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Aug. 11th, 2020


[Forum: Dinner Party/Kavi/Ren S.//Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S.

[Forum: Dinner Party!]
August 23rd? 30th? When’s good? Allergies or food issues?

[Forum: Kavi]
Alright my little Dinner Problem. Let’s hear it, what sorta things you like?

[Forum: Ren S.!]
Hey Mr. Smooth Moves~ Wanna come dance again at a dinner thing later this month? You don’t even have to bring anything to this one.

Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S. )

Jul. 19th, 2020


[Forum: Public & Forum/Encrypted Texts: Various]

[Forum: Public]
Who was interested in the monthly dinner thing? I remember some of the people up for it, but think I'm missing a few on my list.

[Forum: Dinner Lock (Ivy, Holly, Noah, Hector, Leena, Hugh, Zee, Rey, Ren, Kratos, Diego, Hannah -- Edited to Add: Kavi)]
Unless we get anyone else I think it's us? How's the end of August sound? Good? Bad? We can grill on the back porch, have some mimosas and chill? I can get one of those bullshit inflatable pools that we can all be idiots in or some super soakers? Don't gotta be formal, just for fun.

Forum Locks: Delyth, Oona, Alex, Rafe, Hannah & texts: Miles, Leena, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Tobias )

Jun. 1st, 2020


[Advertisement: D&D Automotive Starts Taking Custom Special Commissions]

[Starting today D&D Automotive has taken out some advertising to introduce a new service line they’ll be offering. This advert can be seen in a local newspaper (if the town has one), in the appropriate online forum location, and as a sign/banner at the shop. It simply reads:

D&D Automotive will begin offering, on a commission basis, custom car build orders, custom build orders and special repair jobs beginning as of June 1st, 2020. We are capable of restoring classic cars, building cars from scratch to your specifications, converting fuel systems to biodiesel, converting cars to electric, redesigning interiors, building custom engines, rewiring the electrical systems, installing new rims or stereo systems, reconfiguring internal response systems and more! Got a wild idea? We'd love to hear it! If you have any questions for the sort of special repairs or custom builds available or an idea for something completely new please inquire with the shop for commission order availability and rates for custom build or repair requests. We can be reached at [Shop Phone] or [Shop Email] and will respond to all requests within 72hrs. Not feeling those? Swing on by and we’d be happy to chat.

This advertisement will remain posted/running in various local things until otherwise noted.]

May. 24th, 2020


[Forum: Public // Texts: Hector/Georgia/Ivy/Diego/Hugh]

[Forum: Public]
What weekend is Pride in The Capital and who's heading out that way? Should we arrange a group thing? Carpooling? Party bus? I'm sure we can make the trip just as fun as the party out there.

Texts to: Hector, Georgia, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Leena )

May. 11th, 2020


[Texts: Diego/Ivy/Georgia] [Forums: Holly]

[Dante's been looking progressively more and more exhausted, distracted and worn over the course of the last three weeks. She's not really socializing outside of work. The messages come after she's gone home for the day around 8pm.]

[Group Text: Ivy & Diego.]
Hey! I've got some personal stuff that's come up. I'm trying to take care of it but I might gotta leave town to get it cleared out full. Sorry for the late text. Got some stuff I'm trying to handle that might take me out of town later this week. Trying to get it handled so I don't have to but big TBD on that. Can you two work together to get everything covered if I gotta bounce for a few days?

[Secured Text (encryption notification received on Georgia's side): Georgia]
How's the house?

[Forum: Holly.]
Where's good that no one will find you? Me. Not you. Inside town? Out? Just need to probably not be here. Couple days. TBD. Somewhere no one will follow

Apr. 30th, 2020



hmu if you want to hate each other and be enemies

(The only rule is that you must must must not ever ever ever have better hair.)

Apr. 26th, 2020



Mailed to: All Lakeside Mansion residents (hi neighbors); as well as Dietre A, Janus A, Leena B, Fiach B, Aedan B, Audrey C, Diego C, Eames, Christina F, Marta F, Rafe Jiménez, Harlow J, Billy K, Atticus M, Matilda M, Holly & Noah NW, Mal R, Mao S, Hannah S, Rey S, Clover W, Alex W, Dante Z )

Mar. 18th, 2020


[Forum Locks: Pretty much everyone Dante knows]

[After this conversation and a lot of thought....]

[Forum - Group locked to: Leena B., Audrey C., Diego C., Hugh M., Chris F., Georgia H., Holly & Noah N-W., Hannah S., Rey S., Ren S., Kratos S., Clover W., Alex W., Hector Z. (As a player I am also open to Dante also including Mars M. (if you feel they would have gotten along at Audrey's party), Beau W. & Frank R. (if puppy puddle has happened), Heath F (I assume they know each other through Chris at least in passing?)]

Hey! My dad and I have this tradition of trying to sit down to dinner together at least once a week and I realized I don't know if anyone else does this? Just once in while get together for a nice homemade dinner and dessert all that people can come and have and just chill and chat and eat?

Anyone wanna try? I can host. Would have to be on Sundays if I'm hosting though.

[Forum: Leena B.]

[Forum locked to: Magadalena O. - In Spanish]
Heard any white bitch bullshit yet?

Feb. 27th, 2020



so Nyx is home.

he's still a little tender but his legs are healing up okay so they let him come home with me today. he's kind of got a cat rehab thing going so I need to make sure he doesn't try to jump down from anywhere too high and that he's actually using his back legs and not dragging himself around, and there are meds and all but I feel super lucky that he's here with me. we still need to get to know each other but the fact that he's sleeping in my lap right now is probably a good sign

he is my grumpy old man cat )

Feb. 26th, 2020



Greetings. My name is Fiach Blackstone. I will be staying in your quaint town temporarily.

Feb. 22nd, 2020


[Texts: Chris F., Hector Z., Diego C. & Leena B.]

[Text: Chris F.]
(1) I miss your face. (2) When can I pay you to come play with my money? (3) I'm gonna have a guest coming into town so either you're getting introduced to someone new if you swing by or I'll be busy entertaining my guest, your choice there, I know new people aren't always your fav.

[Text: Hugh M.]
How does Heart react to strangers without you around? I don't wanna skip out on watching her if you need it but I have a guest coming from out of town.

[Text: Leena B.]
“cut )


Hey! I'm gonna have a guest coming into town that'll be staying with me for a little bit. So if you swing by the house and can see someone in there but I'm not there, don't stress.

[Text: Hector (Papa) (always in Spanish)]
Hey! Doc's moving to Repose, something about more time for research and getting away from the noise of the city. So, yay?

[Text: Diego C.]
FYI: Gonna have a guest coming into town staying with me for a little, probably won't be at the shop all 12hrs while my guest is here.

Feb. 9th, 2020


[Valentine's deliveries: Chris/Hugh/Leena/Clover/Diego/Rey/Holly & Noah/Ren/Kratos/Audrey/Alex]

[As people are wanting cars ready for romantic road trips away, or beginning of the year services and inspections for registration, work is picking up at the shop again. With this knowledge - and her friends' schedule's loosely in mind - Dante hires a couple local kids to run Valentine's day packages around for her while she takes care of things at the shop. All food-related items are fresh and homemade the night before so that none of the food packaged items go bad. Anyone receiving a package may receive their package anytime from tomorrow to Valentine's day (Feb10th-Feb14th) depending on when it would make the most sense for the character to have been in town long enough for someone to find them and give them the package.]

Delivery for: Chris F. )

Delivery for: Hugh M. )

Delivery for: Leena B. )

Delivery for: Clover/Diego/Rey/Holly & Noah/Ren/Kratos/Audrey/Alex: )

[OOC NOTE: This is being posted waaaaaay early as I have a very heavy workload week and have potential jury duty starting the 13th.]

Jan. 16th, 2020


[Forums: Group/Leena/Holly/Atticus/Ren/Clover/Diego]

[Group Lock (Clubbing): Hugh M., Chris F., Rey S., Audrey C., (EDITED, ADDED LATER) Alex W. & (EDITED AGAIN) Mal R. & Clover W.]
Heeeeeeeey! How’s the night of the 25th sound? Who else should I be including in this lock?

[Locked: Leena B.]
FREEDOM!!! I think I’m gonna sleep 😴 for the next three days. Cool? Cool.

[Locked: Holly N-W.]
Make sure to keep the slimmer brace on today if you can stand it. You’ll need to get used to the weight and shit. Plus the smart tech needs to adjust and the programming will probably take a day to catch up.

[Locked: Atticus M.]
Your girl’s been a doll, but I think it’s time I send her home. How would you like your car delivered back to you?

[Locked: Ren S.]
Amazon tells me those fortune cookies should be here Sunday.

[Locked: Clover W.]
Yooooooooooooo! Cleared out my other projects. When did you wanna come over and get naked for some measurements for your corset? Also? Wanna go clubbing on the 25th? Apparently, I’m helping organize a “repose goes to the club” outing so I think it’s a game plan for anyone who wants in.

[Locked: Diego C.]
Going clubbing in the Capital with a bunch of people probably on the 25th, wanna join?


Dec. 31st, 2019


[Group Log] NYE/NYD with the Zaragozas

Who: Dante & OPEN TO ALL INVITEES and +1’s
What: NYE traditions and fun
Where: Dante Zaragoza’s house back in the Abandon Houses
Ratings/Warnings: Language for Dante // Rate & Update your thread ratings as needed

New Years was one of her favorite holidays and anyone who would interact with Dante that night would easily be able to tell by the cheer in her demeanor and the bright, happy smile plastered across her face. )

Dec. 29th, 2019


[Group Lock:Audrey C/Rey S/Leena B/Clover W/Hugh (C?)/Chris F/Hector Z/Diego C & other friends!]

[OOC note: Anyone who Dante has been friendly with can come to New Years, if you were at the Christmas party it can be safely assumed that if any mention of New Years came up and your character wasn't a jerk during Christmas, they also got an invite to New Years during the Christmas party if they were directly invited by Dante or someone else's +1]


New years is almost here. I wasn't gonna do a theme but I keep seeing these cheesy fucking roaring 20's themes and I'm sort of in love with that big art deco flair. Anyone wanna veto roaring 20's theme before I go out and buy a dress for it?

Schedule for the night: )

Dec. 25th, 2019


[Group Lock, Leena B.]

[Group Lock: Christmas Party People.]
Hey everyone!

Feel free to start coming over about noon. I’ll have the projector and surround sound set up for movies in the living room. I just moved in not too long ago so sorry about the sparse furniture and lack of Christmas decorations. The address is [address], and I’ll leave Dart my blue Toyota Supra in the driveway. My house sits back from the road a little so you may need to look through some trees to see it.

[Leena B.]
You need anything today? Gotta take a run to The Capital this morning so I’m even willing to take special requests. 💜

Dec. 21st, 2019


Jack Penhaligon

I've heard some things. And I thought we should talk.

Dec. 20th, 2019


[Texts: Diego, Leena, Hector - Around 5am.]

Hey, sorry, super sick. Can’t come in today. Hold down the shop?

Don’t swing by shop, won’t be there. Sick.

Stat ic

Dec. 18th, 2019


Diego C

hi - i dunno if you remember me from the arcade - alex. you got a minute?

Dec. 11th, 2019




*who wants to go caroling with my off key ass this weekend? i promise **shots of courage will be provided prior to the expedition

*pls make something from my bucket list come true
**pls don't let me sing loudly on a street corner alone

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