January 2019






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Jan. 20th, 2019


Who: Pippin and Frank
What: Pippin is delaying everyone with her user error and Frank steps in
Where: Area 52
When: Friday (slightly backdated)
Warnings: Franks mouth? idk...will update if necessary

You worked this morning you stupid thing! )

Dec. 23rd, 2018


secret santa: frank r

[On Christmas morning, Frank's dogs do seem a little more energetic than usual, though of course only time will tell if the wish has actually affected the span of their lives. They are also wearing new collars in red and green, emblazoned with a message in gold - 'MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM SANTA CLAUSE.']

Dec. 22nd, 2018


[Secret Santa Delivery: Beau W (and Frank R)]

[Like several of the other wishes, there's really nothing that signals the wish being delivered. No note or fanfare. But as more and more days pass, Frank doesn't gain any additional (age-related) aches or pains. He doesn't acquire any new grey hairs or wrinkles. Wish granted, and many happy years together to come, hopefully.]

Dec. 17th, 2018


frank r

Hi. This is maybe strange, but the person I have for this wants to include you in their wish, and I wanted to make sure you're okay with it.

Dec. 9th, 2018


[Frank R]

I sincerely hope you've thought of something good.

Nov. 19th, 2018


[After this.]

[Leena B]

What are the chances you have access to a car?

[Cautiously: to 'Frank']

Did he find you okay? Your friend in glitter and hot pants?

Oct. 27th, 2018


Frank R

I picked up the awfully handsome suits for the pups, and yours too, sugar. I go get mine on Tuesday.

Oct. 8th, 2018


Frank R, Sadie M, Public

[Texted to Frank R]

You're going to be a guinea pig tomorrow morning.

[Locked to Sadie M]

How's life honey?


Pointy eared XO, are you still out there?

Sep. 28th, 2018



Truth. Or drink.

Here's your first question: What is a secret that you kept from your parents when you were growing up?

Sep. 20th, 2018



Two white dogs found. Blue collars. No tags. If I don't hear from anybody am I meant to call animal control or something?

Sep. 19th, 2018


"Batfam", FLEET: Misha B, Iris M, Daniel W, Frank R, Louis D/Desire

[Batfam+: Eddie N+Stephanie M+Leena B+Sadie M+Misha B]
Dawson has departed.

[FLEET: Misha B]

[Locked to Iris M]
Hello, Iris Morgenstern.

[Locked to Daniel W]

[Locked to Frank R]
Frank Rook.

[Locked to Louis D]
Louis Donovan.

[Alternatively: Locked to 'Samson']

Sep. 17th, 2018


eddie n., public

[locked to eddie n.]

[She sends some updates on the orphanage that they'd talked about months back. The original plans he gave her are accompanied by some applications for funders as well as a potential site for said orphanage a couple of miles out of town.]

[open to public]

Alright guys, I'm really into the idea of a Halloween dog parade. I mean think of the possibilities.

Aug. 18th, 2018


Frank and Atticus: Coffee

Who: Frank and Atticus
What: Coffee and a slow walk
Where: Around Repose
When: Some time earlier in the week
Warnings/Rating: Presumably low.

“Everywhere )

Aug. 10th, 2018


Axel / Evans & Peel: opening (open) thread

Who: Open to anyone
What: The grand opening of the roller-rink and the speakeasy beneath it
Warnings: Doubtful

It was noise and chaos and loud above, and jazz below )

Aug. 1st, 2018


Day, Frank R

[Locked to 'Day']
[As Damian W]


[Locked to Frank R]
Hello, Frank Rook.

Jul. 29th, 2018


"Beauty," Newt P, Aiden B, Steve M

[Locked to "Beauty"]
[He doesn't bother with anon.] Still interested in that coffee?

[Locked to Newt P]
[A few days after the moon. Un-anoning.] Didn't kill me. Thank you for that.

[Aloud: Aiden B]
[In his study. No one's dying today, so he's not sure if anything will come from it. But old Mrs. Bailey, on the first floor, is failing rapidly. Might be enough. Aloud:] Need to find a less morbid way to talk to you, Aiden.

[Outside Vade: Atticus/Steve]
The moon had been a quiet one. Still had the same aches and pains that always came after, but at least he hadn't tried to bite his own leg off. Was left wondering what the pack did, but it was idle thought. Had never really belonged to the pack, so not spending the moon with them wasn't really distressing to Atticus. Had found an abandoned building by the docks and holed up there. Might have been a bad idea, staying in the city for the moon, but had been counting on the potion to work, and it had. Wasn't sure if he'd keep using it, but at least there was the option now. Was glad of the option. Choice, Atticus found, was heady stuff.

Now, was waiting outside Vade. Was under-dressed, and he looked worse for wear, but figured Steve would forgive him. Had only been back to Repose a few times over the past weeks, and that was to pick up books from his study. Was hard for an old man, living out of a duffel bag.

Jul. 23rd, 2018


Public, Janus A

[Posted anonymously.]
I need help with [...] a werewolf problem.

[Locked to Janus A]
[Not anon, in case that needs saying.]
Hey, kid.

Jul. 9th, 2018


Frank R, Damian W

[Phone call to Frank R.'s office]

Ring, ring!

[Locked to Damian W.]
[After some hesitation.]


Jul. 8th, 2018


Frank R, Sadie M, Stephanie M, Dietre A, FLEET: Misha B

[Locked to Frank R]
Hello, Frank Rook.

[Locked to Sadie M]

[Locked to Stephanie M]
Are you pleased?

[Locked to Dietre A]
I hear you and Oliver are to have a date.

[FLEET: Misha B]
[From the store.]


Jun. 28th, 2018


Daniel; Hannah; Public

[Daniel W]
Tell me the second best part of your week.

[Hannah S]
I was thinking of going for a walk. When is Roomba mating season? I do not want to accidentally interrupt.

[As Anonymous]
If you're in love with two different people, both you're unable to be with for various reasons, how do you choose?

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