Leena B./Dante Z.

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
You know you could just come dancing with me sometimes too, right?

May. 19th, 2020


Dante Z/Leena B

[Texted to Dante. 11:03 AM]

Everything okay at work? I can come by for lunch if you want.

May. 17th, 2020


WHO: Hugh C., Dante Z., Leena B., Zee L., Rafe J., and Dietre A.
WHEN: After this and this.
WHERE: Hugh's house, Lakeside.
SUMMARY: Summary Narrative of chat discussion of finding Audrey's phone (and a few unrelated to Audrey surprises) written from Hugh's PoV.
WARNINGS: I don't think there is anything? Maybe language, cause Hugh.

None of this is normal. Welcome to Repose. )


Text: Hector Z

[Early afternoon.]

Dante wanted me to text you. She's not up to dinner tonight, but I did manage to talk her into this.

[A few seconds later, the third photograph that they managed out of the set is sent through. Dante looks tired, but she's smiling, and they're close enough in the picture that Leena's arm is visible above Dante's shoulder and they're snugged in close, the faintest pink on Leena's cheeks. They look happy, if a little rough around the edges.]

May. 15th, 2020


Text to Leena

Text to Leena, May 15th, 4pm )

May. 14th, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Dante Z./Leena B.

Audrey's missing. I'm going to Hugh's. [.....] I need you.

May. 11th, 2020



Could we not with the things that go bump in the night? Or the broad daylight for that matter.

May. 7th, 2020


[Text: Dante Z./Leena B.]

[After fairly minimal communications since shortly after the middle of April unless Leena reached out to her... and possibly some avoiding of basically everyone. The text is sent around 10:30am.]

Hi. 👋🏽

May. 5th, 2020



[Having recently endured and declined a cat request, sympathetic remorse and piscean sentimentality sink in.]

Someone I knows looking for

My little sister wants

Anybody got free kittens?

May. 3rd, 2020


Inferno's Web

[On her website, the morning after this.]

Artemis enters the chat.

Apr. 30th, 2020


Leena B, ETA: Call: Burden B

[After this.]
[Locked to Leena B]
I require your attention briefly.

[And after he gets the photograph...]
[Call: Burden B]

Apr. 27th, 2020


Dante Z/Leena B

[Texted, after receiving this.]

How goes it today?

Apr. 26th, 2020



Mailed to: All Lakeside Mansion residents (hi neighbors); as well as Dietre A, Janus A, Leena B, Fiach B, Aedan B, Audrey C, Diego C, Eames, Christina F, Marta F, Rafe Jiménez, Harlow J, Billy K, Atticus M, Matilda M, Holly & Noah NW, Mal R, Mao S, Hannah S, Rey S, Clover W, Alex W, Dante Z )

Apr. 21st, 2020


public, various filters.

Owner just walked in, looked at me, said "10% off all drinks today" and then walked out. So. Enjoy Repose.

[Audrey C.]
Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll put the extra 10% into tips.

Also, it's Fleetwood Mac day.

[Adrian M.]

[Rey S. (unsent)]
Were you

Apr. 12th, 2020


[Texts: Georgia, Hector, Leena & Hugh]

[Text: Doc (Georgia)]
The town is... Showing its colors on doing weird shit. It sounds like people are seeing and feeling shit? Possibly other people's shit? I haven't seen fuck all yet.

[Text: Papa (Hector)]
Ssoooooooooo, remember that talk we had about this town and how it's fucking weird?

[Text: Leena]
Town's at it again.
(Edited, sent later) Apparently some people are seeing some really really bad shit. Are you okay?

[Text: Hugh]
You okay? Any weird shit?

[OOC Note: Texts are sent through personally encrypted and secured channels. It appears to be a normal text to the person who has received it. The encryption does nothing but protects messages from potential prying eyes.]

Apr. 6th, 2020



[After this.

Locked away from Dante. Anon.]

How the fuck do I make a Cafe Cubano?


[Forum: Public / Audrey / Hugh / Georgia / Leena / Dinner Group ]

Local mechanic here!

As we’re moving from winter into spring keep an eye on things like your lights and windshield wipers. Weather changes can impact mechanical operations of your vehicle as always, and making sure all your tail, turn and brake lights work will assure you’re seen on the road. Especially with potential up coming rains. Let’s make sure everyone’s safe with proper rain and visibility protections in place in your car. Additionally, it’s a good time to look at your tire treads too. Low levels of tire tread decreases the vehicles grip on the road and increases your chances of potential hydroplaning. Remember! Keeping a proper eye on things now will prevent larger problems later. ☺️

Locks to: Audrey, Hugh, Georgia, Leena & Dinner Group. )

Mar. 28th, 2020


[Text: Leena.]

Birthday in T-minus 11 days. I already know what I’m making for food so that only leaves one final question: What do you wanna do on your birthday? 🎉💜🎂

Mar. 18th, 2020


[Forum Locks: Pretty much everyone Dante knows]

[After this conversation and a lot of thought....]

[Forum - Group locked to: Leena B., Audrey C., Diego C., Hugh M., Chris F., Georgia H., Holly & Noah N-W., Hannah S., Rey S., Ren S., Kratos S., Clover W., Alex W., Hector Z. (As a player I am also open to Dante also including Mars M. (if you feel they would have gotten along at Audrey's party), Beau W. & Frank R. (if puppy puddle has happened), Heath F (I assume they know each other through Chris at least in passing?)]

Hey! My dad and I have this tradition of trying to sit down to dinner together at least once a week and I realized I don't know if anyone else does this? Just once in while get together for a nice homemade dinner and dessert all that people can come and have and just chill and chat and eat?

Anyone wanna try? I can host. Would have to be on Sundays if I'm hosting though.

[Forum: Leena B.]

[Forum locked to: Magadalena O. - In Spanish]
Heard any white bitch bullshit yet?

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