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Feb. 25th, 2019


[ Trio Lock ]
I trust we have all survived.

[ Rae ]
How fares your winter?

[ 'Akela' as 'Vana' ]

[ Public, Anon ]

Far too many legends paint wolves as fools.

Nov. 20th, 2018



I'd like to lodge a complaint. If someone shoves a religious pamphlet down the front of your shirt and declares that you "Need Jesus," I'm relatively confident that is less than kosher with the law, and also a very bad impression to give a newcomer. I should at least be permitted to speak to the local tourism board.

Nov. 18th, 2018




What is the common consensus on the experience of the evening?

Nov. 12th, 2018


Public, Trio lock

What a disappointing night.

[Trio Lock]
Any bloodletting?

Oct. 14th, 2018


Nel L+Fen L

[Trio lock]
Should I demand an altar?

Oct. 6th, 2018



[Stephanie M]

When do you think you'll be back in town?

[Jack P]

How do you like the new roller rink?


Loot, my wonderful little arcade will be opening tomorrow afternoon. I've bought the nearby space for an indoor mini golf course and I've got a few Halloween specials. Consider stopping by!

Oct. 1st, 2018


[As Anonymous]

[Locked to Wolves]

I feel is best for introductions. I am passing through. Two. Three weeks. Not long. There is pack here. I smell it. I do not want to intrude. I am in motel. I ask for no trouble. I give no trouble.

Who is alpha?

Sep. 30th, 2018




Isn't the game truth or dare? Be bold, Repose. You might even win something that isn't cheap whiskey.

Sep. 20th, 2018


Forum: Public, Wolves

so, I'm Sasha. I'm new to the area.

I was wondering if anybody's heard anything about a Gabriel Kovacevic in the area? I'd really appreciate any news if anyone has any on him

thank you

Locked to Wolves

was now a bad time to come into town?
is there anywhere safe for people like us to stay? I don't want to cross someone's territory by mistake

Sep. 6th, 2018



[Locked to any Wolves in the area]

is there anyone out there, please?
what's wrong with this place?

Sep. 3rd, 2018


[Fen & Lear]

[Laufey trio lock]
I won't ask if you're both well. Rather, I'll ask what's needed?

Aug. 21st, 2018


[(After)Life: Fen, Kratos, Nel]

Who: Fen, Kratos, Nel
What: A conveniently timed repair
Where: (After)Life
When: "Soon"
Warnings/Rating: Doubtful

The sink's malfunction had required nothing more than a thought—at present, any water from the faucet would erupt upward, soaking wall and ceiling. Inside the pipe, a toy which a child had left behind was jammed at the perfect angle to cause the fountain effect that Nel found ridiculously entertaining.

At present, she was dressed in yellow and black, and she was reclining on one of the studio's many sofas. It was early in the day, and she'd messaged Fen indicating that he should arrive sooner rather than later. Not that she'd considered an explanation for why her exquisitely burly brother could not resolve the matter of the sink himself. Truthfully, she wouldn't allow Fen to fix her sink, even had there not been machination afoot, so it would require no true talent of acting on her part. Nel was as capable of fixing a sink as she was of repairing the motorcycle that was parked at the entrance to the studio.

She'd no sessions scheduled until the evening, and she was, at present, relaxing. Music played, and she was drinking beer from the bottle. She'd fed the evening before, and she was currently beginning to feel hunger, but not dreadfully so. She liked drawing out the sensation of want, and learning more about Rae's mysterious and Greek handyman seemed rather a wonderful way to pass the time.

The front door was, as it always was during business hours, unlocked—after all, Nel had nothing to fear from anyone at all.

Aug. 10th, 2018


Axel / Evans & Peel: opening (open) thread

Who: Open to anyone
What: The grand opening of the roller-rink and the speakeasy beneath it
Warnings: Doubtful

It was noise and chaos and loud above, and jazz below )

Aug. 2nd, 2018


[The Trio]
I believe I have found several spots that should suit our needs.

['Akela' as 'Vana']
Your lack of immediate trust is promising, but I am curious if you would be interested in a more open exchange of information?

[Mary Moreau]
I appreciate the opportunity for work.

Jul. 23rd, 2018


Public, Janus A

[Posted anonymously.]
I need help with [...] a werewolf problem.

[Locked to Janus A]
[Not anon, in case that needs saying.]
Hey, kid.

Jul. 11th, 2018


[Clubbing: The Triplets]

Who: The Triplets
What: An outing
Where: King of Diamonds, the Capital.
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Probably high, since it's Lear and a strip club.

It was possible that attending a club in the Capital with her siblings was a dreadful idea. The decision had been preceded by a discussion on how best to ensure Lear had sufficient to eat, and Nel hadn't made it this far in life without realizing others sometimes had better ideas than her. She was still not convinced that Fen's preference for somewhere abandoned and not often frequented was the way to go, but she understood that Fen would do anything required to keep Lear safe, and this was reason enough to convince Nel that they should try Fen's way. The outing was—to Nel's thinking—la tapa al pomo, as they said on the island of her memories.

She was already in the Capital on business, so she messaged her brothers with the location of the club. King of Diamond was opulent and notorious for willful blindness where illegal activities were concerned. Nel had been there once before, and she found the women beautiful and the liquor not diluted. Therefore, 10 p.m. found her at a table boasting a pole and privacy. The view was superb, and the privacy was exemplary, and the woman seated was dressed in white and nursing a Cuba Libre as a girl with dark hair performed to rather loud music.

Jul. 9th, 2018


I don't suppose anywhere's looking for some volunteer work are they? Need something to keep me busy between shifts. No objections to manual labor.


[Fen L & Lear L]

[Group: Fen & Lear]
[Upon returning to town and hearing about this. Also, after reading this.]

Fen, next time I go somewhere you're left in charge.

Jul. 6th, 2018


[Lear & Fen Laufey]

[Delivered: Lear & Fen]
[After this, and delivered to wherever they're hanging their hats, or as near as can be done via means~, two memberships to Engine No. 9 and paid up for the year. Each one is tucked in an envelope with a handwritten note and a copy of the picture she snapped of them at the studio:] Gone for a few days. Don't miss me too terribly. [Signed:] Your sister.

Jul. 3rd, 2018



[Stephanie M.]

Miss me?


Summer tournaments at the arcade are back on. Street Fighter, DBZ and more. Everyone is welcome, which is to say, if I catch anyone harassing people I'll personally have my security kick you out. In other news, who wants to be handsomely paid to be a mean looking guard for the night?

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