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Jan. 17th, 2019


public + anon

[It’s been a long day. He’s in the car driving home, and there’s nothing like the monotony of empty road at nighttime to get his mind turning in on itself in a furious coil. ’When was the last time you got laid, man?’ It doesn’t matter anymore who said it, just that he can’t stop thinking about it. Turning it over in his head. He thinks about it when he’s pulling up to the bar, telling himself it’ll just be for one drink before he heads the rest of the way home. And he realizes that he can’t remember how long it’s been. And that's kinda pathetic.

One drink turns into two, the way that it goes. And with the third, he finds himself pulling out his phone and opening up the forum.

Carefully anon.]

Since the Grindr scene can be tricky to navigate in a small town without accidentally finding out something awkward about your weird uncle: M4M, clean, discrete (that's the spelling for 'unattached' rather than 'on the DL', right?), all the good buzzwords. Looking for NSA fun. Willing to host or travel.


Patrick G.

Santa wants to know if you used your special present.



[Locked to Dietre]
[As Níðhöggr.]

Hi, pussycat.




Every place I've ever been, I've had a favorite take-out place. Not picky on cuisine. Mexican, Italian, Thai, Japanese. But I've had a favorite take-out place, not too greasy, no guys named Shane in the kitchen making noodles with unwashed hands, you catch my drift?

Got to find a new spot. Looking for recommendations. And if you're named Shane, sorry. Bad experiences with a Shane.


Daniel W. Pippin P.

[Back dated to roughly the first, after his hangover lifts.]

[Locked to Daniel W.]
I want to let you know that I've survived the party. The man from the maze didn't come, as far as I know.

[Locked to Pippin P.]
Thank you for spending time with me at Ren's party. You made it much more bearable.

Jan. 15th, 2019


Mars M

[Locked to Mars M]
[Not bothering with any identifying Santa nonsense.] Did you go through with it?

Jan. 14th, 2019


travis b

[travis b]


Jan. 13th, 2019


Have you ever wondered the real reason for a house "settling"? Want to learn the truth about an urban legend? Maybe you've experienced the horror of sleep paralysis and want to confront the hag on your chest. Well now you can!

I'm Pippin. I have extensive experience in paranormal investigation including having started a PI club. Repose is the perfect place to hone those investigative skills, and learn new ones! There's already a small group started and now I'm extending the invitation to anyone interested to join us! Hit me up here for more info!

[Ren & Archie]
SO, masquerade planning meeting! Ren said we can use the cafe so we just need the when.

Hey! Fire pit? I was thinking tonight if that's ok.

Jan. 12th, 2019


public, louis d.

If there's anyone who really, really, really likes campy mysteries, we pretty much just got in a box full of used pulpy covers, mystery paperbacks. So. Come. Take them off our hands.

[Louis D.]
You don't have to answer this, but I just feel like I was kind of a dick the last time we talked, and I didn't want that to be the last thing you remembered me being or for me to be awkward the next time I run into you around town cause I remembered that the last thing I was - was that.

So. I'm sorry about that.

And I hope you had a good holiday.


Newt P, Patrick G, Holly W, Louis D

[Newt P]

Hello, Newt.

[Patrick G]

Happy New Year, Patrick.

[Holly W]

Your taste in material is pedestrian, Webster.

[Louis D]

I missed your note, Louis. Sorry.

Jan. 10th, 2019


[Misha B]

[After several days, and after the knowledge coming to him that some Below had seen strangers in the Burning Fields. Through the forums, because he appreciates the thought of a layer of distance, and think Misha might as well. Without much hope of a positive outcome...]

Hello, Mishael.


[Public, anon]

[When this begins. Anonymously.]

How enchanting.


Marta F

[Around midday.]

May I ask something of you?

Jan. 9th, 2019


Claire J, Louis D, Janus A

[Locked to Claire J]
Sorry I didn't respond right off. I wasn't round.

[Locked to Louis D]
Sorry, honey, I missed you talking first off.

[Locked to Janus A]
You known all this time?


Bea H, Ronan X, Jack P, Damian W, Misha B

[Bea H]

Hey. How are you?

[Ronan X]

How did Christmas go?

[Jack P]

So I think we should probably make a date.

[Damian W]

Thank you.

[Misha B]

Checking in on you.

Jan. 8th, 2019


Atticus M, Dietre A, Archie W

[Locked to Atticus M]

Sir, I wish I could give you more notice, but I think if I don't go now I won't. I'm resigning my position. Take care.

[Locked to Archie W]

I thought this would be easy Thank you for that night, and the night that followed. Thank you, for everything. I have an opportunity to leave town am leaving town, but I hope one day I'll see you again.

[Locked to Dietre]

[...] This isn't any easier. [...] I'm sorry I couldn't stay. You are wildly talented, Dietre, and you deserve all the best that life can offer. I hope one day to see you again, but if I don't, I wish you only the best.

Jan. 6th, 2019


Marta F, Pippin P

[Marta F]
[After receiving her card.]

I did. I wanted something good for you.

[Pippin P]

I hope you had a very happy holiday. How are you finding Repose?

Jan. 5th, 2019


public - anon

[public, anon ]

if I were in need of fake ID, where would I go?


Ren S

OMG I totally forgot to thank you for the New Years Eve party! I had a blast! And I never have fun at parties. Usually I live in a corner and watch while imagining everyone is laughing at me because I have toilet paper stuck to the back or my jeans or something equally humiliating. Anyway, thanks! You're the best!

Jan. 4th, 2019




How was everyone's New Years and stuff?

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