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Jan. 13th, 2016


Jude C, Oliver K

[Group: Oliver K & Jude C]

Complications. I need to be smoke for a bit of time, and I might need to invade your bachelor nest when I return. Ceil's gone to somewhere safer, and there's a relation coming to run the vinyl. Can you keep an eye on the sulky manchild while I'm away? Man's prone to shit decisions.

Jan. 7th, 2016


Mum's - Daniel & Harper

Who: Harp & Daniel
What: Daniel being parental
Where: Hookerville
When: Immediately after this
Warnings/Rating: Flames?

Harper didn't actually expect him to come. Not that he'd have any trouble finding out where she was, because her mum was the only relation Harper had remaining in town - and even that was questionable. Ceil had gone to the Capital before the train ride, and Aunt and Uncle expected Harper to follow shortly. Honestly, Harper had no true idea why she was still hanging around this one-horse shitstand. She should've been gone at first light, immediately after the antics on the train with Elsa and her Condescension.

But Harper was not gone. She was curled up on the childhood bed she'd shared with Ceil, and she was feeling entirely sorry for herself. Mum was out with a regular in the Capital, and she'd be gone until morning, and Harper still felt weak and vulnerable. She'd returned from the Capital adrift, and the music store turning into some demon catcher hadn't made anything better.

The trailer was gross. There were probably more picturesque ways to describe her childhood home, but Harper wasn't feeling particularly surplus when it came to being kind. It was a single-wide, dingy and from the 70s. The tiny stairs leading up to its door were rusted through, and the carpet inside was a faded terracotta. The walls were paneled wood, and Harper and Ceil's mattress was separated from mum's mattress by a blanket bisecting the back room into two.

There were cereal bowls strewn about the floor, along with cans of pop empty and upended. Harper was wrapped in a holey quilt, and some trash played on an old and fat television in the corner. Harper had no intention of opening the door for anyone.

Jan. 6th, 2016


Oliver K, Harper L, Selina C, Sasha J, Daniel W, Public

[Oliver K]

[From en-route to the bar]

alive, sunshine?

[Harper L]

how's trouble? i heard on the grapevine you're back in town.

ETA: harp, daniel is freaking the fuck out. where are you?

[Selina C]

thanks for the bonus vacation, ms. c.

[Sasha J]

magical night had by all?

[Daniel W]


checking you aren't dead following convivial town celebrations, ergo not paying rent.


reading music in the dark. who were you?


Daniel W

[Locked to Daniel W]

Something awful's happened. I must bounce.

Dec. 28th, 2015


Daniel W

[Immediately after this painfully runs her out of the music store. From her mum's trailer in Hookerville.]

[Locked to Daniel W]
Someone left you a cat. You best return for it, or the bloody thing will starve, and much good may it do you.

Dec. 18th, 2015


[Harper + Ceil (and Daniel, later)]

[Harper was rather entirely uncertain about the prospect of this homecoming. She felt as if she'd left Repose ages ago, though she knew it had only been a month in the tiny town that now seemed quite small and fragile. If not for Ceil, she would stay away entirely. If she remained away, there'd be no need to explain what she was, what she was not. There would be no need to be the girl she'd been. The girl who mum and town expected her to be, that girl could go quiet into that good night, and none would be the wiser. But there was Ceil, and it was for Ceil that Harper returned.

She looked little altered. Her black sweater hung lose on her body, and her sweats were gray and careless, tucked into duck boots and slouched over socks. She wore no smile, despite looking forward to seeing her sister bounce down the music store steps, as if the world was a thing made of candyfloss. Harper liked to think that, for Ceil, perhaps the world was was a menagerie of color and brightness. Hopefully, Daniel Webster had kept Ceil good company, and Harper felt slightly better about having left her sister in the companionship of that strange relation from nowhere. Oliver and Jude, too, could be trusted, and perhaps this was all Harper's way of making herself feel better for desertion. For Harper had outgrown her skin and her life, and she was now trying to fit herself back into it.

The door to the music store jangled, and Harper entered, bag hoisted onto one shoulder.] Babygirl? I'm home.

Nov. 29th, 2015


[Various locks.]

[Louis D.]

Did you tell Cris?

[Sam A.]

How's the stomach?

[Liam R.]

I didn't check out the book I took. It's L. Frank Baum by Katharine Rogers. The barcode inside is 203459, and the spine label is 921.1 but you should consider reshelving your biographies into the subject matter, and put it in literature in the 800s.

[Jude, Oliver, Harper and Ceil.]

[Obviously unaware of any particular person's status when posting.]

Is the furniture in?

Nov. 20th, 2015



[Friday afternoon, computers with webcams start to come on of their own accord. It's not all of them, of course, because that would be suspicious. But they're on, but whomever's watching through those cameras remains an untraceable mystery. Any efforts to turn the cameras off, if they're noticed, succeed, and the camera does not turn back on again.]

Nov. 19th, 2015


Daniel W + Harper L

[After receiving a couple packages.]

[Group lock]


[Delivery: Webster's Music]

[An envelope addressed to Harper and Ceil, one name on top, the other on the bottom. Inside, a money order for $250.

Also a second package. No specific addressee.]

Nov. 17th, 2015


[Locked: Jude, Harper, Ceil, Oliver.]

[Locked: Jude, Harper, Ceil, Oliver.]

[After this, and unwilling to return in person.]


[Call: Sam A.]




dead serious: first person to bring me a real cheeseburger (with mayo, you fuckin heathens) drinks free here for the rest of the night

not a joke

(don't tell my boss)



A scarf was lost last night, perhaps near the movie theatre.

Blue and grey. Wool.

If anyone has seen it, I would appreciate it being returned.

Thank you.

Nov. 15th, 2015


Ceil L

[locked to ceil l]

who're you getting to relocate our things into the office, babygirl?



Cut-off date for ads is 18th & no exceptions. Drivel won't be published.

Nov. 14th, 2015



[Saturday night.]

Where can I find well-made furniture?

How much are Carnival tickets?

Nov. 10th, 2015


Webster's Vinyl: Harper & Daniel

Who: Harper and Daniel
What: Meeting
Where: Webster's Vinyl
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: TBD, but probably fine!

Girl didn't even stop singing when the bell jangled at the door. )

Nov. 9th, 2015



[Posted 7 AM. The lights in the antique store are on, but the door is closed and locked.]

I would be obliged if someone could inform me where I might find drinkable coffee at this hour.