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Jan. 5th, 2019


public - anon

[public, anon ]

if I were in need of fake ID, where would I go?

Dec. 31st, 2018


Des S, Marta F

[Marta F]

Do you like French food? I'm thinking more along the lines of pastries, rather than snails.

[Witch Sib Lock]

Spill. Was your Santa good to you?


I feel like some wires got crossed and I somehow wound up on the Nice list.

Dec. 25th, 2018


Secret Santa/Delivery: Billy K

[Delivered magically(?) to Billy is the info to a bank account set up (magically). He asked for Santa to 'win him the lottery,' so what happens is the winning ticket to the most recent pot was purchased out of Repose. The winnings are $1.3 million. In an envelope slipped under Billy's door is an investment portfolio, because, thanks, magic!, some basic investments have been made to start him up. There are a handful of real estate options (nothing purchased) in the neighborhood, all ranch houses and the like, in case Billy wants to go that route. Stuck with the portfolio is card. Written inside is a date (NYE), the address to a fancy French restaurant in the Capital, and 'reservation for 2.' Santa includes the note: Pick your own date. You know what you like, even if you won't tell me. Happy Holidays! - S]

Dec. 20th, 2018


[holly w, travis b, destiny s, aedan b, seven m, billy k]

someone told me you have a butterfly plague.

don't be mad, but i heard you don't have plans for chrsitmas?

so what am i getting you and wyatt for christmas this year?

i'm sorry i'm so bad at keeping in touch.

is it too soon or weird to ask about getting something for you and sawyer?

i have a weird question.

Dec. 15th, 2018


Atticus M


Are you done cosplaying as Clifford the Big Drunk Dog?

Dec. 8th, 2018


Billy K

Do you want to see something KIND OF terrifying?

Dec. 3rd, 2018


Deliveries: Atticus M, Destiny S, Sunshine, Connie G

[A day after the altar appears on the edge of Atticus' property where it joins the forest, baskets appear on each of their respective doorsteps.

Contents: warm goat cheese and apricot babka wrapped in tinfoil, and a sachet with a different dried herbs for each of them. Mugwort for Connie, patchouli for Marta, pennyroyal for Des, and a peculiar blend of yarrow and chamomile for Atticus.]

Nov. 27th, 2018


public (anon)

I’m looking for help. [....] Or someone to just talk to? I’m having some [...] trouble with my magic/powers, and google is only helping so much. Reddit even less.

Nov. 19th, 2018



So. What kind of messed up things are we expecting for Thanksgiving? Roaming rabid turkeys? Racist and problematic depictions of the first Thanksgiving by a class of pre-schoolers? Embarrassing performances by irrelevant artists on NBC?

Nov. 14th, 2018


Louis D, Janus A, Billy K

[Locked to Louis D]
Been a while. Need a favor.

[Locked to Janus A]
Not interested in talking about Steve. Wanted to run something by you about Halloween.

[Locked to Billy K]
Out at the lake. Welcome to stay in the Carriage House attic with your friend. Need anything out there, check in with Connie.

Nov. 13th, 2018



[Adrian M]

Rage all night?

[Billy K.]


[Jeremiah M.]

Did the town hermit venture out to the party?


Is it too early for Christmas decorations?

Nov. 12th, 2018


newt & pat, claire j, daniel w, billy k, marta f, connie g, hannah s, holly w

[Newt & Pat]
I don't think I was in the right mind to tell you both so before, but thank you.

Do you have any scientific findings to report, Scully? I'd appreciate some right about now.

In gloom, Mulder

[Daniel W]
I'm out. I've been out a lot, but I'll be back around tonight. Are you alright? I'm picking up a few things, a couple boxes of wine and some nachos. Can I bring you anything? An extra box of wine with your name on it?

Obligatory big sister check-in asking who you fucked this time. I'm envisioning a hunky Santa. Or Kurt Russell in a hunky Santa costume. Cheer me up with the dirty details please. But mostly tell me you're okay.

[Marta F]
I haven't abandoned the house entirely, I promise. We can have a girly sleepover once I stop being a magical mass murderer. Also, are you good?

[Connie G]
Hi. I never get to see you anymore. I feel like I need to start asking now to make plans three weeks from now so, do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?

[Hannah S]
Are you still staying in the village? I came through earlier this week but didn't get a chance to see you if you were.

ETA: [Holly W, thoughtfully added.]
It's time for me to return the favor and see if you need anything?

Sep. 22nd, 2018


[To "Lev".]

Daniel said I should reach out to you? About a job.

Sep. 13th, 2018


Marta F, Patrick G, Billy K, Newt P, Daniel W

[After this, and finding a way to access the forum, she sees that she wrote a couple cryptic, partial messages in the past few days to some people, but doesn't remember. It's an emergency, so Des group posts to people who know about magic(Patrick and Newt), someone who knows about death(Daniel), and family(Billy and Marta).]

I need help.

Aug. 9th, 2018


Destiny S, Daniel W

[Daniel W]

Any chance you still need a snack in exchange for cash?

Aug. 2nd, 2018


Atticus M, Sunshine, Destiny S,

[Atticus M]

Did you get any dirty letters?


Tell me you got some dirty letters, at least.


You better not have gotten any creepy letters or so help me. (And no, still no luck in the wand-waving capacity. I'm thinking about mail-ordering some Magical Dysfuction pills.)

[After a while: to Oliver K]

Have you replaced me yet?

Aug. 1st, 2018


Public, Daniel W


What do we all think of anonymity? Old friend, dearly beloved helper, a little social lubrication to make the world far easier to piss off and leave fuming, confess secrets and solicit help? I knew someone who liked letters that didn't belong to people anymore, old ones, crumbling to bits in shops, anonymous because the names had been left off. I didn't get it.

I've always preferred saying things openly. Such as Repose, if you could kindly fuck off with the singing the greatest hits of the Manic Street Preachers at two thirty in the morning from the side of the lake, I would be absolutely chuffed.

[Daniel W]

Writing seems right out of your book, Lord E. Did you?

[ETA: added, Janus A]

Hello, darling. Dreamed anything lately?

Jul. 17th, 2018


[Aedan B, Patrick G, Steve M, Destiny S, Daniel W]

[Aedan, Patrick, Destiny, Billy, Daniel**]

[Locked separately, but the same message.]
are you writing postcards?


[Includes the above, but also another line:]
i feel strange asking, but i don't know how many steve ms there are in town. was all that stuff about captain liberty you?


[In an envelope on the kitchen table when she leaves for work one morning. A good chunk of her first paycheck, as well as the cash that Lear gave her. If she keeps it, she knows she's going to spend it on something she shouldn't. On the outside of the envelope is written: for rent and food. -m]

**She'd add more people she knows, but she's starting small in her reaching out.

Jul. 11th, 2018


Destiny S, Sunshine F


I need your help.


I'm not sure if you're still around, but if you are - hi.

Jun. 13th, 2018


Atticus M, Cisco D

[Separate locks.]


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