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Jan. 23rd, 2017


Carver A; Leena B

[Carver A]
There is much we need to discuss.

[Leena B]
That is a beautiful painting. Everything turned out well?

Jan. 16th, 2017


all the locks: connie g, carver a, reece e, sunshine f, dahlia h, jack p, daniel w

I have to confess something horrible, and you can't dislike me for it because I still love you and want pizza night, and I still need a cheap babysitter too.

Do you know you're the sweetest person in the whole wide world? Are you okay now that your friend is gone?

There are cookies in the kitchen. Eat them all.

Are you doing alright?


Are you single?

[& Daniel, as she hasn't heard from him in forever, but isn't sure she should expect to either]
Did you eat a bad person and get food poisoning?

Dec. 31st, 2016


[lock to clary house residents]

Hello. [...] I'm new. Moving in today. Will be managing the house. Fixing anything broken, all that. [...] Name's Matt Devlin. Used to be a vet in town. Can also fix anyone broken, anyone needs stitches, that kind of thing. I'll make myself as useful as I can. Considering the gatecrashing.

Dec. 29th, 2016


[residents of 'clary house']

[In the end, Michael disappears quickly, all at once. It's not like him, which means, no doubt, that it wasn't optional. It also means that he's going to need to pick up and move, and out of the country, no less, which will make being a landlord to his friends/tenants...complicated.

So he puts the building on the market and someone snaps it up in no time flat. Pretty soon, a new landlord will take over the building - he'll even be moving in. Thankfully, they work in the same place, so Michael's able to ensure he's not a total nutjob (probably).

Each of the residents gets a message in their forum inbox.

Gotta go. Assignment outside the country, no time to waste, etc. etc. I can't help you guys out anymore when a pipe breaks or you find black mold (there is no black mold, not yet anyway, be good) so I figured it was better if I made sure someone would actually be here for you all if anything went wrong. I sold it to somebody I know, and she's giving it to a guy she knows named Matt. I hear he's handy, and he seems alright.

Sorry to up and leave on such short notice. This wasn't part of the plan. If I'm ever back in this town again, you're totally clear to shove me really hard on the shoulder, only. No touching the face.

If the new guy gives you any trouble, call me. I have a gentleman's agreement with the lady who bought it, and I can always get on her case. Nobody can evict you, it was part of the agreement, so you can stay in the house rent-free as long as you feel like. It's yours as much as anybody's. Hope it does you some good.


P.S: Don't touch my comics, Carver, they're in that safe in the closet for a reason.

Dec. 28th, 2016


Log: Carver/Claire in Rome

Who: Carver and Claire
What: A vacation, however brief.
Where: Rome
When: New Year's Eve
Warnings/Rating: Inquisition stuff?

Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world. )

Dec. 22nd, 2016


[santa delivery to Carver A.]

[A generic santa card from the gas station. Ballpoint pen ink prints: "IOU one favor," and it is signed, "An Enemy."]

Dec. 19th, 2016


residents of clary house

[locked to reece, carver, and destiny - residents of clary house]

I bought a Christmas tree. If you would like to help me decorate it, I'll start tonight after dinner.

[Claire J.]

What are you doing for Christmas?



Is anyone missing a cat? Large, needlessly fluffy and looks at me like it thinks it's better than me. Gender unknown as the only contact we have had is a hissing contest after I found pawprints on the windshield of one of the cars.

The shop does not need a mascot, especially one I potentially have to feed when I forget to feed myself on occasion, more than that I definitely don't need one that keeps eyeballing my tools like they are toys.

I'm not saying I'll set it on fire if it runs off with something, but I could potentially set it on fire if it runs off with something or chews a wire.

Oh. Or maybe it will catch itself on fire. Hmm.

I'm kidding. I doubt it'll come to fire if I don't feed it. Maybe.

Dec. 9th, 2016


Log: Carver and Claire send Ella home.

Who: Carver, Claire, and Ella
What: Inquisition gonna inquisite. (TOTALLY A WORD!)
Where: Claire's to nearby the abandoned train station.
When: Uh, fuzzy-ish? I think?
Warnings/Rating: Violence, Grumpy Carver, Use of Latin.

Carver honestly just wanted to crawl in a hole and die, but no one in town was going to let that happen. )

Dec. 6th, 2016


Carver A.

Wish upon a star, baby.

Nov. 25th, 2016


[locked to reece, carver, and destiny - residents of clary house]

Just thought it would be nice to introduce the neighbors. Reece is a friend from my old job, he's going to be staying upstairs with Carver and I. Reece, Carver's an old friend since high school. Destiny is our very nice downstairs neighbor. Talk amongst yourselves! Make friends. Happy belated Thanksgiving? I think the new Gilmore Girls season just went up, so, I'll be doing that.

Oct. 27th, 2016


carver lock

Hi. We haven't met yet, but I'm one of your housemates now.

Oct. 26th, 2016


[locks to carver, atticus]

[locked to carver]

Hey man, how are you?

[locked to atticus]

Can I call your insurance company about emotional injuries?


Carver; Daniel; Misha; Leena

[Carver A]
Are you alright?

[Daniel W]
Did you go?

[Misha B]
Did you enjoy yourself? I know you had to have been there.

[Leena B]
Everything okay?

Sep. 14th, 2016


Daniel W; Carver A; Leena B

[Daniel W]
[Fuzzy, but totally trying to not be awkward. Sooo, warrior mode activated.]

Your dog has left the area. Let me know if he is seen skulking about. I must deal with him immediately.

[Carver A]
[Also fuzzy, but Inquisition duty~]

The Hellhound has disappeared. The trail ends near the facility.

[Leena B]
[Let's go ahead and say this is fuzzy, too, because why not?]

Keep an eye out for that big black dog. Or a tall Irishman with black hair. We need to capture him.

Sep. 4th, 2016


log: carver/temp at the B&B

Who: Carver, Claire
When: B&B
What: talking things out
When: fuzzzy but during the flowers
Warnings: Carver crazy

When the flowers started popping up around the B&B, Carver opened his window, looked out at the mysterious blooms and decided that he would give up. The Inquisition taught him to behave like a soldier, a paladin for the Church and God, who would happily die battling Hell than give in. Giving in was the worst thing any God-fearing individual could do, after all. It meant that every rule that was written in stone didn't matter. It was a sign of defiance against God's power, that somehow a measly human with human problems was more important than the Father of the universe. Carver once believed such foolishness was impossible for a man with great devotion such as himself. He thought he was so far above it all.

His feet brought him down from his room in the B&B before he could give going outside a second thought. Carver believed that the flowers were there for him and doing whatever they wanted would probably spare the rest of the people in town. Perhaps wandering down the wrong path would bring him somewhere right. His tall, thin frame lurched towards the backyard where little white flowers were blooming innocently and he went right for them without another thought. Once he found a nice patch of them blooming in such abundance that their petals were touching, he sank to his knees and laid there in the grass.

Nearly twenty minutes passed and nothing happened. No feeling of joy, no desperate need to take his clothes off, no rage. Nothing. The flowers had no effect on him. Carver closed his eyes, he laughed (unhinged with a hint of madness that was residual from going wild in the woods) and he rolled over on his back to look at the sky. He stretched his arms out, letting the grass seep between his fingers and he sighed.

"Neither of you want me, then? Is that it?" Carver asked both gatekeepers out-loud and then titled his head up when he heard someone approaching. "What now?"

Aug. 2nd, 2016


log: looking for carver in the woods

Who: Scooby Gang (plz tag this post for me if you join in ty i love u)
What: looking for Carver
Where: woods
When: fuzzy recently
Warnings/Rating: spoopy

There's a helpful old man who hangs out near the coffee shop that loudly proclaims he saw the "tall and serious man" from the Catholic church run off that away. He points his old, wrinkly finger towards the southern woods that stretch like walls across the backdrop of the town. The forest seems to grow if you look at it too long, as if to say that anyone who steps inside will be lost forever and there's no rhyme or reason to it. The trees are the teeth, the forest is the monster and Carver ran in as a willing participant of a midnight snack the night before.

As the gang ventures deeper, the world gets darker. It's not natural. The sun hasn't quite set yet and under normal circumstances, there should be a rosy light filtering through the needles and leaves of the trees overhead. No, this is bottled midnight that only grows darker the more the gang wanders. Blueish purple like a bruise. Summertime orbs of firefly light buzzing cutting soft lines through the darkness. Frogs, crickets, owls. Chatter. That's the worst part about ghosts by far. They don't scream right away most of the time. It's a slow build, like a good song. They chat with each other, they break tree branches, they wait until your blood turns cold and then HOOWWLL, SCREAM, BOO!

Not yet. That's for later.

Carver, bless his heart, left a trail of petals. They're beautiful and shriveled like melted glass. Green, yellow, pink, blue. They glisten under the wandering of light orbs and lead the gang to a warm fire up ahead. A campfire. Smartly dressed boy scouts from another era, shouting their campfire songs raucously as they roast marshmallows. They give the gang a bad feeling because sometimes one of the boys turns and looks at them with murder eyes, smiles and then goes back to singing.

Across from him is Carver. He's slumped over, dirty, hair in his face. He is not singing along.

Jul. 28th, 2016


Carver A; Atticus M; Daniel W

[After this, and OBVS going down there to investigate. Does not go well.]

[Carver A]
[No reply expected, but she has to try.] Say you okay please please

[Atticus M]
[Since his is the only name of Carver's friends that she can remember in her current state:] You know carver

[Daniel W]
Something wrong

Jul. 27th, 2016


Carver A

[Carver A]

[After this is established fact.]

Carver. Is everything [...] all right?


Catholic Church Update

[Carver has had a bad week and this is the straw the breaks the camel's back. He doesn't notice the flowers until it's too late, breathing in the spores as the rest of his church community does. For him, the visions of Hell and the sudden silence of his Saints drives him into the woods. People go a day, two days, a week without hearing from the once loyal assistant to the priest.

Meanwhile at the church: Women go off on tangents about how they couldn't believe how nice of a body Jesus had. Look at those Holy abs! Men give very deep descriptions of how they envisioned Mary getting knocked up by an Angel. Alter boys play dice between services. And, finally? The priest himself is caught stealing from the donation baskets. All in all, it's a bad week for Catholicism.]

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