September 2019






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Sep. 18th, 2019


Flashlight tag: Harlow & Shiloh

Who: Shiloh and Harlow
What: A late night game of flashlight tag
Where: Repose Cemetery
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: None, but tbd

[After the sun set, after the moon rose, after even the fireflies turned in for the night, and the owls began to hoot at one another from across the tops of their respective trees... after all of that, there she would be.  In the cemetery, second row from the back, and seated on top of one of the more minor headstones like the dead didn't mind.  In these back rows of the cemetery, they might just have been dead way too long to mind anymore, all of the legible dates seemed to be from the turn of the century.  To Harlow's immediate left was a large marble angel with its stoic face downcast in prayer.  There were little stone tears carved on its angelic stone cheeks.  If it wasn't for the casual kicking of her legs, Harlow might have been mistaken as a marble carving herself with her striking, swan-white pallor.

Under club lights, Harlow liked neon, but other than that, she always opted for pastels.  That's how it was tonight.  Tonight, she wore watered down stripes, the sweater sleeves bunched up around her elbows, and sun-lightened denim in a high-waisted style.  She had on baby blue tennis shoes with stacked foam heels that gave her a few extra inches of height, and her bubblegum hair was down in loose waves around her narrow shoulders.  She scuffed the heel of one shoe against long dead granite and waited on adventure to arrive.]

Sep. 14th, 2019



[After hearing from his lawyers, the same firm as in 1999, actually, about the B&B, which he's authorized them to reacquire.]

Looking to hire a few people for the B&B. Manager. Assistant. That sort of thing. Place is haunted. Can't mind that.

Sep. 8th, 2019


various locks.

[Locked to Chris F., Theodore C., Hannah S., Noah NW., Billy K., Harlow J., Atticus M.]
Because I have not entertained nearly enough this year, and because I have completed successfully two shows this summer, and because summer is nearly gone and we should enjoy it a little while longer, you're all invited to come over this weekend.

I'm going to do barbecue on the back patio, play music (if you want to dance there's space for it), pull out artsy beer, and maybe make a cocktail for the evening because why the fuck not?

Anyway, you're welcome to bring a friend, or friends, just let me know numbers so I can plan food appropriately.

Sep. 7th, 2019


public from harlow j

[Well after moonrise.]

What's there to do at night in a small town like this??