June 2020






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Feb. 8th, 2019



it is skaree at my howse and ther is smok sumtimes it smels bad

and a man cam and sed i had to go away beefor

i mis my howse i mis my clothe tent

Feb. 5th, 2019


News: Repose

[In the woods near Repose, the remains of two female deer are found by an early-morning hiker. Half-buried as though to hide them, the deer are in immaculate condition save for the fact that they appear to have been completely drained of blood. There are no tracks to be discovered, no other evidence to find. Just a gruesome discovery in the wee morning hours.]

Feb. 3rd, 2019


It would be most appreciated if whoever is burning their trash around the lake would cease their activities at once. Don't know what you've been up to, mate, but the smell alone is criminal.

Dec. 25th, 2018


Secret Santa Delivery - Gabriel R

[The requested horse is indeed delivered to the stable on Christmas Eve - mid-afternoon. She's a 4 year-old Quarterhorse Mare, with a sweet disposition. She's been trained to saddle, with the start of show training, but mostly she loves riding around.

The stable is now clean and stocked with her tack - saddle, blankets, brushes - as well as some food and clean water to keep her comfortable until her new owner can see to her.

There is her ownership certificate (with his name) and a note tucked in with her tack, saying that since Gabriel now needs a vet, the best one in town for larger animals is Manning Thorsen, and provides his work number. He's encouraged to call soon for a first appointment.

Not noted, but part of the wish that was made on Gabriel's behalf, is that should the horse be mistreated by him in any way, the larger powers that be will know, and she will be taken away from him.]

Dec. 7th, 2018


Gabriel R

I confess that your name wasn't familiar and that I had to look you up on the forum. I saw that you're new to town, so welcome.

Dec. 2nd, 2018


Town at Night: Gabriel & Archie

Who: Gabriel & Archie
What: An encounter in town
Where: Various town locations
When: Recently - late at night
Warnings/Rating: TBD

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Marta F

[Marta F]

Do you want to decorate the store for Christmas? I'm fine if you do, but I only have one request.


'Tis the season! Please remember that several lovely plants of the season: mistletoe, holly and poinsettias, that while gorgeous and sometimes steeped in history, are not good for our four footed friends and family members. Be kind to animals, <3.

Dec. 1st, 2018



Any words of advice for a newcomer to this town? Must dos? Must not dos?