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Feb. 1st, 2016




Ink. In the spirit of people not taking their clothes off for the next three months, we're half-off for the week.

And whoever tells me where the best coffee is in town these days, I will find appropriate reward.



I would like to pose an open query about things people did to act out during their lives. It could be stuff you did while you were super young, or during a mid-life crisis (I'm still learning about this phenomenon), or just while super bored. What did you do, and what were you attempting to accomplish with the action?



[After this; midday.]

Webster's Vinyl is open. [...] Again. 20% off all jazz & blues records !

Jan. 30th, 2016


Ronan X, Public

[Text to Ronan X]

So, how do you feel about a beard for the winter?


Starting the week of February 14th, Beginner's Yoga will be held on Monday & Thursday, Intermediate on Tuesdays & Fridays, and Experienced on Wednesdays & Saturdays. As a reminder, admission to the Experienced class does require an assessment prior to acceptance. Any questions or concerns may be emailed to me privately (ben.s@reposerec.com) or you may call the Rec Center directly at [number]. Have a good one.

Jan. 27th, 2016


[Text to Ethan]

Just after this

Adam's in town.

Jan. 26th, 2016



Children's choir practice. Hours have changed from Saturday morning 10-11 to Monday thru Thursday evening, 5-8. Chronic attendance mandatory.

Jan. 25th, 2016


[public, anonymously]

[as anon.]

So loud. So very loud. It never stops, does it? All the words, pouring in. I think I'm drowning even though I still breathe. I think I'm dying even though my heart beats. It never stops, so loud, echoing in my head. I've started to lose track of who, what, where, why...




Cat C, Jude C, Reece E, Eddie N, Public

[Cat C]

I found a new place to live. Thanks for letting me crash here.

Also, I may have gotten a new job. Not at the burlesque place.

[Jude C]

Well, I did it. Let's see how well this goes.

[Reece E]

So, about that whole being roommates thing... Have you found anywhere?

[Eddie N]

Guess what.


Is there nowhere in town that I can get a decent apple cider?

Jan. 24th, 2016


[open to visitors - untitled, the burlesque roadhouse]

Who: Anybody
What: Untitled, the Burlesque Roadhouse, is open for business - at least for a night. It's the grand opening and perhaps the only open night, so get in while you can.
Where: Roadhouse
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Scantily clad people in your mind's eye.
Note: This is an open location post, so feel free to throw in a comment and see if someone hits it or set your threads here. I may hit the occasional open, but otherwise assume the club owner is chilling ~somewhere and making sure everyone behaves. ;)

The message was slipped under every door in town: 'THE GRAND OPENING and possibly ONLY NIGHT OF untitled THE BURLESQUE ROADHOUSE.' The date and time were printed in block on the scrap of thick white paper. 'PRESENT for TWO FREE DRINKS, NO RESTRICTIONS' )

Jan. 23rd, 2016


[Public] [Locked to Sparrow D] [Locked to Matt D] [Locked to Cisco D]

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring my son home, he's safe and sound and eating everything in sight. Literally.

[Locked to Sparrow D]


[Locked to Matt D]

Quick question.

[Locked to Cisco D]


Jan. 22nd, 2016




given the trend of new and exciting business custom, what would, oh town of towns, be your dream new entry onto the mean streets of repose? all and any entries, gratefully received. (will there be a prize for the most inventive, you say? why yes. there might be, should imagination stretch to the dizzying and lofty heights worthy of such plaudits)



Hello townsfolk,

It's time to play a fun little game that I like to call "two truths and a lie." It's where you get to come here and tell me three things about yourself, two true things and one lie, and then I (and the studio audience) get to guess which one is the lie.

Why? Well because I'm nosy and my place is too small to throw a mixer so this is my ice breaker game for the day. Humor me.

I'll start.

1. I watched 120 episodes of Pretty Little Liars in 12 days
2. I'm related to Martha Washington's first husband
3. I believed in Santa Claus for way too long.

Jan. 19th, 2016



[An image of a flyer. It actually appears to be a photo of a handmade poster in red and black sharpie. Classy.]


Can you dance? Do you like taking your clothes off at the end of a long day? You might be good at burlesque. CALL NOW.

Can you carry trays? Have you talked to others? You might be quite the server. CALL NOW.

Do you like punching unpleasant faces and rude people? Have you considered being a bouncer? CALL NOW.


[And, of course, the number to 'call now.']


[Locked to Cisco D.]

[Locked to Cisco, after the boy has been found]

I waited until it looks like the crisis was averted, but we should talk. I saw the bruises. And the limp.

What happened? I know that's rude as hell, but I've found that sometimes the best way to worry about someone is to ask the rude question. So here's me, being a little rude to make sure you're okay.

Jan. 14th, 2016


[Open to searchers.]

Who: Cisco, and whomever.
What: Searching for Benny
Where: The playground
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: TBD, PG13 to start

Cisco kept circling back to the playground. He hadn't been able to ask for any of the kid's stuff without looking like a total creep, and he was trying to parse out one scent from another as the rain came down and washed the traces down into the consuming soil. He had contacts in that hurt like a bitch, but at least he could see. The rain clouded his glasses if he dared wear them, souring his already foul mood.

His collar up and his head down, Cisco limped around the perimeter of the playground. By now most of the other searchers had widened out their circle in either direction, but Cisco suspected that if the kid had gone by road or was hiding in a populated place, like the town or the neighborhoods, he would have been found by now. Stopping at the edge of the cement, he looked out into the obscuring mist--and sneezed.



someone gave me some wine.

really awesome red.

red wine.

you there?


[locked to Evie]

Hey, talked to Dad and the Sinclairs have your back. I've already started looking into getting food and such sent to searchers, but if you need anything, call me [contact info]. Don't worry about how much it costs. I've got that under control.

Jan. 9th, 2016




First i had a nice half a chat with someone in a compartment, sharing a couple of swig of champagne until I scared you off...you okay?

Also, we had a nice chat about how charming I am, but look I'm Claude and I'm not sure who you were.

Jan. 7th, 2016


[Public] - [Sparrow D]


Did anyone make any interesting New Year Resolutions?

School stuff:

Second quarter report cards go home tomorrow. Pleased to say that all my students should be having great weekends - so in light of that I'm having a waffle party in the third grade classroom tomorrow.

Want to know what else is going on? Of course you do - Because there are great opportunities to come around and spend some money to support your local elementary school:

January 13th - Early Release (1:15 PM)
January 13th - Parent/Teacher Conferences starting @ 5:00 PM
January 18th - MLK Day - No School
January 20th - PTO meeting
January 21st - First school board meeting of the new year
January 22nd - Bake Sale - hosted by yours truly to fund the grades 2-5 class trip to the science museum in the Capitol in May.
January 29th - PRETZEL DAY - last Friday of every month. My favorite day.

Entire month of February - Grades 2-5 are having a fundraiser for science museum trip.
February 12 - Presidents Day Recital in the gym @ 3:15 PM (I'm in charge. Hold onto your butts, those of you who saw my Holiday Spectacular two years ago know what you're in for.)
February 15-19 - Mid-winter break schools closed.
February 26 - PRETZEL DAY

[Sparrow D]

I don't know if I ever thanked you for the Christmas gift. I waited until Christmas and everything to open it. It's been years since I got a gift from someone that wasn't a colored picture from my kids, or a gift exchange from work. I love it. Thank you so much.

Were you okay on the train?



[As Jason Woods.]

I think I'm going to start asking people if they're not hungover instead.

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