June 2020






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May. 28th, 2020


Amy M

[Amy M]

Are you going to be OK w/Si going back in?

May. 27th, 2020


Mayers+, Call: Amy M; ETA: Hugh C

[Locked to Mayers+, this includes Amy, just as it includes David]
going back in. i won't have a phone for a bit. [He gives the number of the same place he was at before.]

[Call: Amy M]

ETA: [Locked to Hugh C]
hey, can i talk to you a second?

May. 26th, 2020





Hello, I am Audrey Carpenter, but I am pretty sure most of you know that. Um.

I'm not really sure what to write here, but I was told it'd be beneficial for everyone, so here goes:

My memory [...] isn't what it was. The doctors said it can happen after [...] unpleasant events. They're not sure when or if it will come back, but they'll be working with me closely over the next few months.

I get out of the hospital in a week or two, I'll be moving in somewhere with my cousin?. [...] I am going to be reading through old posts to try and see if it helps at all, and to re-familiarize myself as best as I can.

So, I guess this is a re-introduction of sorts, and so no one gets too confused if I don't recall who you are.


Also, thank you to everyone who looked for me and came to the hospital. I was told it was a lot. Oh, also. Whoever found me? Thanks. I can't remember your name.

May. 18th, 2020


Jamie M, Si M, Rey S, Hugh C

[Locked to Jamie M]
Hi, Jamie. I think you're out of town? But when you're around, I kind of wanted to talk about something with you?

[Locked to Si M]
[Once she's back in Repose for a few days.] I think I found a good place. It feels good? Bright good. No dark shadows in the corners or bad feelings, and it's an apartment, so there isn't even a basement. Hi.

[Locked to Rey S]
Hi. I just wanted to thank you.

[Locked to Hugh C]
Hi. Has anything new happened? I'm back in town now.

May. 2nd, 2020


Text: Jamie M

[Several mornings after.]

I'm checking in.

Apr. 30th, 2020



hmu if you want to hate each other and be enemies

(The only rule is that you must must must not ever ever ever have better hair.)

Apr. 28th, 2020


holly nw, audrey c, david n, billy k, alex w, seven m

Holly NW )
Audrey C )
David N )
Billy K )
Alex W )
Seven M )

Apr. 21st, 2020


Mayers+ & Audrey C

[Group lock: Mars, Si, Jamie, David, Audrey]

"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my eyes and all is born again."

Is everyone back?

Apr. 18th, 2020



What: Memory
Will characters be viewing the memory or experiencing it?: Experiencing.
Warning, this memory contains: Death.

You long to go hide in the bramble or fall off the face of the Earth )

Apr. 14th, 2020


Log: Tory W and Jamie M - Jamie's Apartment

Who: Tory W and Jamie M
What: Pizza and tequila and good ideas
Where: Jamie's apartment
When: After this and this
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 but the sex does happen

Come what may. )

Apr. 13th, 2020


[public, not anon]

[posted sometime after this delectable morsel.]

now that i see everyone else's life is going haywire with first person moodfucks...

while i await season 2 of hot boy sex, THIS SONG goes out to the owner of season 1.

Apr. 11th, 2020



What: Memory
Will characters be viewing the memory or experiencing it?: Experiencing
Warning, this memory contains: Nothing bad at all

Laughter echoes off walls where Victorian paper peels off in curls, and your feet slap against the parquet floors and join the chorus of mirth just up ahead. )

Apr. 10th, 2020



What: Memory
Will characters be viewing the memory or experiencing it?: Experiencing
Warning, this memory contains: Garden-variety angst

10 Days, 22 Hours, 26 Minutes )

Apr. 8th, 2020



[From the car, after this, posted late in the evening. She thinks she should post to Audrey, and then maybe to Jamie, and maybe to Daniel (to thank him) and she ends up just...:]

I'm okay. Don't be trapped into being like everyone else.

[No further replies once Si takes the phone.]

Apr. 4th, 2020



All the world's a stage, etc.

We're gonna do some Shakespeare this summer Repose, so brush off your Complete Works, and practice your soliloquies.

Mar. 30th, 2020


Voicemail: Jamie M

[During this. He calls, and sounds frustrated when it goes right to voicemail.]

Hey, it's me. Call me. Your siblings are planning something well-intentioned and stupid and trying like hell to rope me into it. And just for the record, I told them it's fucking stupid.

[Pause, then:] Love you. Call me.


Mar. 28th, 2020


Jamie M

hey, you around?

Feb. 26th, 2020


[Housewarming: Group log!]

Who: Anyone who wants to attend! (Even if you didn't receive an invite. The doors are unlocked!)
What: A housewarming party
Where: A house in the neighborhood
When: This weekendish
Stuff: Feel free to dibs, post opens, be in multiple threads, and list locations and warnings in headers.

The theme was heroes, and there was a basket outside the front door, filled with an assortment of DIY masks to be used by anyone who forgot a costume: Superheroes, historical figures, literary heroines and cute animals masks, all covered in glitter and paint. )



Thanks for coming to the karaoke and making it a blast every one! I been thinking that we should all form a boy band (gender neutral term ok) and take the world by storm

Feb. 25th, 2020


public; group lock

Link me to the song you're listening to on repeat, and I'll put your name in a drawing for a free latte.

[Group lock: Jamie M., Hannah S., Adrian M., Audrey C., Dante Z., and Rey S.]
I don't feel like I look like a person who can be easily manhandled, and yet.

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