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Apr. 24th, 2016




Town forums. Cute.

I'm Nick. Own the diner on Main. Anybody in town do odd jobs for cash?

Apr. 20th, 2016


[Locked - Wren]



Apr. 17th, 2016



I've just been downsized.

Anyone hiring?

Feb. 9th, 2016


public, Connie G, Evelyn W, Meredith J, Stephanie M

[Public, as Cris M.]
Can anybody tell me the best places to go get a quick drink in the Capital, near downtown? Beer, whiskey, nothing fancier than that.

[Locked to Connie G]
Thanks for the yellow animal I keep getting hit in the head with.

[Locked to Evelyn W]
Thanks for the stuff, Evelyn. That was real nicea you and we appreciate it.

[Locked to Meredith J]
How you doing? You hear bout the baby?

[Locked to Stephanie M]
Everything falling apart without me?

Feb. 4th, 2016


Evie W, Louis D

[Locked to Evie W]
He says my name is Wren.

[Locked to Louis D]
I need something.


Delivery to the Hospital in the Capital - Sam A and Sheriff M

[Knowing something about being the town pregnant gossip, she isn't impressed when or how she hears it. But knowing something about new babies, and knowing something about kind words being appreciated, then couple all that with a love and knack for homemade stuff - She takes a chance, even if she's not sure it's appropriate - she takes the chance. After all, the Sheriff and Sam didn't have to open their place to her and Daisy during the dreadful time her son was missing. They went above and beyond. This - she thinks - is literally the very least she could do.]

A Delivery Arrives )

Jan. 29th, 2016



[In an unthinking rush. Evening.]

The one who can't see, but who can hear all, she's gone. Wandered off and not safe, and the freeze will come tonight, and it will turn the world to ice.

Jan. 23rd, 2016


[Public] [Locked to Sparrow D] [Locked to Matt D] [Locked to Cisco D]

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring my son home, he's safe and sound and eating everything in sight. Literally.

[Locked to Sparrow D]


[Locked to Matt D]

Quick question.

[Locked to Cisco D]


Jan. 19th, 2016


Call: Evelyn W

[As soon as he sees this.]

[Call to Evelyn W]

Jan. 18th, 2016



[After the search has stretched on for some time. Morning.]

Think I found the missing child.

Jan. 15th, 2016


public, pinned.

[As Sheriff Martin, not long after the Winter Weather Warning is canceled. Post is pinned to the top of the town forums.]

[He posts the flyer.]


In the matter of Benny Williams, there is insufficient evidence to point to an abduction at this time. As such, we are turning our efforts to the area surrounding the BusyBee playground and surroundings (interior and exterior), the point the child was last seen.

Need able-bodied volunteers at the PreK-8 school to assist with the search. Until the State Police and K-9 Units join us, we need bodies. Please dress warmly, with good walking shoes/boots, and bring a flashlight, if you're able. Report to the school's office, where a mobile command center has been set up or come to the police station. If you need a ride, call the SO, or, if you can't help search, we could use volunteers to taxi others out to the school.

Please, no ATVS or UTVS in the woods, and no dogs or children. If you have a two-way radio, we will be using frequency [#].

If you cannot come out to help, supplies are also appreciated. Flashlights, batteries, warm food, water, gloves, and so on are always helpful. We could use others to help continuing to post flyers on the north side of town.

Call 911 with any information immediately. Time is of the essence. Call [SO #] with questions or concerns, or reply here. I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for all your help.

Cris Martin

Jan. 14th, 2016


[Police Station: Evie, Sparrow and the Sheriff.]

[She wanted to help. She knew she could walk around, and she knew she could look and look. She could put up signs and carry a flashlight into the cold night, but Evie asked Sparrow to come to the station, to wait there, to be with her, and Sparrow wanted to help.

It took her a little bit to get there, and she always had a sense of uneasiness around law enforcement. It wasn't memory, because Sparrow had none of that, but it was a feeling in bones and marrow. It was a song of warning, a dirge in the back of her mind and low and quiet. She liked to think it was only because of her work, because of the hooch, because selling flesh was illegal. But she thought there was maybe more to it, and she wasn't sure if that was foreboding and wishful thinking combined.

She wore a simple dress, one suited to a simpler time. A white wool coat and white shoes with straps, white stockings and her ringlets pale and winter, she walked into the police station and shrugged off the dire chill that walked its fingers along her spine like an entitled lover.

She knew the Sheriff's name, but she didn't recognize it from a shared past. Just as she hadn't recognized Evie's name, and she waited near the door until someone saw her there, this woman that didn't quite fit in this waking world. Gray eyes haunted, and she'd seen the missing boy among dead branches and frozen earth, and she worried.]


[locked to Evie]

Hey, talked to Dad and the Sinclairs have your back. I've already started looking into getting food and such sent to searchers, but if you need anything, call me [contact info]. Don't worry about how much it costs. I've got that under control.


Evie W

[Locked to Evie W]
[Before she even sees reports of this this.]

He's yours?


[News: Town]

At 12:35 PM an AMBER Alert is issued when a three year old boy disappears from the BusyBee Pre-School playground during lunchtime recess. While no one can confirm an abduction, the age of the child, and the winter weather watch currently on the books allows for the situation to be considered critical. The child, male, 3 years old, blonde hair and brown eyes, was last seen on the playground. No one reported seeing anything, or anyone, out of the ordinary. Phones with alerts, televisions, radios, and news alerts are pinging countywide by 12:40 PM.

By 2:30 PM, more and more people are helping search, going door to door. And the winter weather alert has been effectively cancelled as the storm seemed to stall and dissipate. The pressure and wind from the storm seemed to cause an unseasonably warm afternoon in Repose, not balmy by any means, but the rain stopped - visibility cleared up - making life a little easier for the deputies and volunteers who were out going door to door looking for the still missing boy.

Before it got dark there were posters.

Posters Posters Posters )

Jan. 7th, 2016


[Public] - [Sparrow D]


Did anyone make any interesting New Year Resolutions?

School stuff:

Second quarter report cards go home tomorrow. Pleased to say that all my students should be having great weekends - so in light of that I'm having a waffle party in the third grade classroom tomorrow.

Want to know what else is going on? Of course you do - Because there are great opportunities to come around and spend some money to support your local elementary school:

January 13th - Early Release (1:15 PM)
January 13th - Parent/Teacher Conferences starting @ 5:00 PM
January 18th - MLK Day - No School
January 20th - PTO meeting
January 21st - First school board meeting of the new year
January 22nd - Bake Sale - hosted by yours truly to fund the grades 2-5 class trip to the science museum in the Capitol in May.
January 29th - PRETZEL DAY - last Friday of every month. My favorite day.

Entire month of February - Grades 2-5 are having a fundraiser for science museum trip.
February 12 - Presidents Day Recital in the gym @ 3:15 PM (I'm in charge. Hold onto your butts, those of you who saw my Holiday Spectacular two years ago know what you're in for.)
February 15-19 - Mid-winter break schools closed.
February 26 - PRETZEL DAY

[Sparrow D]

I don't know if I ever thanked you for the Christmas gift. I waited until Christmas and everything to open it. It's been years since I got a gift from someone that wasn't a colored picture from my kids, or a gift exchange from work. I love it. Thank you so much.

Were you okay on the train?



[As Jason Woods.]

I think I'm going to start asking people if they're not hungover instead.




Did the wine wash out?

Dec. 13th, 2015


[deliveries: luke henry and evelyn williams]

[After this.]

[Evie S]

[The bottle is delivered in a small blue box, left for her at the school. A note inside explains that it was a gift from an anonymous benefactor purchased at Repose Antiques. It is wrapped neatly in white tissue paper. The tag, which reads Plique-à-Jour Enamel Bottle, 19th cent is still attached.

The bottle is cool to the touch. It remains cool even after holding it for long periods, and the scent of the remnants of its old perfume, to the owner, seem to change all the time.]

[Luke H]

[The book comes in a solid grey box, dropped off at Luke Henry's door after asking around for his residence. The note also indicates it was purchased at Repose Antiques by an anonymous gifter.

The silver is heavy, and the book is locked securely - though it may open for the right hands at the right moment.

The basket of flowers is ornamental and suggests mourning, but there is something comfortable and soothing about holding it in your hands. The attribution tag reads merely, Prayer Book, German, 18th Cent., Locked.]

Dec. 10th, 2015



[After the sightings of the dog.]


Go away.

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