January 2019






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Jan. 15th, 2019


Derek and Ragnar

Who: Derek and Ragnar
What: A conversation
Where: Repose forest
When: During this
Warnings/Rating: Probably low.

Tough times are going to happen, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. )

Jan. 10th, 2019


[Public, anon]

[When this begins. Anonymously.]

How enchanting.


Marta F

[Around midday.]

May I ask something of you?

Dec. 22nd, 2018


Marta F

I saw it! I love it!


[News: Live and Breathe]

[Sometime in the week before Christmas, the front windows of Live and Breathe are painted. It's simple, done only in white paint on the glass. In the lower corner is tucked a small piece of white paper, no larger than a standard business card, that reads in very careful handwriting:

Many thanks to DW for the window painting.

With it being a winter scene, the trees will stay up well into the next month(s).]

Dec. 16th, 2018


Derek F

So. I've always like the idea of being able to grant wishes for people and now it seems I can.

Lay it on me. What's something you really want?

Dec. 2nd, 2018


Marta F

[Marta F]

Do you want to decorate the store for Christmas? I'm fine if you do, but I only have one request.


'Tis the season! Please remember that several lovely plants of the season: mistletoe, holly and poinsettias, that while gorgeous and sometimes steeped in history, are not good for our four footed friends and family members. Be kind to animals, <3.

Dec. 1st, 2018



Any words of advice for a newcomer to this town? Must dos? Must not dos?

Nov. 14th, 2018




Football player, are you alright?

Sep. 28th, 2018


Derek and Marta

Who: Derek and Marta
What: A new hire
Where: Live and Breathe
When: Current, after Marta is released
Warnings/Rating: Low probably

Cinnamon dolce )

Sep. 21st, 2018



I am sorry, I cannot keep track of everyone.

There is some improvement with the medicine. Thank you.

Sep. 11th, 2018



Man it's time to give us a points program at the coffeeshop and to give us like 3x points for living thru whatever the hell that was please we're begging you

Jul. 29th, 2018




If you've a new love you'd like to woo or wish to indulge yourself after a missed connection, Gem is open. Custom jewelry, by appointment.

Jul. 9th, 2018


I don't suppose anywhere's looking for some volunteer work are they? Need something to keep me busy between shifts. No objections to manual labor.

Jul. 1st, 2018



[During this. Someone was woken up by thunder and lightning.]

Can't wait to see what the fucking blizzards are like.

Jun. 28th, 2018


Daniel; Hannah; Public

[Daniel W]
Tell me the second best part of your week.

[Hannah S]
I was thinking of going for a walk. When is Roomba mating season? I do not want to accidentally interrupt.

[As Anonymous]
If you're in love with two different people, both you're unable to be with for various reasons, how do you choose?

Jun. 27th, 2018



Two things -

1 - I'm currently looking for a general manager for a light therapy/oxygen bar in town. No experience required, apply at Live and Breathe.

2 - It's raspberry season. Strawberries are still okay, but they aren't as good as they were a few weeks ago. (I love raspberries, they're great in cocktails.)

Jun. 25th, 2018




no poetry

no sales pitches

no bordellos

There are times when I see the kind of old I want to be. Like Dorothy who does a wicked plié at seventy with flexibility I only dream of still having at forty. What's on your 'fabulous after fifty' list, the stuff you want to be when you're too old to give a crap?