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Jan. 15th, 2019


Ragnar L

[Locked to Ragnar L]
[Posted very late. @ 2 am. Week prior to the moon.]

Good holiday? No longboats on fire, I hope.

Jan. 8th, 2019


Atticus M, Dietre A, Archie W

[Locked to Atticus M]

Sir, I wish I could give you more notice, but I think if I don't go now I won't. I'm resigning my position. Take care.

[Locked to Archie W]

I thought this would be easy Thank you for that night, and the night that followed. Thank you, for everything. I have an opportunity to leave town am leaving town, but I hope one day I'll see you again.

[Locked to Dietre]

[...] This isn't any easier. [...] I'm sorry I couldn't stay. You are wildly talented, Dietre, and you deserve all the best that life can offer. I hope one day to see you again, but if I don't, I wish you only the best.

Dec. 15th, 2018


Atticus M


Are you done cosplaying as Clifford the Big Drunk Dog?

Dec. 10th, 2018


BnB family - are any of you around for Christmas? Should we have dinner together? I'll cook! Or help cook! I haven't had Christmas for a long time and I'm so excited for this one.

Oh, and anyone else that's around with nowhere to go, you should come over, too! I'll be here at the very least.

Happy Christmas time!

Dec. 6th, 2018


log: atticus/connie and some cookies

Who: Connie, Atticus
Where: Atticus's forest abode
When: recently
What: visiting & giving cookies
Warnings: probably none

No shock white hair sticking up in every direction. No oversized hoodie and nerd leggings. )

Dec. 3rd, 2018


Deliveries: Atticus M, Destiny S, Sunshine, Connie G

[A day after the altar appears on the edge of Atticus' property where it joins the forest, baskets appear on each of their respective doorsteps.

Contents: warm goat cheese and apricot babka wrapped in tinfoil, and a sachet with a different dried herbs for each of them. Mugwort for Connie, patchouli for Marta, pennyroyal for Des, and a peculiar blend of yarrow and chamomile for Atticus.]

Dec. 2nd, 2018


Ragnar L & Atticus M : Museum

Who: Ragnar and Atticus
What: Culture. Delicious culture.
Where: The Museum of Natural History
When: Sunday Morning?
Warning: TBD

“Don't go to a museum with a destination. Museums are wormholes to other worlds. They are ecstasy machines.” )

Nov. 26th, 2018



Hi, I need help decorating the B&B. Tall people or short people with long arms.

Nov. 14th, 2018


Louis D, Janus A, Billy K

[Locked to Louis D]
Been a while. Need a favor.

[Locked to Janus A]
Not interested in talking about Steve. Wanted to run something by you about Halloween.

[Locked to Billy K]
Out at the lake. Welcome to stay in the Carriage House attic with your friend. Need anything out there, check in with Connie.

Nov. 13th, 2018



[Adrian M]

Rage all night?

[Billy K.]


[Jeremiah M.]

Did the town hermit venture out to the party?


Is it too early for Christmas decorations?



[After consideration.]

Father. Are you still going to set aside a day for my sins?

Oct. 29th, 2018


[Atticus M]



Too old or socially awkward for a hawt Halloween house party? Stop by the B&B this week for some spooky drinks and fun~ If you dress up, I'll give you a free Halloween treat.


Delivery: Atticus M, Janus A, Mean-Eyed Cat

[All attempts to contact 'Steve M' on the forums, or to reach him by phone or email, are unsuccessful.]

[Delivery: Atticus M]
[Steve leaves Atticus a letter, detailing that he's leaving to do some work as Cap, feeling morally obligated to do something in regards to the current political climate. Included with the letter is a flip phone with a single number, one that, according to his writing, will go directly to him, if Atticus ever needs him. He reiterates his feelings for the man, along with his well wishes.]

[Delivery: Janus A]
[Janus receives a letter from Steve. It's fairly short, stating Steve's reason for leaving (see above) and that he'll miss Janus. He tells Janus to take care of Atticus.]

[Note: the Mean-Eyed Cat]
[A note from Steve is left at the Mean-Eyed Cat, along with the key for the little house in back. The note says that Steve has left town and that an interim manager will be coming in in the meantime. If anyone wants to step up and take more shifts, instructions are given. The bar remains deeded in his name and the bills are paid regularly and on time.]

Oct. 3rd, 2018


Jack P, Atticus M, Adrian M, Connie G

[Locked to Jack P]
Hello, Jack.

[Locked to Atticus M]
How're you doing, Atticus? Has Dahlia left town?

[Locked to Adrian M]
Hello, Adrian, do you have a minute?

[Locked to Connie G]
Welcome back, Connie.

Oct. 1st, 2018


[As Anonymous]

[Locked to Wolves]

I feel is best for introductions. I am passing through. Two. Three weeks. Not long. There is pack here. I smell it. I do not want to intrude. I am in motel. I ask for no trouble. I give no trouble.

Who is alpha?

Sep. 21st, 2018


Various locks

[Janus A]
Tell me you are okay.

[Leo B]
Did you ever find anything out about our roommate?

[Adrian M]
How goes it?

[Atticus M]
Checking in here since I was fired from Vade. How is everything? Doing okay?

[Destiny S]
[Blissfully unaware of anything going on.] My apologies for not get back to you sooner. I hope you are doing well.

[Ren S]
It has been a while. How are you? How did the moving go?

Sep. 20th, 2018


Forum: Public, Wolves

so, I'm Sasha. I'm new to the area.

I was wondering if anybody's heard anything about a Gabriel Kovacevic in the area? I'd really appreciate any news if anyone has any on him

thank you

Locked to Wolves

was now a bad time to come into town?
is there anywhere safe for people like us to stay? I don't want to cross someone's territory by mistake

Sep. 14th, 2018


Lou & Atticus: wolfing

Who: Lou and Atticus
What: Post the world's worst town party ever
Warnings: likely nada, maybe language.

FEMA had rolled into town )

Sep. 13th, 2018


Call: Atticus M, Mean-Eyed Cat, Dahlia H, Public

[A day or two after everything calms.]

[Call: Atticus M]

[Locked to Mean-Eyed Cat Employees]
Everyone, check-in.

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Dahlia, how're you doing?

If anyone needs any help with cleanup, just let me know. I'm pretty good with lifting heavy objects.

Sep. 6th, 2018



[Locked to any Wolves in the area]

is there anyone out there, please?
what's wrong with this place?

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