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Aug. 17th, 2019


WHO: Hugh & Theodore
WHEN: Friday evening, following this.
WHERE: Hugh's home.
SUMMARY: After dinner coffee and conversation.
WARNINGS: Probably none? Will update, if necessary.

Would you like some coffee? )

Aug. 15th, 2019


News; Arts & Theatre District.

[As the summer theatre season draws to a close, the professional stages in the Arts & Theatre District of the Capital began to prepare for their 2019-2020 theatrical seasons. The shows for the season are posted, professional theatrical companies are auditioning for actors and dancers, and conversations in the local newspapers circulate upon the moneymakers and the flops of the past season as well as speculation on which shows will come on tour next year, and what local shows will fill the stages in the upcoming season.

» Rumors circulate that the MAJESTIC THEATRE, which declared bankruptcy in January leading to multiple props and theatrical items being auctioned off in June, has been sold to a wealthy investor from Europe. There's no indication about who this investor is, or what they hope to do with the place. In the meantime, rumors abound of a ghost being sighted near the stage door and lights being seen on in the theatre, despite the power having been turned off months ago, and no previous indications of that particular theatre being haunted

» August 16, the Capital Musical Theater opens the final show of their summer season,The Last Five Years starring Hugh Christian and Jessica Dempsey. It is scheduled to run with Thursday thru Sunday showings until September 8. Friday's papers run mostly positive reviews, noting the production rests on the foundations of the actors abilities to pull off the demands of the 90 minute, one act show.

» Perhaps it has to do with the eerie empty hulk of the Majestic, or perhaps it is a typical resurgence of delight in ghost stories in theatres, but theatre staff in multiple theatres in the district see an uptick in 'ghost sightings' from stage hands, cast, and patrons of the arts this month, leading one enterprising semi-professional black-box theatre to make use of an otherwise unscheduled period to host a ticketed series of professional seances over labor day weekend.]

Aug. 13th, 2019



Well, I for one won't be going near the lake again.

Aug. 10th, 2019


On the lake: Hugh & Atticus

WHO: Hugh M. & Atticus M.
WHEN: Sunday morning
WHERE: On the docks, and the lake.
SUMMARY: Atticus suggested sailing in return for Hugh's coffee.

there was something about the idea of a sailboat that sat well with Hugh )

Aug. 9th, 2019


Delivery: Hugh Christian

Check your mailbox. )

Aug. 8th, 2019


public (as hugh christian)

It figures that the one time I wouldn't mind being caught up in Repose nonsense is the time it decides to leave me alone.

I hope everyone enjoyed the party, regardless.



The problem with spending so much time in the Capital is that I'm horribly out of touch with the happenings in town. Mermaid's tail? Disappearing arcade game? How does one make sure to be around the next time something bizarre happens?

Aug. 6th, 2019


Lakeside: Theodore and Hugh

Who: Theodore Chambers and Hugh March feat. Heart
What: A meeting on the lakefront
Where: Near Theodore's lakeside cottage
When: Tonightish
Warnings/Rating: Low to none

It was only a wonder, not a wish. )




Romantics in Town Hall or romantics in town, do you think? I think black and white so much more romantic than anything in color.

Aug. 5th, 2019


public, various filters.

Thanks to all who came out and supported community theatre last week.

[Crew & cast]
I can't really thank any of you enough for the work you put in to make the show a success, so thanks, and come try out again for the next one. There will be less dancing and singing probably, but it's still gonna be a good time.

[Adrian M.]
Do How was your week?

[Claire J.]
Do you have time for a movie night?

Jul. 26th, 2019


[Plot: Theater]

Who: Any/All! (Characters not affected by the theater plot are welcome to attend!)
Where: Downtown Repose
→ You may post with your characters accounts or with [info]reposetheater. Level of anonymity/how your characters are affected is up to you!
→ In subject lines, please post location and mature content warning (if any).
→ Since the start tags here are bound to be long, feel free to claim or "dibs" a thread.

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. )

Jul. 25th, 2019


WHO: Ren Solitaire, Cast, Crew, and Attendees of Spamalot!
WHEN: Friday, July 26, 8PM
WHERE: Repose Recreation Center
SUMMARY: Spamalot! performances & after the show
WARNINGS: None likely?

Just think Herbert. In a thousand years time this will still be controversial. )

Jul. 23rd, 2019


This is your reminder to come see a play this weekend. There's dancing and singing and ridiculousness.

[Hannah S.]
A) You are doing kind of amazing on the play and B) we haven't talked for a while.

[Cast & Crew of Spamalot]
Last week here - Let's do this.

Jul. 20th, 2019


public from caspar a

This strikes me as the kind of quaint, unsoiled suburbia where humble but looky-loo townsfolk construct woven baskets of well-meant offering for the new blood in their region. I know it all sounds terribly pagan, I was skeptical too, but I've been reassured that the practice is a wholesome one; the kind of event that Norman Rockwell masturbated to with regularity.

Strange. Norman was fond of painting Santa Claus, who we all know to have folklorist origins as well. Coincidence? This may require further musing, preferably after the consumption of hallucinogenic aperitifs.

Which brings me full circle to ask, where do I go to collect my gift basket?

Jul. 6th, 2019


spamalot rehearsal post.

weekend spamalot rehearsal
Rehearsals for Spamalot have been taking place since mid-June, two evenings a week, and then Saturday in the community center. Today's rehearsal will be the first attempt to run all the way through the play from start to finish.

Ren shows up before anyone else in dark joggers, a charcoal grey t-shirt, and an asymetrical black hoodie that he'll discard before they get very far into rehearsals. He's brought coffee and doughnuts for the cast and crew that will be available in the back opposite of the stage on a beat-up fold-up table that looks as if it might collapse if anyone bumps it too hard.

He'll make an announcement as soon as everyone gets there. "We're going to work through this whole play start to finish today and see how long it takes us. If we have time we'll do it twice. Pay attention to your cues and be where you need to be so that we can keep on. We're going to do it down in the auditorium so that the crew can work on set stuff as they need to throughout the day. If you're not on stage, you can run lines or work on dance steps, and all that."

And for those who are crew, he'll talk to them a little during a break about some specific things.

Volunteer spots if you want one )

Jul. 1st, 2019


So, guys say lots of weird stuff during sex. Sometimes they can get real mean but it's usually so generic that you don't really take it to heart, sometimes they even apologise for it after

But 'not cute enough to do porn'? That one hurt.

Jun. 27th, 2019


public, jamie m.

If I were to say that I was going to have drinks and dancing at my place Friday evening, would anyone be interested in that sort of thing?

[Jamie M.]
I owe you an apology. I wasn't clear and it wasn't kind to you or Hannah and I'm sorry. I'm not certain of any way to make amends in any practical sense, but I do regret it, and since we will be working together, I felt it was important to acknowledge I made mistakes

Hannah thought that we should talk. My impression before was that you did not want to and I've no intention of forcing a confidence. But since we will be working together, even in an amateur stage performance, I didn't want to go without saying the above at the very least.



The electronics repair shop off 314 is now open for business. We repair and buy used electronics, accept all forms of payment, and any electronic items you care to offer up as tribute will be repaired for nominal fee or purchased outright. Used items are likely not worth as much as you think they are, apologies in advance, but know that your addition to this digital graveyard is, in a way, a donation to prevent planned obsolescence from swallowing the planet in junk, and isn't that reward enough?

[Here the address and operating hours: Mon-Fri, 11 AM - 9 PM]

Jun. 19th, 2019


public. anon.

[Might be excessively drunk at the time of this posting, but somehow aware enough to be anon.]

Advice time plz! Advice time, okay, yeah? I need some.

Say you meet someone right, and at the time you meet them you aren’t really yourself. Like YOU ARE yourself but a different version of you? And like you weirdly hit it off with the other person but you KNOW they wouldn’t treat you the same if you were your regular self and you wouldn’t be acting the way you act around them if you were your regular self mostly so you start feeling bad about it because hey they’re actually cool sbut you ARENT REALLY LYING to them cuz you ARE YOU but not you but you know things will be totally awk and maybe you wont be friends if you show them the real you

Do you SHOW THEM or keep up tyhe way things are also is there a time frame when you should do the showing like, i assume the longer you wait the worse it is but maybe i gotta be delicate about this


You’re playing an online game right and you make yourself a fucking cute girl when you’re not and you meet thi sperson and you make friends with them and you talk everyday and you do stuff for eachother and they think youre a cute girl but youre not and you like them when di you tel them????

ESCEPT in my situation it's real life and im not a cute girl they want to fuck in the version they know me so maybe my example isnt good cuz we do hang out but it's hard

Jun. 16th, 2019


Who: Mason and Hugh
What: Mason doesn't like lone customers
When: Saturday night
Where: The Chamberlain's Men
Warning: Probably Mason's mouth, but tbd

Here's your t-shirt )

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