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Feb. 9th, 2020


[Valentine's deliveries: Chris/Hugh/Leena/Clover/Diego/Rey/Holly & Noah/Ren/Kratos/Audrey/Alex]

[As people are wanting cars ready for romantic road trips away, or beginning of the year services and inspections for registration, work is picking up at the shop again. With this knowledge - and her friends' schedule's loosely in mind - Dante hires a couple local kids to run Valentine's day packages around for her while she takes care of things at the shop. All food-related items are fresh and homemade the night before so that none of the food packaged items go bad. Anyone receiving a package may receive their package anytime from tomorrow to Valentine's day (Feb10th-Feb14th) depending on when it would make the most sense for the character to have been in town long enough for someone to find them and give them the package.]

Delivery for: Chris F. )

Delivery for: Hugh M. )

Delivery for: Leena B. )

Delivery for: Clover/Diego/Rey/Holly & Noah/Ren/Kratos/Audrey/Alex: )

[OOC NOTE: This is being posted waaaaaay early as I have a very heavy workload week and have potential jury duty starting the 13th.]

Dec. 18th, 2019


[Ben S]

[Ben Sorenson]
I don't think you know me at all, but I thought you might want a heads up that I keep hearing people talking about you. And I don't usually pay much heed to this type of thing, but sometimes I guess it's nice to know that it's happening so you aren't taken off guard.

Aug. 25th, 2019


Text to Ronan X

Can I see you tonight?

Jun. 12th, 2019



I'm looking for someone who would be willing to walk my dog mid-day four days a week, would prefer someone who's got some experience doing so, and will negotiate a fair price for the task. If you do that sort of thing, or have a reference of someone who does that I could contact, let me know.

May. 20th, 2019




Home sweet home. But it’s Repose, so it’s really more like ‘wellcome back to wierdness’, whatever. Is good to be here. I wood ask about hapened while I was gone, but I’m sure it was allot.

May. 13th, 2019



Ok we live in a town where most of the guys like other guys. So how’s a girl supposed to find a nsa dude to hook up with?

After this interaction and a few comments following it, nothing else is replied to.]

Apr. 28th, 2019


Louis D, Ren S, Public

[While waiting for Si]


Hey Bread.

[Ren S]

Rank the weirdest experiences Repose has ever given you. Top three.


Whoever loaned me their blazer, thanks

Mar. 31st, 2019


Ronan X, public

[Texted to Ronan X]

How far into your rewatch of Game of Thrones are you?


Beginning April 15th, we will be adding two new classes to our usual assortment of classes taught at the Rec center. Mondays at 1 pm we will have a hot yoga class and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm we will be adding an aerial yoga class. Aerial yoga is an advanced level class and not recommended for anyone with blood pressure issues and some diseases of the spine. Any questions can be left here, or emailed to Private sessions are available upon request and by appointment only. .

Feb. 11th, 2019


Ronan X

[Texted to Ronan]

Have you heard about the Masquerade?

Jan. 26th, 2019


Public, Patrick G

[After this and this. Public, as 'Aubrey R'. With a non-verbal tone of exasperation.]

Super glad to see that home hasn't lost its touch for the dramatic, or anything. I was starting to worry that I might have to live a boring life.

Oh, did I say 'have to'? I meant 'get to'. My b.

[Patrick G/Ranger lock]

Hey. Care to share anything you know about this that I don't? Planning on going out for a run. [And no, he doesn't mean on two legs.] You know, say hi to the woods. Maybe flirt a little. Pee on some stuff. Any suggestions?

Jan. 22nd, 2019



A new eight week session is beginning at the rec center for yoga classes. Eight week passes are good for two classes a week.

Beginner classes are offered on Mondays at 9 am, Tuesdays at 1 pm, Wednesdays at 6 pm and Saturday at 9 am.
Intermediate classes: Tuesdays at 10 am, Wednesdays at 4 pm, Fridays at 6 pm, and Saturdays at 10:30 am.
Advanced classes: Mondays at 11 am, Wednesdays at 2 pm, Fridays at 7 pm and Saturdays at noon.

Bring your mat, a bottle of water, and let me know if you have any questions.

Jan. 12th, 2019


Log: Ronan's Wish

Who: Ronan Xander and Ben Sorenson
What: A simple wish
Where: Ronan's apartment
When: Backdated to just after Christmas
Warnings/Rating: Angst and language.
Status: Complete(ly painful)

It breaks my heart when you cry. )

Jun. 5th, 2016


Narrative: Ben

Who: Ben
What: Getting a bad phone call from his Mom
Where: His house
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Bad news delivered via phone.

He can't reach Ronan )

Apr. 20th, 2016


Oi! Townsfolk! I'm going to the Capital today, I'm hitting up Costco on the way back, does anyone need giant boxes of cheerios, or trampolines, prescriptions filled on the cheap, or a pile of jeans?

The fill-up station is open regular hours - the pop machine is still broken, sorry I had a jukebox to fix. But guess what, you can get POP INSIDE.

The shop is closing for repairs at ten. If you need to drop a car off after ten just put the keys in the mail slot with a note. No need to try and spell out the noises it's making, but you can if you want - those are my favorites. If you need a tow I've got a driver on call with the other truck so just call the regular number.

But most importantly. Costco? It's 420 don't act like you don't want the Costco sized bag of pizza rolls.


Mar. 11th, 2016


Ronan X

[Text to Ronan X]

Can you pick up Rx from chemist 4 me?


[News: Rec Center]

[During the extended ghostly activity, all students of Ben's classes are emailed that classes have been cancelled due to instructor illness. Classes will resume normally (hopefully) next week and all current sessions will have a class added at the end as make up.]

Jan. 30th, 2016


Ronan X, Public

[Text to Ronan X]

So, how do you feel about a beard for the winter?


Starting the week of February 14th, Beginner's Yoga will be held on Monday & Thursday, Intermediate on Tuesdays & Fridays, and Experienced on Wednesdays & Saturdays. As a reminder, admission to the Experienced class does require an assessment prior to acceptance. Any questions or concerns may be emailed to me privately ( or you may call the Rec Center directly at [number]. Have a good one.

Jan. 25th, 2016


[public, anonymously]

[as anon.]

So loud. So very loud. It never stops, does it? All the words, pouring in. I think I'm drowning even though I still breathe. I think I'm dying even though my heart beats. It never stops, so loud, echoing in my head. I've started to lose track of who, what, where, why...



Jan. 6th, 2016


Call to Ben S.

[From a curb in the train station's car park.]


Dec. 12th, 2015


Phone call: Ronan X

Ring, ring!

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