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Jan. 9th, 2019


Bea H, Ronan X, Jack P, Damian W, Misha B

[Bea H]

Hey. How are you?

[Ronan X]

How did Christmas go?

[Jack P]

So I think we should probably make a date.

[Damian W]

Thank you.

[Misha B]

Checking in on you.

Dec. 29th, 2018


[locked to daniel w, misha b, damian w, jack p, newt p]

[locked to daniel w]

Thank you so much, Daniel, for the lovely dinner. It was very kind of you to have the whole gaggle over.

[locked to misha b]

Hello Misha. How are you?

[locked to damian w]

Did you enjoy the dinner?

[locked to jack p]

Thank you for the gift, Jack, it was very kind.

[locked to newt p]

Thank you for the book, Newt, it's beautiful. How are you?


[locked to patrick g, damian w, card to newt p]

[Patrick G]

You are so lucky I'm tone deaf.

[Damian W]

Is Misha okay?

[A Thank You Card for Newt P]

[Adrian sends a small thank you card in the mail. It reads simply:] Thanks, and happy holidays. -Adrian


Lucifer M, Janus A

[During moments of this.]

[Locked to Lucifer M]
I suspect this has taken you by surprise also.

[Locked to Janus A]
I require a word with you.

Dec. 28th, 2018


[News: Repose]

[He don't open this 'til after Christmas, seeing as he's busy with Damian, with Leena and Sadie, with real fine Christmas Eve dinners, and with mass at midnight, so he just don't get to it right off. And once he does read it, his version of holy light ain't near as contained. It originates as a real visible and hot ball of fire, high overhead and spanning the lake entire, and then it sparks off angry and like a starburst of blinding light in all directions. It's brief, but it's like looking at the sun, and anyone holy or damned would know it was anger splayed out wide and brilliant and real wildly uncontrolled.]


delivery: damian w

[Inside of a small, glossy box lined with cotton, there is an pendant of Amazonite stone touched by the magic he requested. It comes with a small, black cord inside the box as well, may be easily removed, and won't leave any lasting effects on him.]

Dec. 22nd, 2018


[Delivery: Written invitations.]

[Claire, Damian, Dietre, Destiny, Holly, Louis, Misha, Newt, Patrick and... Noah.]

[After this.

A formal invitation to a Christmas Eve dinner at the music shop. Daniel writes these by hand, in ink, on heavy paper. There's a wax seal, too.]


[News: Live and Breathe]

[Sometime in the week before Christmas, the front windows of Live and Breathe are painted. It's simple, done only in white paint on the glass. In the lower corner is tucked a small piece of white paper, no larger than a standard business card, that reads in very careful handwriting:

Many thanks to DW for the window painting.

With it being a winter scene, the trees will stay up well into the next month(s).]


Leena B, ETA: Louis D

[Locked to Leena B]
Have you and Sadie plans for Christmas?

ETA: [Locked to Louis D]
Hello, Louis Donovan.

Dec. 18th, 2018




Who runs the music and book stores these days? Used to have an account, think the owners changed. Account's stopped.

Coffee place too. Do ground coffee?

Dec. 16th, 2018


my chest maks noiz lik fiur wen i breeth and wen i coff thn my hed hurts to!

it is cold even with leeves
it is very cold

Dec. 8th, 2018


Misha B

[Locked to Misha B]
[As anonymous.]

Hello, I am your secret Santa.

Dec. 6th, 2018


damian w

Do you prefer a Jesus-centric or a Santa-centric Christmas?

Dec. 3rd, 2018



[Posted anonymously to the forums.]

I'm looking for an artist that might be willing to do some painting for the holidays for a local business. Please message here.

[Edited after a few replies:]
More details:
Painting a front business window.
Holiday/winter related.
Hoping to find someone that’s done it before.
Fair pay to be discussed with artist(s).

Nov. 21st, 2018


Damian W

[Text to Damian W]
[On account of he never does remember to FLEET. After his class.]

I'm out.

Nov. 19th, 2018



I see that being a different gender doesn't solve anything. It hurts even more knowing how miserable I was because I never knew Conall. It's taking some time to stop looking at dresses though.

Although I know there's a niche for that.

I hope people who were lost in mazes were happy after they'd found their way out.

Nov. 12th, 2018


Call: Misha B, Louis D, Sadie M, Daniel W, ETA: Public

[Call: Misha B]

[Locked to Louis D]
Louis Donovan, how was your night?

[Locked to Sadie M]
Hello, Sadie.

[Locked to Daniel W]
Did you attend the gathering?

ETA: [Public]
I wish for the man, who bore a guitar and a wig, whom I kissed once upon the lips, to know that it was meaningless and I am seeking nothing further from it.


Damian W, Misha B, Sadie M, Ronan X

[Locked to Damian W, Misha B, Sadie M, Ronan X, all separately.]

Please confirm you are alive and not in need of immediate medical attention.

Oct. 23rd, 2018


Sadie M, Claire J, Leena B, Daniel W, Louis D

[From the air. Time-fuzz.]

[Locked to Sadie M]
Your siblings are well and with your grandmother in the north of the state of Georgia. Your father is not with them.

[Locked to Claire J]
I have done the reconnaissance requested. There were a handful of meetings and they took place in a bookstore. [Location given.] The owner's name is Marcus Black, though he was not in attendance. The bookstore's security speaks to criminal enterprises, but I did not delve into it further. I can, if you would like.

Your Cardinal Agostini was meeting with a Dias for an exchange. They referred to the desire item as a 'pinecone,' but it was not such. This was a code name. The item itself was of a size relative to that of a man's arm and looked to be a hard, shining black material. This was transferred to your cardinal, in exchange for a jar of preserved female reproductive organs. The cardinal man said something of bringing this Dias to Rome 'soon to finish the ritual.'

Some of the Swiss guardsmen spoke amongst themselves when they were alone, and spoke as if something is amiss in your Vatican. The Inquisitors themselves spoke of you and your being traitorous and how they desired to be hunting. They spoke of Repose and various details about it and the people here. It seems they know you are friends with Misha. I would assume they know of Janus, as well. I did not recognize the others, individually.

[Locked to Leena B]
They are finally all gone.

[Locked to Daniel W]
You are alive.

[Locked to Louis D]
What is your relationship with your sister Iris Morgenstern?

Oct. 21st, 2018


[Manning & Damian]

[Falling back on formality because she's not quite sure how else to be at the moment.]


I've spoken with TJ's father, and we'd both like to meet you before setting up a meeting with her. Please let me know when might be good for you. Early mornings will not work well due to employment schedules, but other times are flexible.

Thank you,
Iris Morgenstern

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