January 2019






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Jan. 10th, 2019


[Off the Record: 1/10-1/13]

→ Dusk comes to Repose's forests with a little something different the night of the 10th and several nights following. Two lit braziers appear deep in the forest and to those without any abilities or powers, they come with a sense of needing to be elsewhere. For others, there is a heavy sense of anticipation, like something in the forest is preparing. Right past the seeming entry, there's a wide clearing and the beginnings of a few fires within fire pits and barrels full of frothing ale scattered throughout.

When night falls, the anticipation ends with the blowing of a cattle horn, loud and clear like an invitation for all those that have not been driven out of the woods. The Hunt is on, with a tall blonde woman in the lead, standing in a chariot pulled by goats and armed with both bow and spear. The ale begins to pour and within moments, the first quarry of the night is felled, and prepared for roasting on one of the firepits.

The Hunt continues on for the whole night, with the sounds of baying dogs and howling laughter heard depending on how close one is to the hunting party. Those that get too close can hear snippets of conversation, some in English, some in a language much older.

For those within, there's drinking and feasting a-plenty, with a few brawls that are loudly betted on before they're broken up.

By the time dawn comes, it winds down, with a few less deer and boars in the forest, and the scent of roasting meat still hanging in the clearing.

Sep. 11th, 2018


[Off the Record: 9/11-10/11]

→ Tuesday morning dawns with a sniper stopped and infrasound silenced. The sniper's victims and their families are being assisted by various charitable foundations in the Capital, and the man himself is handed over to the FBI. There is no official statement released about his fate, but rumors state that he's being held in Washington D.C. pending medical tests and legal concerns. The police do not mention the vigilantes that brought the man to justice, but vlogs and blogs all over the Capital reference two men who "saved them," and new Twitter and Instagram accounts pop up overnight with shoutouts and blurry photos of the city's heroes.

→ In Repose, the woods and lake are a mess. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sends out help, as does FEMA and other disaster charities. Clean-up begins immediately, and there are volunteer stands set up along Main Street for residents who want to help. University students come in from the Capital, receiving extra credit for their time, and various local Meet-Ups take place on the lake and in the woods, where the most help is needed.

→ Eventually, the military acknowledges that the infrasound was a result of a faulty emitter, which they blame on the private corporation that created said emitter. Whether this is true or not, the company announces that they will be compensating those affected, and representatives set up at the local library to process claims more efficiently.

→ As for the more supernatural occurrences which took place throughout the week, they aren't officially discussed, but whispers around town and in the Capital are loud on social media. Repose's antics have been noted, and the town is definitely being watched. Repercussions for supernatural behavior are reiterated in fliers that line the Hall Way's storefronts, and anonymous blogs warn those who are not "normal" to be increasingly discreet.

Sep. 2nd, 2018


[Off the Record: 9/2-9/12]

→ It's not confirmed, but there's a rumor going around that the military is working with vibroacoustics to safeguard the facility. Infrasound, with the goal being to more effectively keep unwanted people away from certain parts of the facility. Employees are supposedly being treated until they develop an immunity to the infrasound being used exclusively in the high-clearance area of the facility. Untreated civilians coming too close feel a series of effects, including everything from nausea, to uncontrollable vibrations, to hallucinations. Of course, this rumor spawns the obvious question: What are they trying so hard to hide?

But before anyone can ponder this for too long, things start becoming strange. It begins with a soldier going vigilante. He complains of headaches and invasive thoughts, and then he begins attacking anyone in town who he thinks is deserving of it. There seems to be no reason for his choices - the school bus driver, a ranger - and then he becomes lost in the chaos of the Capital, where escalating crime rates make him hard to locate. The military, of course, is looking, but the soldier is a sniper by trade, and he's good at hiding.

In Repose, things aren't much better. Animals, sensitive to the frequency, are agitated, and some residents can feel the vibrations and hallucinations strongly.

The military does not offer any confirmations when contacted, but they do insist they are looking into the problem. Compensation is offered to the families of those impacted, and people are asked to come in to the local ER to be looked at if severely affected.

Aug. 2nd, 2018


[off the record: 8/3 - 8/17]

→ Throughout the month, there have been whispers in the Hall Way about a formal magical community taking shape in the States. The result of panic caused by the blatant and public use of magic, this new magical government intends to levee heavy fines on magical use around non-magical persons. As a result, the Hall Way has become even more active.

A literal hallway located in the Capital, the Hall Way boasts shops, restaurants and housing for magical residents who prefer to live among their own kind. Some magical residents welcome these new restrictions, and it's whispered that the number of magical beings being held in both the Facility and the Capital's island prison are growing. The Hall Way, which is accessible by magical humans and magical creatures (werewolves, sprites, vampires, elves, etc) alike, is bustling with old stories about the vanquishing of a certain dark lord in England, and how things might follow a similar path in the States.

However, a group of dissenters makes their displeasure with this new magical-government meddling known: Starting Friday, and for the following two weeks, portkeys litter both Repose and the Capital. These portkeys (which can be anything from a pair of keys to someone's old boots) transport whoever touches them, be they magical or mundane. Some portkeys transport people across town, while others might leave someone stranded in a foreign country. Some portkeys transport one person, while other transport anyone in their vicinity when they are activated.The portkeys are unpredictable and there is nothing to indicate they are, in fact, portkeys.

The portkeys are spelled to work for a duration of two weeks, and at that time the items become unspectacular once more.

May. 26th, 2018


[Off the Record: 5/26 - 6/16]

→ The Inaugural Repose Gala was a great success, and the powers that be announce that enough money was donated for the Ranger Service to begin work on securing new trails to the south of town. No one's been out that deep since that family went missing from their acres of uncleared land back in '85, at which point the land was cordoned off due to strange reports in the area. The wooded area stretches acres at the far end of town, and the Ranger Service promises new paths and new camping areas that will be ready for use by mid-summer. This, of course, has once again, caused rumors to surface of a dark, mirror world beneath the town, but no one gives credence to these rumors. Why would they?

→ With the return of summer, Edwards Island is one again open, with ferries running from morning until nightfall. Of course, the stories about the island persist, though the tales of time travel and ghostly visitations are hardly factual. But, as always, town teens will venture over and attempt to spend the night on the haunted island. It is unofficially recommended that visiting residents bring radios, since the island's haunts are fond of playing tricks on the AM frequency.

→ In the Capital, the heatwave is apparently getting to residents. Reports of rides randomly turning on at The Jester's Court start flooding police lines. The now-abandoned mid-century amusement park was closed in the '70s, after two local children disappeared while riding the Funhouse ride. Local officials claim group hallucinations, blaming the early heat and humidity. For residents who happen to visiting when the Court is 'awake,' it's a trip right back to the '70s. It is recommended that visitors avoid the Funhouse.

May. 5th, 2018


[Off the Record: 5/5-5/25]

→ When sound returns to Repose's forests, it returns loudly. After the shockwave, the woods shake off the quiet with leaves littering the spring earth. Wolves howl, crickets chirp, and birds sing. The woods are alive again, and with their awaking comes the advent of warm days. Picnic blankets become a regular sight off Main Street. The poetess at the pond is, once again, visible on warm evenings and sharing adages about love. Bingo nights go late, and old couples walk out hand-in-hand. The theater begins having midnight showings of old black and white romances. Love is in the air, and residents begin having brief visions of the town's old lovers. Margot and Michael at the train station when he left for the war. Amy and Jessica stealing kisses behind the library. Robert and Jackson falling into the piles of leaves at the orchard. The visions are flickers, brief, and they steal across town during daytime and evening, leaving romance in their wake.

→ In Repose, a town bonfire is scheduled for Makeout Point on the evening of May 18th. Fliers are pasted around town and appear in windows of shops and diners. The town will be providing non-alcoholic refreshments and grilled foods, and residents should bring their own blankets and alcoholic beverages. Volunteer firefighters and ranger service will be handling the fire itself, in order to ensure fire safety.

→ In the Capital, things are more educational in nature. The university offers a spring 'free-for-all.' In May, residents are invited to audit special classes without fees or applications required. A class schedule is available on the university website, and the classes range from the mundane to the eclectic: From classes on cooking to seances, from painting to demonology, the selection is varied, strange, and open to anyone who wishes to experience a class or two on the university's dime.

Apr. 15th, 2018


[Off the Record: 4/15 - 5/1]

→ It's officially spring, and Repose alternates between sunny days in the temperate 70s, and freezing nights in the low 30s. But the fluctuations in the weather aren't what's strange about the town during the last two weeks in April. No, it's the fact that the nights are so quiet. There's not a peep to be heard in the woods around town. No night animals, no night insects. None of the regular sounds that come from a town surrounded by a dense and untamed wood. During these nights, and for no reason that anyone can determine, everything is silent and eerily still.

→ During the last two weeks in April, the Capital is alive with music. Buskers seem to be singing and strumming and banging at every street corner. From the university, to the Village, to the shopping district, music is in the air. The days are warmer, and the sounds all mingle together to give the city a constant thrum of background noise. And it's not magic, but venturing near these musicians seems to make people feel happier. Their steps are lighter, and they want to drop dollar bills into open guitar cases and overturned caps. But, like we said, it's not magic.

→ Speaking of magic, those residents of Repose and the Capital with magic in their bones - witches, wizards, necromancers, vampires, werewolves, elves, reapers, shapeshifters, etc. - all see fliers up around town. The fliers indicate that there's to be a street fair in the Hall Way, and that the fair will features stands and wares from magical beings far and wide. The fair, which is slated to run through the end of the month, promises to be fun for all!

Feb. 20th, 2018


[Off the Record: 2/20 -3/15]

→ In the aftermath of the chaos caused by the maddened god, the Dream Center in the Capital makes a humanitarian offering: Buses tour the city offering 'shared dreams' via their patented Dream Device™ for 5 dollars. In these brief dreams, settings are fixed (cannot be changed by dreamers), random, and (in this instance) all positive. The Dream Center's usual offerings are more customizable, and all dreamers are given coupons for visits to the Dream Center in future months.

→ In Repose, the biting winter cold is moderated by town-wide activities! The orchards play host to a month-long scavenger hunt, and the list of items being hunted for is entirely mundane. However, local seekers know that these hunts always result in items being found that are not on the lists. Old town relics: bits of jewelry, of pottery, of writing. Small things, here and there, and some items are said to be magical.

→ Lastly, on Saturdays in February and March, a bonfire is lit by makeout point each evening. Different local merchants donate refreshments and foods, and some local vendors sell wares. The fires blaze high are kept burning late into the night, bringing warmth to everyone seated on the logs around them. As by tradition, older residents tell stories of the town's strange happenings. One old woman tells tales of mirrors that you can climb into like they're doorways, and she insists balls are held within every evening. Of course, no one really believes her, but various mirrors are reported to be broken after the first Saturday bonfire.

Jan. 26th, 2018


[off the record: 1/26 - 2/11]

→ It begins Friday afternoon in Repose, and it comes on a cold wind and with flurries of snow on the air and the feel of old, old things that remind residents of that time the animals went rabid. A 'gift' from an old and chaotic god, the memories of Repose's residents begin to play tricks on them. It doesn't affect everyone, but those affected forget things, or they remember things that happened incorrectly. Memories twist and turn and tangle and disappear, and there's no consistency to it. Anything in a person's past is open to contortion or disappearing, and sometimes those affected realize it's happening, and sometimes they don't realize anything at all.

→ While memories go mad in Repose, the Capital suffers a worse fate. That same old god plays havoc with a city that's already rife with violence and crime. The perceptions of some visitors and residents are subject to manipulation. Untrue things become true, and people see things that do not exist. It's only a trick, magic, an untrue thing, but the things seen seem real, even if they're not. Citizens call 911 and stream into hospitals, convinced that they're dying from imaginary car crashes and non-existent subway accidents, and isn't reality comprised of what is perceived?

Dec. 30th, 2017


[off the record: 12/31 - 1/15]

→ New Year's Eve brings a gala at the National History Museum. The museum itself a puzzle, the entire building is ever-changing, and leaning here or there can open secret passages and change entire levels. For the evening, the main floor is decorated in white and golds, and waiters wander with platters held aloft and bearing decadent hors d'oeuvre and flutes of champagne. The bar is open and the liquor is expensive, and there's no limit to how much ticket-holders can consume. Wandering is welcome and none of the museum's levels are blocked off for the evening. Wanderers might find hidden treasures and creatures from legends and nightmares, or they might find quiet and privacy for the evening. Getting lost is a distinct possibility, but guests will all find their way out come morning light.

→ The last mail delivery of 2017 proves to be a little bit odd. Letters are delivered to recipients all over town, but the letters are all postmarked between 1920 and 1970. The addresses belong to people in town, and searching archives will reveal that the intended recipients all did exist, but none of them are alive at present. The letters, which are all already opened when they end up in mailboxes, range from discussions about daily gossip, to love, to war. The post office, when asked, has no idea how this hiccup occurred.

Nov. 26th, 2017


[Off the Record: 11/26 - 12/10]

→ Whatever has been causing humanity to return to the residents of Repose ceases. There is no indication what happened or why, and local officials make no statements regarding the incident. Officially, it's as if it never happened, and life continues on in the strange little town. The return to normalcy may come to those affected in one swoop or gradually, but none of the effects are lasting.

→ The first real snow of the year falls on Sunday night, and snowflakes light up the night sky. No, really, they light up the night sky. The flakes are prismatic, pinks and purples and blue beneath the glow of the moon. The snow itself is white and fluffy and beautiful, and it's strangely temperate for the year's first snow that sticks. Town Hall instructs residents not to worry about the colorful flakes, blaming recent rains and atmospheric conditions for the phenomenon. Whatever the reason, it makes for a beautiful night and a brightly lit sky, and residents that venture out to play in the flurries are rewarded with the happy feelings of childhood returned to them. The feeling only lasts a few days, but it's warm and fuzzy and fades slowly.

→ Tis the season, and the annual tree lighting ceremony is scheduled to occur on Main Street in early December after the tryptophan glut ends. It's a nighttime affair, and there will be caroling and hot cocoa for all who attend. Additionally, the town tradition of Secret Santas will continue this season, and all residents with names registered on the forums will receive the names of their gift recipients after the tree is lit. As always, Town Hall requests secrecy until Santas are revealed later in the month.

Oct. 16th, 2017


[off the record: 10/16-11-5]

→ County Health officials descend on Repose after the first case of rabies is reported. They cordon off the woods and a town-wide curfew goes into effect immediately. Residents are encouraged to remain indoors and avoid all wildlife, and anyone found out after dark will be taken to the local jail, which is crowded with out-of-town officials. Special field offices are set up outside the local antiques store and outside the gates of Wainright Manor, and those areas are cleared out by on-loan law enforcement. The local hospital has physicians from neighboring towns on staff, and a temporary triage center is erected near the edge of the town's cemetery. The curfew and officials will remain until the threat has passed.

→ In the Capital, the funeral for the magician that held the Halloween party is finally scheduled. It's announced in all local papers and across the web that the service will be held at the Capital's old abandoned amusement park, The Jester's Court. The invitation promises food and fun for those attending, and the abandoned locale is enough to get a buzz going. The park has been closed since the 1970s, when two children disappeared on the funhouse ride. All rides are in working order for the length of the week, and the amusement park itself is a blast from the past. The music, the food, even the clothing of the carnies mirrors what it would've been on that fateful day back in the 70s. And if anyone goes missing on one of the rides, they're sure to find their way out before the park closes again at the end of the week.

Aug. 28th, 2017


[Off the Record: 8/28 - 9/13]

→ The summer heat disperses, and Repose is left with beautiful days in wake of the sticky summer months. The air gets cooler, and the breeze that blows through the trees feels almost magically refreshing. And something else happens as the heat is ushered out of the small town: Fireflies appear. The fireflies light up Repose's night sky, as if drawn there. It's a beautiful display, and residents who venture out late in the evening, when the town is shuttered up and asleep, get a light show like no other. The fireflies dance every night, almost as if performing, before disappearing into the new fall cool. Residents spread blankets on the grass and turn their faces toward the sky.

→ In the Capital, two teenage runaways wander into the local precinct claiming they're from 1700s France. After an extensive psychiatric evaluation, the teenagers claim to have been living in a book in the old Vade Mecum library. The library, which features non-fiction books and letters from various time periods, and which has a strict policy of all reading materials remaining within the library itself, has been inundated with visitors since the teens made their unlikely claims. No similar cases have been reported, though, notably, two visitors who signed in at the front desk 48-hours earlier have not been seen since.

→ There's something loose in Repose. Unseen by any of the town's residents, there's a small creature causing mischief. It steals small items from homes, scampers away with food from counters and plates, and it sounds like a small monkey. The creature climbs into open windows and down chimneys, leaving small-scale chaos in his wake. The creature doesn't try to hurt anyone, and even the things it steals are tiny. It leaves a breeze in its wake, and if your rings or chicken nuggets go missing, this invisible mischief-maker is probably the reason why.

Aug. 9th, 2017


[off the record: 8/9-8/27]

→ It begins after that record-hot day of 107 degrees. The trees in Repose's forests and orchards begin rustling in regular patterns, bending against the wind, as if something tall were passing invisibly through and parting them like water. It happens repeatedly, night and day, for several days in a row. The rustling leaves a cool breeze in its wake for those willing to venture beneath the canopies, and the sound of the whistling wind carries surprisingly far.

→ In the Capital, two students are questioned after they're heard bragging that they made a teacher's car crash into a guardrail. The problem is that they claim they did it without ever touching the car. Everyone, of course, knows that's just talk, but the students don't return to classes. When their friends inquire, their parents tearily inform them that they cannot discuss it. Rumor has it, though no one knows where the rumor started, that the students have been taken to that creepy SuperMax prison on the edge of town.

→ The scientists that drive in from the Capital call it bioluminescence. They assure residents that the glow that covers Repose's lakeshore is the result of an enzymatic reaction, and perfectly harmless. Brave swimmers quickly start to report that the water is beautifully cool, clear of algae and gunk, and that a feeling of peace washes over them whenever they take a dip. It takes a few days for the lake to become crowded with residents and visitors alike, and they all report the same feeling of peace and tranquility from being in the water. Pretty impressive for an enzyme.

Jul. 23rd, 2017


[off the record: 7/23-8/13]

→ They say a poetess drowned herself by the pond beyond Main Street. After the flood of 1908, says the local rumor mill, she weighed down her skirts and waded in after being rejected by her lover. She's been sighted lingering at the edge of the water at 2 a.m. this month, and if you approach her she'll recite one of her many works and give you romance advice suited to Miss. Havisham.

→ In the Capital, the local university is enjoying winter in July, and there’s not a snowblower in sight. They're calling it a "weather phenomenon," air quotes mandatory, and meteorologists are flocking to the school campus, where a comfortable, light snow has begun and continues for two weeks. For two weeks, summer is interrupted by snow angels, snowball fights and sledding, and campus is crowded with non-students enjoying the temporary relief. The incident is isolated to school grounds, and those with the right (or left) ear to the ground might hear rumors of a student on summer break up to mischief around Hall Way.

→ A traveling roadside museum pops up between Repose and the Capital, and though the tent itself is gray and fraying at the edges, what's inside is definitely a draw. Foot traffic starts out slow, but cars line the highway by Sunday despite the heat, and they've all come to see the supposed carcass of a real vampire. Reporters aren't allowed in, no matter how much they beg the strange old owner for admittance, and paying visitors are treated to a dark, stuffy tent and the richly-garbed corpse of a mummified gentleman. Bad tea is served afterward in a poorly-assembled replica of a Victorian entertainment. The whole stunt would be unimpressive, if the animals surrounding the tent weren't being drained of all their blood nightly.

Jul. 7th, 2017


[Off the Record: 7/7-7/23]

→ The CARNEM clinic is offering $300 to anyone willing to do a day of testing on a new product, a robotic exoskeleton to provide 'workers' with additional strength and durability in high-stress situations. Something like this.

→ The ghost of the man who built the Repose movie theatre in the 1920s, a wealthy local who also built one of the mansions out by the lake, died in 1934. This week is the anniversary of his death. No matter what summer blockbuster the staff at the theatre try to show this week, the projectors keep showing movies from 1934 - and only 1934. The staff have even gotten into it by dressing in 1930s costume, and are offering free admission to anyone who does the same.

→ The Capital Natural History Museum has long been rumored to contain secret rooms, hidden by clever clockwork mechanisms that could be revealed by the touch of a button. The Museum has officially announced the discovery of one of the original mechanical switches, verifying the existence of this strange clockwork for the first time. They will be showcasing the transformation of the main hall, a dark and heavy room with red carpet and wood walls, into an all-glass conservatory. They'll only be displaying this miraculous piece of machinery for a week to prevent wear and tear on the mechanism. Treasure hunters and historians alike are now scouring the museum for more working examples of the building's original switches.