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Sep. 13th, 2018


Call: Atticus M, Mean-Eyed Cat, Dahlia H, Public

[A day or two after everything calms.]

[Call: Atticus M]

[Locked to Mean-Eyed Cat Employees]
Everyone, check-in.

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Dahlia, how're you doing?

If anyone needs any help with cleanup, just let me know. I'm pretty good with lifting heavy objects.

Sep. 12th, 2018


Jack P, Daniel W, Dahlia H

[Locked to Jack P]
Are you all right, Jack?

[Locked to Daniel W]
Daniel, tell me when's a good time.

[Locked to Dahlia H]

Sep. 7th, 2018


[Narrative], Dahlia H, Cat C, Eddie N, Leena B

Narrative )

[Dahlia H]

[....] Dahlia?

[Cat C]

All right?

[Eddie N]

You've no idea where this is coming from?

[Leena B]

Are you OK?

Sep. 5th, 2018


News, Atticus M, Janus A, Oliver K, Claire J, Cat D, Dahlia H

[News: The Mean-Eyed Cat]
[As things get more and more chaotic in town, the Mean-Eyed Cat, like many of the other local businesses, is closed until further notice.]

[Locked to Atticus M]
[After hearing about the wolf sighting.] Atticus, call or text me when you can.

[Locked to Janus A]
How are you hanging in there, kid?

[Locked to Oliver K]
Hey, Oliver.

[Locked to Claire J]
You didn't hit Kratos' post. Are you okay?

[Locked to Cat D]
Are you hearing this?

[Locked to Dahlia H]
[Also following the wolf sighting...] Dahlia, hey.


[News: Repose]

[As chaos descends, a 911 call is patched through to local dispatch.

The recording goes like this: it's a young guy, asking for an ambulance at the highway overpass, up near the train tracks. Says he just witnessed a woman on a Harley going recklessly fast suddenly swerve and spin out on the on-ramp. As he climbs down into the deep roadside ditch, he goes through the details of the scene—lotta road rash, blood, the leg she fell on in bad shape but no, wait, she's moving, panicking, clawing at her helmet—the guy says hold on and calls out to the injured woman as he puts the phone down, jogs just out of range of the receiver. There's maybe a solid thirty seconds of relative silence. Nothing but the wind blowing.

Then, distantly, a roar.

By the time paramedics arrive, there's no woman. Just a pulled-over car, the battered bike, a helmet—and a body, the witness, torn up like confetti. Responders turn up blood and shreds of clothing in a nearby pond, fresh wolven prints nearby in the soft mud. However, any trail is quickly lost to the water and the woods.

With the military involved, maybe it's no surprise that the dispatch recording is scrubbed shortly thereafter. The motorcycle is quietly impounded. Though plates are run, no missing person report for the owner is filed. Not publicly, anyway.

And into the next evening, sightings of a very large, very aggressive black wolf (limping heavily on one hind leg) begin trickling in from the outskirts of town.]

Sep. 4th, 2018


Jack P, Daniel W, Atticus M, Dahlia H, Destiny S, Adrian M

[After seeing Patrick. While combing through the forest near the facility.]

[Locked to Jack P]
Are you all right, Jack?

[Locked to Daniel W]
Are you feeling any better?

[Locked to Atticus M]
I know you've likely seen the anonymous post, but if you need anything, do let me know.

[Locked to Dahlia H]
If you need anything, please let me know. My case is insulated against the sound.

[Locked to Destiny S]
[Trying one more time.] Destiny?

[Locked to Adrian M]
[Just to be sure.] Adrian, please talk to me.

Sep. 3rd, 2018



[Destiny S]
[During this.] hey girl. you busy?

Aug. 28th, 2018


[Patrick G, Dahlia H, Aedan B, Destiny S]

[Handwavey timefuzz, sometime after meeting Ragnar and her discussion with Seven.]

tell me something good?

need a day or two.

are you ok?

[Just a chunk of her last paycheck on the kitchen counter.]

Aug. 22nd, 2018


public, hannah s, griffin a

Why is this town the actual worst?

[Hannah S]
You probably want to hang out now and braid ribbons into each others hair. I'd counter offer with a suicide pact. We'll ultimately meet in the middle where we end up in some public setting and you buy me a milkshake. So, tomorrow?

[Griffin A]
Hey, zomebie boy.


Delivery: Dahlia H

[Delivered to the front desk of Engine No. 9 in a glass casserole pan, for lack of anything better, is an imperfect rainbow cake, with a card with pink ink scribbled in the bottom right corner, that says: SORRY ITS LATE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB! xoxoxo. Hearts are squiggled in everywhere and she doesn't bother signing it.]

Aug. 20th, 2018



Anyone want to do an end of the summer party on the beach?

Aug. 13th, 2018


Various & Public

[All at an unusual (for Dahlia) early-morning hour.]

[Marta F]
fuckin basement flooded. no water here til bullshit is fixed. fyi

[Destiny S]
emergency crones club meetin tonight. im callin it now

[Steve M]
im gonna skip the part where i say sorry for bein shit at replyin to messages and ask somethin random instead: whats yr opinion on birthdays

[From here, still anon.] so uh. how was yr moon

anybody in town got a water pump i can borrow

Jul. 23rd, 2018


Public, Janus A

[Posted anonymously.]
I need help with [...] a werewolf problem.

[Locked to Janus A]
[Not anon, in case that needs saying.]
Hey, kid.

Jul. 20th, 2018


[Deliveries: Jack P, Marta F, Daniel W, Louis D, Dahlia H]

[They all get the same postcard, signed Newt. There's no return address.]

Jul. 19th, 2018


Public, Daniel W

hi repose!✨

[Locked to Daniel W]
guess who?? 🙈

Jul. 17th, 2018


[Aedan B, Patrick G, Steve M, Destiny S, Daniel W]

[Aedan, Patrick, Destiny, Billy, Daniel**]

[Locked separately, but the same message.]
are you writing postcards?


[Includes the above, but also another line:]
i feel strange asking, but i don't know how many steve ms there are in town. was all that stuff about captain liberty you?


[In an envelope on the kitchen table when she leaves for work one morning. A good chunk of her first paycheck, as well as the cash that Lear gave her. If she keeps it, she knows she's going to spend it on something she shouldn't. On the outside of the envelope is written: for rent and food. -m]

**She'd add more people she knows, but she's starting small in her reaching out.

Jul. 11th, 2018


Mean-Eyed Cat lock, Claire J, Dahlia H, Oliver K

[Locked to the Mean-Eyed Cat, which pretty much is just Jamie M & Kratos S at this point]
Sorry about the bar being closed on the 4th. Everything's cleared up.

[Locked to Claire J]
Hey, Claire, how're you doing? How're you liking Vade?

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Hi, Dahlia. It's been a while.

[Locked to Oliver K]
Hi, Oliver. How're you?

Jul. 10th, 2018


[Marta, Jess]

[Fuzzily, after a motorcycle outside the gym wakes her.]

[Marta F]
uh wait so who was that babe with the bike and why aint you introduced me

[Jess R]
oughta be illegal to be awake this fuckin early

[ETA: Nel L]
[After she's caffeinated some.] i heard you stopped in at my gym.

Jul. 3rd, 2018



[Stephanie M.]

Miss me?


Summer tournaments at the arcade are back on. Street Fighter, DBZ and more. Everyone is welcome, which is to say, if I catch anyone harassing people I'll personally have my security kick you out. In other news, who wants to be handsomely paid to be a mean looking guard for the night?


Jack P, Patrick G, Dahlia H

[Locked to Jack P]
Hello, Jack.

[Locked to Patrick G]

[Locked to Dahlia H]
How're the potions working out?

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