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Jul. 19th, 2016


sam a, cris m, daniel w, aubrey r, claire j

[sam a]

How was the night? Did you like the art?

[cris m]

How did it go? I assume you came.

[daniel w]

Did you go?

[aubrey r]

Hello there.

[claire j]

[...] My apologies for not contacting you sooner. Things were a bit [...] hectic before the party.

Jun. 3rd, 2016


A series of locks: oliver k, ceil l, louis d, daniel w, cat c, sasha j, seven m, aubrey d

[oliver k]

they've done clean-up. safe as houses out there now, promise.

[ceil l]

i hear you're back in town, hello, sunshine.

[louis d]

state of the union, please and thank you.

[daniel w]

i take your silence as sulking for the non-production of libations. can i make due sacrifice at the altar of tiny feline in order to buy good graces again?

[cat c]

could you be alive? please? now, preferably.

[sasha j]

summary greeting before do you know where your sister is?

[seven m]

so there's a world of ways to begin this, but let's start with hello.

Jun. 1st, 2016


Manning T, Aubrey R, Call: Lou D

[Shortly after he and Sam return to Repose.]

[Locked to Manning T]
We're here. All good?

[Locked to Aubrey R]
Alright, we're back. Whatever I owe you, you just lemme know.

[Call: Lou D]

May. 27th, 2016


Text: Louis D

[During this.]

Done peddling your bougie sex paraphernalia for the day? I'm wasting away, come get disgusting diner food with me.

May. 15th, 2016


Log: Aubrey R/Louis D

[How much of Aubrey’s own damn indignation was meted out, that was the only question answered for any reason on this day. Not that he was questioning what any of it meant, and not that he was feeling things that came into play when he was more or less guaranteed a good lay - and more or less compatible with the whole good-feelings scenario that Louis had presented. None of the above. But most of it had a whole lot to do with his own shit, because how weird would that be? Whatever it was about his ex-whatever? Sure, okay. Good feelings bar none.

But Louis was kind of smart-assed about it, and Aubrey liked that. Aubrey was doing okay, just in general, and technically he hadn’t been laid since his arrival in Repose. (Sure, there had been that thing with Lin, but - really, that hadn’t meant too much of anything.) Aubrey knew people here, and he knew enough on his own besides that. He wasn’t aiming for smarmy know-it-all-ness, and didn't mean much besides when he angled his way towards the apartment over the antique shop dressed in a dark green henley and expensive jeans. Rapping knuckles in a knock, etc.

Maybe not so much with the naked horseback riding like Lady Godiva, but still smiling about the thought. Aubrey took it upon himself to assume that his own appeal was acknowledged by the other, even if he figured that it might have something to do with being used. But, like he’d said: he wasn’t so upset about the idea. He was even mostly sober, with just enough scotch swallowed down to deal with the suggestion of such.

And then just after he’d knocked on the door, Aubrey shot off a good-measure text to Louis to say that he was outside.]

May. 10th, 2016



answers on a post-card for the best fate received at the hands of townsfolk by unwanted reporters. it needn't have taken place yet, it might be reserved for the future heights of endeavors but i'm personally thinking something along the lines of bedpans and contents therein. perhaps the hospital could acquire a burning hot news story?

matt, cat (hello, you rhyme.) i'm minded to offer a reward (not the tippy-top shelf kind, but the close-as-almost kind) for the best one. keep tally when i'm not on shift?

oliver )

aubrey r )
louis d )
daniel w )
gwen r )

Apr. 5th, 2016


group +aubrey + oliver + gwen

[Locked: groupLouis D/Sam A/Cat C/Sasha J/Daniel W/Seven M]

regular demand to know noses, toes and fingers are all accounted for and relevant and not lost in the celebrations.

[Aubrey R

so. that was unholy.

[Oliver K]

alive, please?

[Gwen R]

checking in.

Mar. 25th, 2016


Sasha, Cat, 'Aubrey', Gwen, Oliver, Hunter, Louis, Public


tell me you got someone devastating and wonderful as your partner for this shindig. i want to know details.


do you egg, ma'am?


hello. i think you're my dance partner for this affair.


are you alright out there? if you left for any particular reason, can we fix it?


eggs? gwens? are you alright with the world, sunshine?


you're known for being the man with the dogs. (positive, positive). recommendations for a friend, who'd like to own a dog that isn't puppy milled, will nominally be a guardian and is actually going to love him thoroughly.


are you participating in the ode to spring that is digging for pastel-colored eggs?


it occurs to me that i never paid that much attention to the rules of this particular game.

Mar. 1st, 2016


Phone Call: Cris M


Feb. 18th, 2016


[Various locks.]

[Destiny S.]
Wren is coming to see me. I am worried about [...] the incident before. Will you be okay?

I know I haven't come to see you. I'm sorry. Tell me you're okay, and make me believe it. I am sorry I haven't come [It trails off.]

What did you do to piss off the new owner of the shop?

Are you why he's here?

How are you all?

Feb. 16th, 2016



omg, a town-wide forum? This is lit the perf time to start my candle vlog. Do I start with a rant about irregular wick burning in Yankee candles (UGH), an instructional video about proper candle care, or should I get into some of my fave top, middle, and base notes ("the heart of the fragrance," amirite?) when it comes to winter seasonal scents??? Please, make your vote known!

Jan. 27th, 2016


Shane A

[Immediately after the cake shows up.]

We're getting shitfaced!

What do you like?

Jan. 26th, 2016


[Delivery: The Forest Ranger Office, Crust & Crumb]

[Delivery to the Forest Ranger Office (Shane & Aubrey)]
[One huge birthday cake. It's covered in plastic trees, even where the baker didn't intend any to go, and beneath the very pretty "Happy Birthday" there's a messy ", asshole!" in yellow icing.]

[Delivery to Crust & Crumb (Iris)]
[One of her works in progress. It's missing a few stitches, but generally looks pretty good. The note attached includes payment for the cake (in cash) and, "thanks, baby," in messy scrawl.]

Jan. 15th, 2016


Aubrey R

[Early, when the weather breaks.]

[Locked to Aubrey R]
we're being fucking called to the frontlines, yeah?

Dec. 18th, 2015



With every archaic damn law that exists in this country, there's got to be one against excessive merriment.

I'm not even talking about HOA stuff that regulates Christmas display wattage -- which I think is very big of me, for the record.