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Mar. 26th, 2018



[Marta F]

you still around?


go go power rangers?

May. 3rd, 2017


call: flash m

[After this, he tries Flash's number.]

Apr. 27th, 2017


Gwendy R, Flash M

[Locked to Gwendy R]
You're a legit hero now, Gwendy.

[Locked to Flash M]
Hey, champ.

Apr. 5th, 2017


Arcade: Marta and Flash

Who: Marta and Flash
What: Arcade Time
Where: Repose's Arcade
When: The day after the day after
Warnings/Rating: Possibly. Will update if needed. Probably some depression/angst/issues at the least.

Laundry quarters in her pocket (as promised), she walked toward the arcade )

Apr. 4th, 2017


Flash M

[Locked to Flash M]
Hey, slugger.


MJ, Flash, Harry, Marta, Jason

[Group lock: MJ, Flash, Harry, Marta, Jason]

Does anyone require medical attention?


Aegis Team

Everyone accounted for?

Mar. 22nd, 2017


[AEGIS Update]

[Right after this conversation, there's a sudden crash in the break room. Yelling, swearing and probably a chair being thrown at the wall. If investigated, it seems like the culprit is gone.]


[flash m]

[After her conversation with Patrick. She's spent the following day trying to think about something she likes about herself.'s not been a good day for her. She hasn't come up with anything.]

in the city for a while. know you're busy, hope you're doing okay. just wanted to let you know. don't worry.

[She figures that gives her some time.

For... whatever.]

Mar. 20th, 2017


[locked to flash m]

Hey. How's it going?


MJ W, Flash M, Jason W

[Group lock: MJ & Flash]
Damian messaged me. He indicates Jason is unharmed.

[Locked to Jason W]
I'm told you're no longer dead.

Mar. 7th, 2017


[Mini-Narrative, forum: Flash M.]

[After Marta's last conversation with Gwen, she disappears from Repose. The lights in her apartment over the tattoo shop don't turn on or off, just a single low-burning bulb over the kitchen sink stays lit. Days pass and nothing changes. Online, a certain website is down one camgirl (no one really worries that much - there are always more to step up to the camera).

Meanwhile, in the Capital, a certain apartment in Broadstone Village finally gets a resident. A certain interior designer gets a call asking for a mattress, pillows, and bedding. Nothing else. It doesn't amount to anything near her "limit" of purchases for the place (though the mattress brought over is a good one, and the bedding has a fairly high threadcount), but if her secret benefactor gets notifications, the update comes that something has finally been purchased.

And days pass.]

[Flash M.]
hey [...] flash. [It feels weird to call him that, but nothing else feels right to her at the moment either...] i know you're busy but can I get the name of that doc you found?

Feb. 22nd, 2017


Flash M, Harry R

[From her bedroom.]

[Locked to Flash M]
Hi, slugger.

[Locked to Harry R]
Can I call you?

Feb. 21st, 2017


[Capital: Gwen & Flash]

Who: Gwen and Flash
What: A mission
Where: Repose → Second City → Amusement Park
When: The 24 hours after the island
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Gwen was super unhappy. She wasn't even good at hiding it, because she had no experience with hiding her emotions. It was kind of like lying, and she'd never managed to get that down correctly, either. All she knew was that Jason was maybe dead (despite her insistence to totally everyone that Jason wasn't dead at all), and that Flash was falling apart (which felt like a super appropriate idiom at the present moment), and that she couldn't really do anything about either situation. She knew she wasn't the best at talking to people, and her lack of comprehension about the emotions of others meant she was kind of terrible at consoling anyone. So, at the end of the day, a mission was maybe a really good thing. Damian had given them a 24-hour window before any further attempts should be made on the island, and working was the best way Gwen could think of to spend that time.

She had a feeling that she was supposed to keep Flash talking, rather than going along with his blatant attempts at hiding in work, but part of her thought this was the right thing to do. She wasn't super good about instinct (even with her augmented senses), but she was willing to do this and not question the appropriateness of not remaining in Repose and mourning.

She left her labcoat behind, and dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans, black shiny shoes, and a puffy jacket, she made her way to the gated and guarded entrance of the Facility. She had her badge clipped visibly to her coat, and she carried her messenger bag draped across her body and falling heavily at her hip. She'd never ridden a motorcycle, and she totally tried to focus on that as she stood beyond the guard station and waited.


[Flash M, Gwen R, MJ W, Felicity H, Jason W, Eddie N]

[Later the next day after the island. She's needed some time. Separate Locks.]

[Flash M]

[Gwen R]
Hi. [...] Sorry I flipped out at you on the island. I know you might say it's not a big deal, but I feel like I freaked out too much at you specifically. And I owe you an apology for that.

[MJ W]
[...] How are you doing?

[Felicity H]
Doing okay?

[Jason W]
[Worth a try...] Jason?

[Eddie N]
Hey, thanks for taking me out there last night.


[Gwen, Flash, MJ]

What are we doing for Jason?

Feb. 20th, 2017


Damian W (+Flash M). MJ W

[Locked to Damian W (+Flash M)]
[Immediately after leaving the island. From the Facility.]

Your brother is stuck on Edwards Island. We watched him perish a few times, but there's no reason to think that is a permanent situation. We had civilians accompanying us, and they have been safely removed at this time. I have data I can transfer to you, and I am willing to accompany you if you feel it's beneficial. I have included Flash Madison on this communication. He was also present.

[Locked to MJ W]
[After talking to Damian.]


Feb. 6th, 2017


[Edwards Island]

Who: MJ, Felicity, Marta, Gwen, Flash, Jason
What: Encounters on Edwards Island
Where: The aforementioned island
When: Immediately after the events of this thread.
Warnings/Rating: Who knows

Current time: 9 pm

Feb. 1st, 2017


marta/edwards island peeps

[Call: Marta F]
[Ring, ring.]

[Gwen, MJ, Felicity]
[Around 5pm, as the sun sets.]

Pretty fucking uneventful day, huh? I got some cell reception over at the beach and there's caves here. Where you guys at?

Jan. 25th, 2017


Gwendy R+Felicity H+Flash M

[Locked to Gwendy R+Felicity H+Flash M]
So, do you guys want to go to Edwards Island with me and Flash? For Harry.

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