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Mar. 25th, 2020




What is it with this place and dreams?

Mar. 21st, 2020


[public, as 'the revenant']

[After this.]

Do they walk the streets of the town? Dread and fear fill the streets with stinking death.

Jan. 22nd, 2020


Damian W, Claire J, Jack P, Dante Z

[Damian W]


[Claire J]

Hey you.

[Jack P]

Hey. So I realize we haven't talked in ages.

[Dante Z]

How do you feel about breakfast instead of lunch tomorrow?

Jan. 9th, 2020


Public, Holly NW


So, mad puddles that don't go away. Discuss.

[Holly NW]

Happy Holidays, to use a nauseatingly bland phrase.

Dec. 21st, 2019


Jack Penhaligon

I've heard some things. And I thought we should talk.

Dec. 20th, 2019


Chris F

[Chris F]

This is a touch awkward.

Nov. 28th, 2019


Holly W

[Holly W]

You all right over there? Haven't heard a peep.

If you're open this time of year you make a fucking killing. I'm just saying.



Happy White People Have Fucked Over the Whole World (but are Still Awful Lovers) Day

Happy dead bird day, Repose.

Nov. 23rd, 2019


Reveal Log: The Digger & The Aristocrat

Who: The Digger and the Aristocrat
What: General confusion, but no tea
Where: Disembarking
When: Immediately after the Plot
Warnings/Rating: None

He was not gifted the way the Digger had been gifted. )


Shiloh F + Jack P: The Capital

Who: Jack P and Shiloh F
What: Capital shenanigans, otherwise known as a back alley beside a bar
Warnings: Nada to start.

Seeing a man about a dog was a complicated business, all right? The dog had a habit of wandering. Into all the fine drinking establishments of the Capital, which was to say, anywhere you could conceivably execute a deal without anyone batting an eyelash, or rather ones where they might reasonably walk up after and ask for more of the same. Only the Bolivian import they expected was probably a bit different and it didn't go up one's nose. Jack had trawled half the bars on one side of the Capital, the ones where they didn't have a dress-code, and he was bored and tired of drunk idiots, largely because he was comfortably and coldly sober. He'd looked back. Back and back and back and god he'd been boring and he didn't actually feel like a beer most of the time, but he felt it even less after that.

The quiet moment of you know, self-contemplation and all that bollocks ended abruptly when the dog in question made a move and Jack followed him in a roundabout way to the nearest alley for a follow-up. It probably looked a bit grim, to anyone watching, because the kind of person who groped about with someone else in an alley was either drunk or a tad desperate. Jack made an impressive effort of stumbling over his own feet and following, mumbling to whomever might have been in ear-shot. He didn't stink of booze, but he smelled of cigarette smoke and faintly underneath that, of the kind of incense that crumbled as it burned and was thick and heavy like churches. The trade was the trade. It wasn't like you bought and paid for these things the way you paid for coke, it was a dampened flare of light and the smell of sulphur and what Jack had in his pocket was now weighted differently to what he'd brought in in the first place.

The trade made, and enough to keep a demon in bounds and quiet, or about as quiet as those things got in his pocket, he had enough buzz in his veins to make carelessness in the corner of the very back of the alley and he lit his cigarette with a flare of blue flame that lasted only very briefly, and might even have been a novelty lighter. Mostly buzzing because you know, the alternative had been having his skin removed if he'd gotten the wrong person. Funny how that left you.

Nov. 22nd, 2019



Where’s a girl gotta go to get a good anise? The fresher the better. I haven’t had a lot of time to check out the markets yet, but trying to figure if this is a trip to The Capital item or if I’m just gonna need to grow my own.

[Locked: Diego C.]
I’m gonna start installing the flag poles soon. We need two or three?

[Locked: Audrey C.]
Was thinking about making a repair video. One problem, camera movement for optimal repair view. Wanna help?

[Added Later: Locked: Leena B.]
Plans Nov 30th?

Nov. 20th, 2019



Paging Count Ramalamadingdong. Are you a grammar Nazi here too or are you cool?


Claire J, Dante Z, Damian W, Jack P

[Locked to Claire]

Hey, were you there?

[Locked to Dante]

Were you on the train?

[Locked to Damian]

Check in, please.

ETA: [Locked to Jack P]

How was your evening?

Nov. 5th, 2019



Dumb question: Only one coffee shop in town?

Oct. 9th, 2019


Jack P

[On the forums. With no response forthcoming.]

[Locked to Jack P]
Popping off with Patrick for a bit. Sorry we'd no chance to catch up, but things are a bit urgent back home. I hope Repose treats you better this time 'round. I'll let you know when I'm back. Behave until then as best you can.

Sep. 28th, 2019


[Bar: Jack & Holly]

Who: Jack & Holly
What: A visit
Where: Evan Peel Bar
When: This weekend
Warnings/Rating: Should be fine

Holly arrived at the bar in jeans, flannel, and a cap. Noah was off delivering pizzas, and Holly had a little bit of time to kill, and he thought why not?. I mean, he might get a candy dish out of it, and maybe it would be worth something on the market. Okay, yeah, that was materialistic and mercenary, but that was just who he was. And, you know, practically, he didn't want Noah to have to bring in all the money. The divorce settlement allotted all his army pay to Bea, and the store sucked money up and didn't actually bring anything in. The cam money was all he brought to the table, and that wasn't nearly as profitable as it had been when he'd done private shows. So, yeah, he would totally sell the candy dish, and he would feel zero guilt about doing so.

And Holly didn't drink, not as a rule, but he was hitting his Juul pretty hard as he entered the weirdly posh bar. Blame going back to work, right? And what were they going to do? Fire him? Hah. Unlikely, so he chilled himself out on every inhale, and he found a spot at the bar and thought about moving in with Noah. Like, really moving in with the guy. It was something to look forward to, you know, now that the shadow of work was hanging over his head again. He kinda almost considered thanking Adrian for getting him shot in the first place, because the time off had been amazing, but it also made going back to the grind kinda difficult.

Anyway, he ordered a soda and told the bartender it was on the owner. And, okay, the bartender looked skeptical, so Holly turned on the stool he'd claimed, and he scanned the room for the owner of the joint.

Sep. 8th, 2019


Public, Newt P


Hello, hello.

[Newt P]

[Experimentally: he has no idea if Newt is still in town.]

Are you about?

Sep. 7th, 2019


public from harlow j

[Well after moonrise.]

What's there to do at night in a small town like this??

Jan. 12th, 2019


Newt P, Patrick G, Holly W, Louis D

[Newt P]

Hello, Newt.

[Patrick G]

Happy New Year, Patrick.

[Holly W]

Your taste in material is pedestrian, Webster.

[Louis D]

I missed your note, Louis. Sorry.


Narrative: Jack P

Who: Jack P
What: Narrative
Warnings: References to alcohol addiction, but tame.

more than a meat-sack with a booze bottle in hand )

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