June 2020






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Jul. 23rd, 2016




I still like the way the word sounds.

Jul. 19th, 2016



Does anyone know how I can contact the woman who runs around in a latex catsuit?

Jun. 26th, 2016


quicklog: archie/cat break ins

[The Black family laboratory was small and pushed away into the corner of the facility. As far as anyone knew, there were only a few people allowed inside. This gave it a reputation the same way an abandoned manor on the hill would get in a small town. The facility was known for housing all sorts of oddities, but the Black Laboratory generated the most ghastly rumors. Some claimed to hear the most horrible sounds coming from it late at night, others swore they saw shadowy things walk through those guarded walls. And, at the center of all the rumors was Archibald Black, the latest and greatest scientist bred by his infamous family. He didn't care for social situations due to his own awkwardness and the deep boredom that accompanied "shooting the the breeze" so he kept to himself. There were times when he'd wander the facility common areas, looking for vending machines and cursing the cafeteria for not being fully operational at all hours.

He slept when he wanted, he ate when he wanted and he was usually completely alone with his thoughts and experiments. This lead to impromptu nap breaks that even he couldn't always control. Tonight, for example, 2am hit and Archibald could feel his eyelids become droopy and he barely had time to set a 40 minute alarm before passing out at his desk. Face smushed up against papers and hand still gripping his phone. It would have been a little sweet if the lab itself wasn't clearly manufacturing evil. While the rest of the facility had some of the most advanced equipment, Archibald's was utterly old fashioned. It was almost like stepping into the past; a world of mad scientists that now could only be found in Halloween movie specials.

The only hint that it might have an edge over the other laboratories was a strange, crackling red energy that was dancing around a broken statue of something demonic locked behind some protective glass. The actual security of the laboratory wasn't all that sophisticated, either. No one had the desire to even come near the lab, so why bother securing it? The stories of monsters and madness served their purpose.]