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Mar. 3rd, 2016


angie + OPEN

Who: Angie + open
What: Breakfast alone, in public, leads to random interactions
Where: The diner downtown
When: Friday morning
Warnings/Rating: None, maybe language?

I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me. )

Feb. 24th, 2016


[Public, Pack.]

Is there someone I can talk to about the assholes trashing the woods for no reason?

[Locked to Repose Pack.]

How many do we have who can't control the change second night of the moon?

Feb. 19th, 2016




If there is somebody up there, he or she has a poor sense of timing. Heat's out. No ink this week, until the man who can work antiquated plumbing can come out to fix it.

Feb. 14th, 2016


[Forum: Repose Pack.]

[Locked to known Pack Members.]

If you got stuck in the fog, just ride it out, it'll fade.

You need help just head toward the woods.

And for godssake tell me if you feel like you're growing fur.

Feb. 5th, 2016


Wren + Ana: woods

[The place in the woods, it was hidden. It was placed deep within the copse and the light licked over the walls that were glass and found the walls that were wood and the studio cradled in the heart of the copse, it blended. The air smelled like cold and loam and ash, from the crouched hump of the kiln that hunched silent in brick. Ana moved from the studio to the kiln and back again, slow progress but it had method. The wild curls were loosely twisted back from her neck, and she wore old overalls in denim over a long-sleeved undershirt marked red at the wrists with smeared clay and boots, the kind meant for men who worked in shipyards and on building sites. The kind that could be worn for decades until they were comfortable and survived long past most men's lifetimes.

Ana, her pair was forty years old. They were comfortable as tissue now, as slippers, and she rubbed sweat from her forehead with the sleeve of her shirt when her nose prickled with new scent worked into the fresh sharp smell of winter in the woods. She knew the way the woods surrounding Repose layered smell over one another. It was easier here, where the green rose and choked off the road from this place within the trees, where she could parse earth and loam and leaf-fall and ash and clay and dirt and her own sweat from the smell of rain in the air. There was something else, something animal and strange but the shape of this scent was like memory, imperfectly known. Human and it blended with the artificial, with perfume and places that Ana did not know enough of their fingerprints to identify them but the scent in the heart of them? That she knew without knowing why.

It smelled like home. Home was a very long way in the past. Home was not the studio and the kiln or Repose however many years it had been her place to return. Home was within the whitewashed walls of a small house in the outskirts of a town and a scent that had mingled with essence-of-violets, fresh bread and woodsmoke from the fire. It too, was a human smell but the woman who had lived it had been dead for half a century.

Ana looked now sharply toward the crack of the growth underfoot, the snap of brittle twigs and the rustle of trees.]

Feb. 1st, 2016




Ink. In the spirit of people not taking their clothes off for the next three months, we're half-off for the week.

And whoever tells me where the best coffee is in town these days, I will find appropriate reward.



I would like to pose an open query about things people did to act out during their lives. It could be stuff you did while you were super young, or during a mid-life crisis (I'm still learning about this phenomenon), or just while super bored. What did you do, and what were you attempting to accomplish with the action?

Jan. 23rd, 2016


[Log: Marie and Open]

Who: Marie and OPEN
What: Full moon wolfie things
Where: The woods, edge of pack territory
When: Just after sundown
Warnings/Rating: N/A

howling at the moon )



[Full moon. The very edges of town can make out the long howls and answering yips of a pack somewhere in the woods, an echoing series of call-and-answer that speak of belonging and solidarity. For wolf blood, the call of the alpha is invitation and promise of security without words.]

Jan. 19th, 2016



[Stephanie M]

Still here?

[Elan L]

I'm worried about Muerte. Seen here lately?


The Carnival will have an extra show Sunday afternoon. Kid friendly.

Jan. 18th, 2016



[Public: as Ana R]

[Pre-Benny chaos]

I would like to obtain a car. Or to hire a car of someone else.

Jan. 17th, 2016



[The abandoned house in the woods is under occupation once more, evidenced by the smoke from the chimney and the heat of the outdoor building melting most of the snow surrounding it. The grocery store, hardware store and arts & crafts store all come in to slips of paper under the door-frame, setting up delivery of key items: food; an axe, grease, mortar; and forty pounds of clay.

The 'seat vacant' sign in the window of the tattoo and piercing place is gone and in its place is an announcement that they're now able to offer tattoos again.]