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Feb. 21st, 2017


[Flash M, Gwen R, MJ W, Felicity H, Jason W, Eddie N]

[Later the next day after the island. She's needed some time. Separate Locks.]

[Flash M]

[Gwen R]
Hi. [...] Sorry I flipped out at you on the island. I know you might say it's not a big deal, but I feel like I freaked out too much at you specifically. And I owe you an apology for that.

[MJ W]
[...] How are you doing?

[Felicity H]
Doing okay?

[Jason W]
[Worth a try...] Jason?

[Eddie N]
Hey, thanks for taking me out there last night.


[Gwen, Flash, MJ]

What are we doing for Jason?

Feb. 6th, 2017


[Edwards Island]

Who: MJ, Felicity, Marta, Gwen, Flash, Jason
What: Encounters on Edwards Island
Where: The aforementioned island
When: Immediately after the events of this thread.
Warnings/Rating: Who knows

Current time: 9 pm

Feb. 1st, 2017


marta/edwards island peeps

[Call: Marta F]
[Ring, ring.]

[Gwen, MJ, Felicity]
[Around 5pm, as the sun sets.]

Pretty fucking uneventful day, huh? I got some cell reception over at the beach and there's caves here. Where you guys at?

Jan. 31st, 2017


public/b&B staff


The B&B still has some Valentine's Day packages available~ Spend an intimate night with your sweetie and then get treated to a world class breakfast~

Couple's Renewal Getaway package includes:
Couples Massage
Bottle of Wine
Chocolate covered strawberries
Rose petals for Jacuzzi tub (I'm putting one in, sorry Atticus lololol)
Flameless tea lights
Romantic steak dinner~

[B&B staff]

after i install this hot tub let's have a staff meeting in it! i'll bring wine lol.

Jan. 25th, 2017


Gwendy R+Felicity H+Flash M

[Locked to Gwendy R+Felicity H+Flash M]
So, do you guys want to go to Edwards Island with me and Flash? For Harry.

Jan. 24th, 2017



[AEGIS group]
[Before running off to the library with Newt.]

Does anyone have any info on the doggo that was here a while back? Scary, black fur, might have killed someone.

Alllssoo i built some new toys~ if you need them~

[Jack P.]
[She's not sure when he's coming back or even if! But, if he does, there's a plate of thumbprint cookies and a bottle of wine waiting for him. A little note tucked under the plate: "I hope even a grump like you enjoys cookies! -Connie"]

Jan. 17th, 2017


Felicity H

[Locked to Felicity H]

Is it okay to contact you about work stuff in this manner?

Jan. 12th, 2017


Gwen R, ETA: Felicity H, Flash M

[Locked to Gwendy R]
Well, I talked to Harry.

[Locked to Felicity H]
Hey, can we talk?

[Locked to Flash M]
Got a minute, sport?




Okay, I'm done. Winter can be over. We've done the red cup thing, we've done the cute boots thing, winter and I are breaking up.

Jan. 2nd, 2017


log: flash/felicity hang at the lab

Who: Flash and Felicity
Where: Facility
When: recently!
What: drinking with Reaper
Warnings: tba

The dudebro was wearing a t-shirt, black hat and jeans- looking as fucking normal as possible which actually seemed pretty weird in a high tech laboratory. )

Jan. 1st, 2017


Flash M, Harry R, Connie G, Public

[Flash M]

So your sister and I? Used to hang out. Your Christmas card didn't suck.

[Harry R]

Still alive?

[Connie G]

So if Caleb signs up, the B and B is basically being run by Aegis.


Is this the part where we make promises about clean living?

Dec. 31st, 2016


Who: Felicity H
What: Christmas in the city
When: Earlier.

Christmas )

Dec. 23rd, 2016


[locked to felicity h]

[A rather large example of the wished-for item in a small white jewelry store box. The bag also contains a bar of chocolate. Neither is wrapped, but the gifter did manage to put them both in a cheerful gift bag emblazoned with Happy Holidays and an illustration of an excitable reindeer.]

Dec. 18th, 2016


spidey kids lock(gwen r, flash m, perry p, mj w, felicity h, marta f), phonecall: mj w

[Out of the blue.]

Who missed me?

[And because their last call dropped, he phones MJ directly. Ring, ring.]

Dec. 17th, 2016


[Flash M, Gwen R, Felicity H, Destiny S & Billy K]

[As Marta:]

[Flash M.]
Yo, big bro. Are we feeling fucking festive this year?

[Gwen R.]
[She feels a little awkward about this, but...]
Hey Gwen. How's shit?

[Felicity H.]
So I feel like a dumbass because I just realized that when people were talking about Felicity, they meant you. Hey girl.

[As Sunshine:]

[Destiny & Billy]
So you guys got holiday plans? You want presents or anything? I feel like I want to get you something.

Dec. 6th, 2016


felicity h

Are you into Christmas?

Nov. 27th, 2016



[After this.]

So Felicity got ahold of Mr. Ryan, and he's saying his son's doing fine. Also, they fired me.

Nov. 22nd, 2016


[Jack, Felicity.]

[Jack P.]

Hello. Just letting you know I am available if you have any assignments.

[Text to Felicity.]


Nov. 19th, 2016


[locked to spiderkids]

So Harry's physically okay but not doing so great in the head. Gwen, you probably know more than I do. Our bigger problem right now is them coming after Perry and Gwen. They let him leave, but they've probably still got him on camera getting into that room through the vent. I covered the common areas, so they won't know where he came from, at least not yet. If they figure that out, though, Gwen's going to have a problem, and they might come looking for him too.

The other question is what you do about somebody who's screwed up but doesn't want to leave. Harry had a shitfit when Perry showed up, it sounded like.

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