June 2020






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Aug. 15th, 2019



I do enjoy the view from my house in the mornings.

Seeing that view covered in bodies and blood takes me back.

Aug. 12th, 2019


Ragnar, Ronan, Public


I dreamt of Kattegat last night.


You should talk more if you want me to believe something isn't going on.


Are there any non-denominational places of worship in town or nearby?

May. 13th, 2019


Ronan X

[Ronan X]

Did you make it through alright?



Ok we live in a town where most of the guys like other guys. So how’s a girl supposed to find a nsa dude to hook up with?

After this interaction and a few comments following it, nothing else is replied to.]

Mar. 12th, 2019


Ragnar L, Ronan X

[Ragnar L]

Kabobs tonight? I can run by the market.

[Ronan X]

This is where we catch up. Do I need to invite you to dinner?

Mar. 7th, 2019


Today is world book day.

I'm currently reading my first Stephen King book ever. Bag of Bones. And I highly recommend it, although I think everyone else has been on this bandwagon way, way before me.

So if anyone wants to gather in a little bookish circle and recommend things to each other, do come hither.

Feb. 19th, 2019


[Locked: Athelstan, Mason, Pippin]

[Athelstan/Connor X]

I am going to California for my conference from Tuesday to Friday next week. I wanted you to know. I will be back on Friday evening.

[Mason C]

Have you considered your vacation anymore?

[Pippin P]

Are you still interested in investigating at the museum? Did you speak with your team?

Feb. 9th, 2019


Dinner: Ragnar and...Athelstan

Who: Ragnar and Connor/Athelstan
What: Dinner with an old friend.
Where: Ragnar's house
When: Saturday night.
Warnings: None anticipated

1200 years )

Feb. 3rd, 2019


Museum: Connor and Ragnar

Who: Connor/Athelstan and Ragnar
What: Meeting
Where: Museum of Natural History
When: Current
Warnings/Rating: Definitely some feels.

I'll follow you always )

Jan. 27th, 2019



[After a few minutes of trying to figure the forums out and mostly failing, he does manage to get a post up. As Connor X.]


Jan. 24th, 2019


Ragnar and Athelstan: Spooky Viking Boat Dreams

Who: Ragnar and Connor Athelstan
What: Ragnar has a dream
Where: A boat
When: Wednesday night
Warnings/Rating: F for feels. Will update if necessary.

“A )